This is another post for my sisters. I want you to really think about this post. How do you think of yourself? I am a nice looking female, but for a long time I wore colored contact lenses. Then one day a light bulb came on in my head. Why was I wearing the colored lenses? I liked the way they made my eyes looked , but truth was it meant I was unhappy with my own eye color. That day I had an epiphany and the contacts came out forever. I’ve never worn them again. I am a very nice looking woman and I don’t need anything artificial to make me feel better about myself.

I see women of all races (my sisters) wearing colored contact lenses, weaves, getting butt injections, boob jobs, face lifts, any and everything. It’s a personal choice, but think about it for a second. Why are you unhappy with what you were born with? I could see if you were overweight and you wanted to lose weight, but I don’t agree with the other stuff. It’s not my business or my decision, but it’s sad the way society gets into our heads (if allowed).

There are celebrities and other people I know personally belonging to all races; that NEVER wear their real hair. They always and I mean always wear weaves or wigs. I think it’s so sad. Are you that unhappy with what you really look like? Wearing weaves or wigs ALL OF THE TIME ruins your scalp and your real hair.

Recently I looked at a magazine cover of black women. I was so sad at what I saw. These were celebrities and although black, they looked like a bunch of white women. I think it’s so sad people have to feel it’s necessary to look like something they’re not in order to feel a certain way or be accepted. You got some of my black sisters doing Miss Clairol commercials for hair, when what they’re wearing is a wig. It doesn’t make sense. It’s false advertisement, but that’s the way of society these days.

Something else that’s baffling is why do many women squeeze into clothes three sizes too small. Why? Do you think it’s appealing? It’s not. It’s disgusting. You have the right to wear what you want, but many women need to stop dressing in front of the magic mirror. YEAH you read it right! Some of what women wear is ridiculous. Not only are some of the clothes too small; some of the clothing women wear is too revealing. What messages do women think they project to any children they may have or those who see then? Some of you dress with all of your boobs hanging out or see through clothes. Why? You may be very cute, but in my opinion it still shows a lack of self respect. The lack of self confidence and esteem doesn’t have a respectable person. When women dress inappropriate (too provocative) it DOES NOT show class, it shows there’s some issues behind the lack of clothes they’re wearing. It shows insecurities. Men may see you and find you attractive, but they wouldn’t want you around their mothers dressed like that and IF they do something is wrong with them too. There is a fine line between being sexy and provocative. You can be very sexy fully clothed. I feel sorry for women who dress this way. Some women do it to get a man, but let me tell you, when you dress like trash, you will attract trash, and you will be passed around like trash.

I just want my sisters of all races to look in the mirror and love what you see. Don’t allow the image society has deemed as (the image) be a reflection of who you should be. Know that you don’t have to try to look like or be someone you’re not. Embrace you and love you (every part of you). When you’re always doing the opposite it says something about you. Perhaps you need to really think about why you’re doing it.