Okay, how many of you can relate to this? This is a big one! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met or how many I personally know who does this over and over despite of the drama it brings into their lives. This really has NOTHING to do with you feeling the other person. However, it does has EVERYTHING to do with you as an individual. Who we really are is always displayed in our behaviors at some point. The insecurities you’re dealing with will always be revealed; even when you yourself don’t realize it. Those who fall too quickly are individuals with many issues; point blank!

Some of you fall all in straight from the gate. It’s like jumping off of the deep end of a pool and not knowing how to swim. You don’t know the other person from a hill of beans, but you THINK you love him or her. It’s ridiculous! ANYONE who does this is an individual who needs help with their insecurities. You have insecurities that keep you on a wheel in your life. You’re in and out of relationships like a hamster on a wheel. The worst part of it is EVERY single time you think you’re in love. This should be a MAJOR red flag, but you can’t see it. You’re blind; NOT by love, but by immaturity and insecurities.

You meet someone and completely lose what little mind you had. You’re willing to give them EVERYTHING right away. You will give the shirt right off of your body. Too many of you are confused about love and relationships. Making mistake after mistake, while learning absolutely nothing! People allow their emotions to lead them in and out of relationships. You keep choosing the wrong person. You’re so busy trying to find love while getting with all of the wrong people, you don’t give yourself the opportunity to find someone who’s worthy. Both men and women are having babies by every person they’re with. This is ludicrous!

Your insecurities are derived from a long history of events. At some point in your life, something has affected you to the core. I don’t want to sound rude at all, but one thing I have learned over the years while working with an array of people (men, women, and children in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, etc): people and stories are different, but it all has caused a universal feeling of pain in some fashion. This pain has turned into anger, insecurities, and many other issues. No matter what is was or is, it’s all about how you perceived it. Despite of any situation; how you think about it dictates how you will handle it.  There is absolutely no value in holding things in. To do so can literally ruin your life.  Holding on to negative things can cause a lifetime of destructive behaviors. This is the main reason thousands on thousands of individuals are in and out of relationships. When you don’t know yourself you can’t really love yourself, therefore; how can you truly love someone else?

People are yearning for love and affection in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways. Sadly, they do not understand what it really means to feel love. If you give yourself to everyone you meet, why would anyone want to spend their life with you? If you’re telling everyone you meet “I love you.” How will you know real love IF it was presented to you? You wouldn’t and trust me, you would mess that relationship up to. No one who’s open to real love wants someone who falls in love on the first date and by the second saying “I love you” or being clingy, needy, etc..etc.. Well, a sane person wouldn’t. Someone whose like you may; but not a normal person. They would know something isn’t right and will be running from you like you have the plague.

Sadly many of you move in with the person you think you love OR allow him or her to move in with you. You barely know them, yet you give them access to your homes, bank accounts, (EVERYTHING). By such foolish decisions, many of you have experienced major losses due to those bad decisions. Am I right about it? Go on and shake your head up and down!

Some of you meet someone and before the evening has ended you’re in bed together. This is foolish and senseless. It’s not love. Some of you are willing to do any and everything to be with the other person. Many of you are being straight played. People are cruel and heartless. They will play on your emotions, because they see you as weak. You give them everything and they take it!

Individuals who fall quickly aren’t this way only in intimate relationships, they’re this way in other relationships. Some of you are constantly buying and giving to other people. You’re always trying hard for others to like you WHEN PEOPLE CARE LESS! All they’re doing is using you and taking whatever you offer (sex, money, material things).

Some individuals are people with deceitful agendas and they prey on people like you. They’re like the devil, out seeking whom they can devour. They’re out looking to catch someone, because they think the other person has it going on (by their appearance, etc. in other words by what their eyes can see) or by what is tangible to them. To those types of people I say this: What you see can be a façade. The same way you’re playing a role, the person you THINK you’re preying on may be playing one too. Sometimes when you’re trying to set someone up (thinking you’re about to reap some benefits), you may be getting set up. Be careful of the ditch you dig, you yourself may end up in it.

It’s time to learn how to love yourself! When you love yourself, you will be very careful of who you choose to be in a relationship with or allow in your life. If you would ask an individual such as this if they loved his or herself, they would say yes. Unfortunately reality is they don’t and it always show through the decisions they make. Insecurities such as: lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, eagerness to be loved, desperation, loneliness, and other issues; leads to bad decisions

There are a million of ways to build your self esteem, confidence, and deal with any other insecurities you may have. Seek out self development tools. Seek out counseling or a life coach. Many of you spend too much time idolizing people (celebrities or well known people) and things (clothes, purses, shoes, sport teams, etc). Take that energy and invest in you! Today is the day.

If you have any questions about anything I have blogged on you can ALWAYS contact via email. I promise I will ALWAYS answer. I am here for you!