This is a touchy subject, because some people don’t want to believe the possibility of it. Let me tell you; everyone claiming to be your friend is NOT! Some people want to be around you, but not necessarily as your friend. They’re only playing a role. Matter of fact, they can hardly stand you at all. They’re masters of deceit. Well…..not really! You’re simply being naïve.

Can any of you relate to this type: She or he’s your best friend (so you think). You’re always together. Every time you look around they’re at your house (your married, but they’re single). They hang out there, eat there, and sometimes sleep there. You have made it so comfortable for them that they will stop by when you’re not home and they call when they know you’re not home. You’re so naïve you don’t think anything about it. You trust them just that much. You’ve told them all about your problems and about your love life. They know almost as much about your spouse as you, because you tell them everything.

FINALLY, one day you wake up! You start seeing little things happening. You notice they’re way too comfortable and friendly towards one another. He or she gets more attention and better treatment than you. They seem to be a bit touchy feeling. You catch them whispering or looking lustfully at one another.

Guess what? It’s all your fault, every bit of it. You created the monster by allowing another man or woman to be around you and your spouse all of the time. You allowed them access to your home anytime they chose. You basically gave them access to your significant other by allowing him or her to do things for them (giving them opportunities to be alone). You gave the right of way and the other person took it. You told all of your bedroom secrets and problems and they soaked up the details and now using it against you to get with your significant other. Now your significant other and your so called friend are digging one another. The next thing you know you’re broken up and your best friend is with your ex.

Listen ladies and gents. Don’t do this! Stop allowing your friend to hang around you and your spouse all of the time. It’s not healthy for your relationship. There are some people who can do it and it works fine, but these are true friends. Still, I don’t think you should have someone around all of the time. However, not everyone who claims to be your friend will pass the test. Don’t put yourself in this situation. I heard these stories of so called friends over and over. Some are sexing their best friends spouse and smiling in their friend’s face. This type clearly isn’t a friend.

Can any of you relate to this type: This is for the ladies. You have this friend who loves to come around dressed inappropriate. She’s always talking about hooking up with someone. She likes to touch all over your husband when she talks to him. She’s always up in his face and he’s grinning like Chester the Cheetah. Some men act so dumbfounded when it comes to female friends. Some of them act so clueless, but it’s funny how quickly they get sense when the shoe is on the other foot. A man can spot another man coming on to his woman from 10 miles away. Ladies, keep this type out of your space, she’s not your friend.

Can any of you relate to this type: You have this friend who you really care about. You all get along very well, but you notice there are some inconsistencies with your relationship. You finally realize things are one-sided. You’re the one doing the giving, but they never think enough of you to do anything for you. They’re always trying to get you to do things they know you don’t like doing. Although you get along, they seem to treat other people better than you despite of how you’ve been there for them. Then one day you talk to them about something about the relationship that’s bothering you and that ends the relationship. They don’t want to talk it out. This was their excuse to exist the relationship. This person wasn’t your friend, you only thought they were.

What about this type? You have this person whose claiming you’re their best friend, but they’re always bad mouthing you to other people. They smile in your face, but stab you in your back every chance they get. You notice they buy the same things you buy (clothes, furniture, etc). It’s annoying to you, but they continue to do it. This type is envious and jealous. They want everything you have to include who you’re with. This isn’t your friend.

Last one I will write about are those who always got something negative to say about your man. They heard this or that. They can’t stand him or her. They’re always asking why are you with him or her. They say, “there no good for you.” They hang around your house, but pretend they can’t stand your significant other. These are sneaky toads! They are setting you up. They want to cause friction in your home, because they’re trying to work their way in. Don’t trust them.

These types of friends are everywhere. The main point is everyone claiming to be your friend is not. They’re more like foes. These types of individuals don’t have a clue what it means to be a friend or how to be one. They have their own agendas and being a true friend isn’t a part of it. Be careful who you’re entertaining and allowing into your homes and around your spouses. A real friend knows their boundaries. They also will respect you and your spouse. A snake will slither into your life and homes and before you know it is wreaking havoc. Stop being naïve and get your heads out of the sand!!!