There are many people in this world who are suffering emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically over someone they love who doesn’t love them back. You were once in a loving relationship, but now you’re not. You’re not handling it well. You’ve allowed it to cause total dysfunction in your life. How you’re thinking is brewing emotions in you and those emotions are causing you to act out. It’s affecting your everyday life (work, home, etc).

There is no situation you can’t make it through if you make up your mind to do so. People get stuck in situations of their own freewill. It’s a choice! How you go through anything is a personal choice. Many people don’t understand this, but it’s true. You can’t take a situation in and hold it in as negative. No matter the situation, you can take it in as (it is what it is) and move on from it. You must live through the moment and then move on. Too many are remaining stuck! They’re stuck and unable to move forward, because they’re holding on to what they want instead of accepting the situation as it is and continuing to live their lives. This is where the problem comes in for many of you.

How long you’ve been together doesn’t matter when it comes to your peace of mind. If a person constantly focuses on how long they were with someone it can affect their way of thinking. You get caught up on all of the time you spent together and this causes some of you to slip deeper into your depressive states. People become victims of their own circumstances when they allow their situations to keep them stuck.

You and ONLY you can control how you’re thinking and acting. If it’s over, let it go. People have a right to be sad about a breakup, but you shouldn’t EVER let it knock you down and out! You should have your moment to grieve your loss, but afterwards you need to move on. Stop giving your power to someone who doesn’t want to be with you and who has moved on with their life. A breakup isn’t the end of the world. When people are totally distraught it means they’ve given all of their energy to someone else and without the other person they feel completely lost. Many in relationships are guilty of this. They fall in love and completely lose themselves in the other person. Their entire lives are circled around the person they love. Many lose focus on their dreams, because they’re engulfed in helping the other person accomplish theirs. Every single thing is surrounding the other person. In a relationship I believe you should love the other person, but not more than you love yourself. What I mean is this; when you give your everything to the other person, you tend to forget about yourself. These are the people who can’t function when their relationships end. They’re in total disbelief, denial, and shock.

When people allow things to play around in their heads the thoughts grow into something bigger. It keeps individuals focused on what they once shared and still want with the other person. Some individuals feel this way, because they’re suffering from issues and the breakup added to it. Please don’t misunderstand me. I get it! I know people are different and they handle things differently. I know people have the right to take time to deal with their loss (breakups). What I do not agree with is how long people allow themselves to suffer and how some people handle their losses. Pain is something we all have experienced and will experience in some form or another until the day we die. How we handle it is another thing. People handle it differently according to what they have going on inside of them (which is the true core of who they are).

Those who can’t handle it, but allows for it to handle them should re-evaluate themselves. These individuals have to come to terms that the relationship is over. They must take into consideration how they’ve allowed it to affect their lives. They must understand the power they’ve given to the other person. The person you love has moved on and are probably with someone else while your depressed, unhappy, sad, suicidal, homicidal, and everything else.

There has been many instances where individuals have killed or harmed themselves. They have killed or harmed others; in the name of what they call love. It’s not love. If a person gets to this point it’s not love. For whatever reason it’s become possession and obsession. Many people get into relationships with individuals who already have issues in thinking they can save or change them. YOU CAN’T!! Many have lost their lives in these types of relationships, because the people they love aren’t capable of handling rejections or breakups. They’d rather kill or be killed then to let the person they love go. They’d rather spend their days suicidal, depressed, or plain unhappy then to move on. If this is you, please seek help! There’s someone out there who can love you, but you will never know if you’ve lost control and pining over someone who doesn’t want to be with you. No one is worth your life, freedom, or peace!