Some of you don’t know what it means to tell someone no. You obviously think you’re superman or superwoman. Let me burst your bubble real quick. Those are mythical figures they aren’t real. No one can do it all for everybody. Some of you give it a good try, but once you become broken down like an old car you realize it doesn’t work. Right? Trying to do so only leaves you stressed out and some of you to the point of depression. People will absolutely wear you down and out if you allow. They will drain you and see you’re drain, but will still try to get something out of you. It’s not their fault it’s yours for allowing it.

You’re only one person and it’s completely impossible to meet the demands of everyone who asks. It’s time you learn how to say no. This is the only way you will be able to gain some control in the midst of your chaotic life. When you try to do everything for everybody you find yourself stressed out. Some of you get so stressed it leads to depression. It’s not worth it. Learning to say no will lighten the unnecessary burden you’re carrying around.

Sure when you say no, some people will feel some kind of way about you. So what! They will feel some kind of way whether you continue to do things or not. People will constantly call on you to do the same things. It’s up to you to put your foot down and say NO! If a person is constantly asking you to do the same things or asking you for the same things (money, borrow something else, etc). It means it has become habit forming. They have started taking you for granted.

Sometimes some people act as if they don’t know what they’re doing to you, but they know. It’s time you change your behavior because it’s the fuel you’ve given them to continue to ask. Some people won’t change what they’re doing until you stop it. These types of people know EXACTLY what they’re doing, because they are those who love to prey on the weaknesses of others. By now you know you have a problem with telling people no. You realize you’ve been stressing yourself and more than likely you’ve done it for years.

Let’s explore a few reasons some people have a hard time saying no. People like this normally are dealing with a lot of other issues. They’re probably people pleasers. You do everything possible to make others like you. You spend money on them trying to please the people you like. Some of the people you’re spending money on don’t like you, they like what you do for them. You go above and beyond trying to please others.

Some of you are individuals who love it when others need you. You’re co-dependent and dependent. You’re worn ragged, but you still try to be there for people. To you it’s out of a sense of commitment and obligation. You feel happy when the other people are happy. This is nonsense! Saying no every now and then frees up some of the time you need for yourself. Time you need to de-stress and take care of you! Most of the people asking are taking you completely for granted but because of your many issues you don’t see it.

Some of you take on everything someone ask of you. You have several things going on at one time and it’s killing you to continue to keep up. You’ve allowed it to interfere with your daily functioning. It has stressed you completely out. The thought of not being able to keep it up also stresses you out. It’s sad, but so many are in this category.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve basically made a name for yourself. People know they can come to you and you will jump to whatever is asked of you. This type of behavior messes with your overall being. It affects you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can’t do it all. No one can do it all and people must stop trying. It’s an impossible mission to complete.

Vulnerability, inability to say no, people pleasing, eagerness to be accepted, eagerness to please, low esteem, lack of confidence, along with many other issues; has caused many of your lives to become more chaotic than ever. Many of you end up with medical problems or mental health issues, because of your inability to say no. There are underlying issues causing you to be this type of person.

Learning to love yourself will help tremendously. When you truly love yourself, you’re careful how you allow others to treat you. There are things you need to deal with and one great way to help yourself is by implementing the word NO into your vocabulary. Don’t worry about what others will say or do. Don’t feel bad for doing it. Do it today and watch how it changes your life!