A lot of what I write about is related, because it involves how people think. It’s because maladaptive behaviors derives from distorted thinking. Distorting thinking is evolved from how we choose to take in the events we encounter in life. Unfortunately many take them in inappropriately and hold on to the negativity for a lifetime. Instead of dealing with what’s truly the core of who they are, people choose to take what they think is the easy road. They lie, deceive, and pretend to be something/someone they’re not.

The true essence of any individual is what lies within. There are millions of people who present themselves one way, but in fact are something totally different. They put fake smiles on their faces trying to hide the hurt, pain, and mental warfare they’re feeling inside. They’re masking the many issues that’s causing them to lead dysfunctional lives. The problem is many are stuck in places they don’t necessarily want to be, but they have become so familiar with dysfunction most don’t want to exert the effort to change. Their lives are chaotic and in disarray due to personal tragedies, turmoil, horrible experiences, etc..etc; that they haven’t been able to get over and they allow to keep them stuck. This has changed them completely and has become the true driving force in their lives causing them to live with negative thinking, negative feelings, and negative behaviors.

People are co-dependent, psychotic, low esteem, dependent, anxiety, sex addicts, pedophiles, suicidal, homicidal, angry, stressed out, unhappy, depressed, and many other things. All of it come from some form of negative thinking and because of some event they held on to in a negative way or never dealt with. As life goes on these things are exacerbated by other events that are dumped on top of what they’re already dealing with it. These experiences are taken in and held on to. It’s like already being weighed down, yet you continue to load bricks onto your lap.

These types of people allow the memories of their events to control their entire lives. All of the negativity affect them in every way. Many try to hide it, but find it’s very difficult to do so. So many live lives they know others would shun them for or simply not believe. They’re living in the dark in ways totally different from what they present to others.

I believe what’s inside has formed the foundation of who we are. Our thoughts affects every aspect of who we are. Whatever the foundation was built upon dictates how people will become unless they choose to change any negativity. What I mean by this is the foundation is built from many sources. It comes first and upmost from our parents, then all others (friends, family, etc). Whatever a person goes through (no matter what it is), that person will either go through it and not allow it to affect their life to the point of disruption or they will go through and hang on to the bad memories of the experience (the past or present). Negativity will cause a person to live a dysfunctional life. These types of people will forever live a life of lies unless they choose to change. Anyone can change the way they think, because it was once learned. Change the distorted way of thinking it will change your life.

People hide behind masks on a daily basic. However, if those around them would take time to look closer there will be some kind of sign. When we see or hear about someone acting inappropriately or doing something unthinkable most are shocked. I don’t believe nothing simply happens. There are always signs. They may be subtle, but there is always something if acknowledged.

There are many in high places and many who are our average people who are doing awful things in the dark (figuratively speaking). You have preachers/pastors (whatever they call themselves) sleeping with their members, teachers sleeping with students, police officers sleeping with citizens or molesting children, doctors on drugs or sleeping with patients and taking more drugs then what they give out, I saw on television a Judge was pumping himself off while serving on the bench and rendering sentences (google it, I saw it on the news), military soldiers (all ranks) into child sex rings and child pornography, priest molesting and raping kids, people with the most sick fetishes, Lawyers, getting DUI’s, individuals getting together only to have one to molest, rape, or kill the other’s child and sometimes their own. People engaging in sex with animals (zoophilia). The list goes on and on. All of these people and countless others like them hide behind lies.

There are those who are depressed, sad, unhappy, just plain miserable, but manage to go to work everyday and put on a front. You have those who think of suicide or homicide everyday, because of what’s ailing them from the inside pouring out. They struggle daily to fake being happy and keeping sane.

I can write a book on this topic. Most people you see everyday are living a lie. They’re faking it everyday. They are dealing with things inside which are causing them to have daily mental warfare going. They’re struggling trying to keep things at bay, but many succumb and those are the one’s we see on the news, etc. Society reacts in a surprising way EVERY time, but the fact is, it’s a surprise to society, because people in society has a blind eye to the truth.

In this world things happen right under our noses, but many choose to take a deaf ear and blind eye to it UNTIL the worst happens. Nothing surprises me. I know there’s things I haven’t heard of or seen, but I don’t believe it would surprise me regardless of what it would be.

Change, change, change! It’s the ONLY thing that will make the difference in anyone’s life. You must be willing to face the demon inside (no matter how ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty) you may secretly feel. Unfortunately some of you doing the unthinkable don’t feel any quilt. The only time you feel guilt is when you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

Face the person you see in the mirror. Acknowledge what you’re dealing with. I don’t care what it is; acknowledge it for what it is. Then and only then can you begin the healing process to allow change to occur. Lying, being deceitful, ducking, dodging, creeping, peeking, sneaking, suffering silently, drinking, popping pills, sticking stuff in your veins or up your nose (or both), crying your eyes out on a daily basis, because you’re just that unhappy, and on and on. None of what you’re doing in secret fixes you, it only enables you to continue to do whatever it is you’re doing.

The negativity you hold inside will affect you and your entire life. You will cause turmoil for yourself and those around you. You can fake out some people, but you can’t ever fake out yourself. You have to constantly live with you. The one person you can’t run away from is YOU. Stop thinking you’re okay, because you’re good at faking it. Deal with the core of who you are no matter how bad you secretly believe it to be. Until you do you won’t be willing to invite change into your life. You will continue to live a life full of secrets. Aren’t you exhausted at trying to keep the real you hidden? Today is the day for you to acknowledge the real you and to begin to deal with the truth about you. Stop beating yourself up and start cleaning yourself up. It’s time to remove the debris from your spiritual house, which has clogged you up with things that have bogged you down spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I pray you understand what I’m trying to say. I am always willing to answer any questions sent to my personal email. Once you face the truth and deal with it, you will feel as if a big weight has been lifted from you. Your life will change. Isn’t change what you need?


4 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU, REALLY?

  1. ItMatterstoGrey

    A great post and I agree with what you are saying, I think part of it is people also do not take the time to look inward, they spend their time looking outward. Collecting things in the hope it will make them happy. The entire time their happiness lies within, but most are terrified to be alone with their thoughts. Afraid to look in the mirror and see what is really looking back at them.

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