Reading the title I’m sure we’ve all felt this at some point. What separates us is how we allow it to affect us. In life we will face this obstacle more than once. I believe no one should allow it to disrupt their life. Unfortunately too many individuals do allow it to cause problems in their lives. Those who do must reassess their lives and figure out why they’re allowing it to cause them stress.

When we love our friends and family we sometimes tend to bend over backwards to please them. Personally I learned many years ago doing so causes you nothing but pain. No matter what you do for some people it’s not enough or it’s not good enough. I say; so sad and too bad (for them). I decided long ago that I would do my best at whatever I do and after that “it is what it is.” If it’s good enough fine, if it’s not fine, because as long as best efforts were put forth; it’s all that matters to me. You have no control over what others feel or what they do.

Some people have a problem with most of the individuals in their lives. They’re the types of people who complain about everything and everybody. No matter what is done it’s never enough. They always want more or it’s never good enough. These people exist everywhere and we all have them in our lives.

I care less who it is, if you’ve given your best and it’s not enough, stop allowing it to affect you. You simply cannot please some people and there’s no need to try. It’s time to accept the fact that it’s not you, it’s the individual. However, when you allow it to affect you you’ve taken ownership of it and have made it a problem in your life. Some of you stress over things such as this, when you shouldn’t.

Many of us have the tendency to live by our emotions. We allow what others do and/or say affect us to the core. We let it pull us down; draining our soul’s. When you do this you’re giving your power to others; which means there’s something you need to deal with that has caused you to be this way. You have to look inward to find the answers. Regardless of what you’re doing, as long as you know you’ve done your best it should be enough. 

No matter who you’re giving your best to if it’s not enough you can’t let it steal your joy. Some people are miserable with their own lives and nothing you do will be good enough while others have other ulterior motives. You give and you do, yet it’s not enough. Bottom line is you can’t give more than what you have to give. Stop giving others the power to squeeze the life from you.



  1. youngandtwenty

    I agree! Between living our lives in comparison and expecting so much from others, we let people effect our lives far too much.

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