You should have known better and seen the truth. Many are missing the signs. I can write all day and night and it all leads back to how people overlook the truth, because of what they want and desire. You see I left out need. I did it for a reason. A lot of people don’t have a clue as to what they need, because they’re too busy concentrating on satisfying their wants and desires. The truth is always staring us right in our faces, but we see everything but the truth. Many people get into relationships and build foundations on quick sand. It’s clear to those around these types of people, but it’s very unclear to the people involved.

Many reading this post are currently in relationships where they desperately wanted to believe their significant others changed to be with them. You found it NOT to be true! Please understand a person will not truly change because you want them too. They only change because they want too and it’s the only change that will last. People pretend they’ve changed their behaviors only to appease who they’re with. Their true actions clearly displays the truth, but unfortunately the people they’re with see ONLY what they want to see.

Some people are way to accepting. They tend to go through hell to be with someone. They take all kind of disrespect and ill treatment, because of the love they feel for their significant other. If people stop concentrating SOLELY on what they feel for the other person and take into consideration what the other person is feeling about them they can see the truth. How a person feel about you is always revealed through their actions. No matter how much a person try to fake it, it will ALWAYS show in some way. Some don’t try to fake it, yet the one’s they’re with take anything they dish out.

Stop trying to force love and change on someone. It NEVER works! No matter how much people hear you can’t change someone nor can you make them love you the way you want; people will still try. So many are left hurt and broken hearted after they have opened their eyes to the truth. Again, it’s because people are going off of what they feel and not the truth.

A person will change temporarily until they get you or to shut up their significant other and then they go back to being who they really are. Many marriages are built on one-sided relationships and until people stop concentrating so much on how they feel and start looking at the actions of their significant others many will continue to be in unhealthy relationships. Some people meet that special someone and realize they need to grow up and become responsible and they decide to change. Even then, the decision must come from the person who needs to change.

Being with someone who’s genuinely in love with you won’t EVER require persuasion to change. A person who isn’t READY to change WILL NOT until they are truly ready. People must get this reality into their heads. I guarantee if you would think of your relationships you will find this statement as true. Trying to force a person to change out of love doesn’t work and it normally backfires.

If a person has to be forced into changing they may do so for a brief moment, but for it to be lasting true change starts from the inside and it comes from the individual who needs changing and NOT anyone else. I’ve seen both men and women trying to change their significant others and it just doesn’t work. A person has to want to do right simply because it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately everyone doesn’t feel this way.

A good solid healthy relationship takes two mature adults, anything less and you will have a lot of headache and heartache. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter to many and it’s why some people go through unnecessary hardships. If a person isn’t ready to change then you shouldn’t get involve in the first place and you certainly shouldn’t consider marriage until you know you’re willing to accept him or her exactly how they are, because whether you believe it or not; it’s exactly what you will get (who they really are and not who you want them to be). In the end many of you find yourselves broken. It’s the ugly truth!!!



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