Mr. or Mrs. Right Now


There are many people in this world who wonder why they are constantly in and out of relationships. You will never find Mr. or Mrs. Right if you keep hooking up with Mr. and Mrs. Wrong. Point blank! There are individuals who leave one relationship only to go right into another one. They are going through relationships like a bag of M&M’s. It’s sad! This goes for people from all walks of life.

I’ve always said and will continue to say that maturity doesn’t naturally come with age. We wish it did, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Growing and developing into individual’s who are mature and understands life is a process. Some people don’t get it until later in life, while others never get it. People go through life doing the same things over and over. When individuals do this, they will continue to get the very same results. It’s a fact!

It is so sad seeing people in and out of multiple relationships. They’re with this one and then that one. They don’t stay in one relationship long enough, before they’re moving to the next. Everyone they meet they’re either sleeping with or having babies with. It’s craziness! Sit down somewhere and figure YOU out!

These types of people obviously have inner issues they need to work on. Some are terrified of being alone. Rather than doing so, they will flop in and out of beds and unfulfilling relationships in order to have companionhip. They don’t care how badly they’re treated. All they care about is having someone who makes them feel cared for even though it’s not true.

There are those who cling on to the first person who shows them attention, not realizing the true nature behind the attention they’re receiving. They fall too hard and too fast for the first person who seem to give them the attention they’re lacking. They do any and everything for the other person when the other person cares less. They’re mistreated, but they’re blind by what they’re feeling so they don’t care. What they’re feeling is a coming from their distorted ways of thinking. It’s so tragic!

Some people are desperate for love and will go to any means to get it. THIS IS A PROBLEM! First of all, if you’re desperate and over eager, what you get in return is used and abused; NOT LOVE! These people must peel the scales from their eyes and see reality. Love isn’t hurtful, disrespect, mistreatment, neglectful, distrust, disloyal, unfaithful, noncommittal, cheating, deceitful, mean, abusive, controlling, demanding, and so on.

Too many are over looking the real deal and it’s why so many are constantly in and out of relationships. Looking for love in all of the wrong places and for all of the wrong reasons. Learning who you are, loving yourself, and developing into a mature individual equips you with the attributes you need for when that special one comes along. Grasping for straws, scraping the bottom of the barrel, and accepting any and everything along the way does nothing but fill you with shame, guilt, hurt, pain, suffering, loneliness, depression, loss of respect and dignity, low esteem, low self confidence, etc. All because you’ve allowed yourself to be used and abused on your quest for love.

True love will find you if you believe and if you be still and stop throwing yourself at individuals who mean you no good. You must be in a place to know it when it presents itself. You can’t understand this until you first learn to love yourself and stop going after any and everything. You won’t understand until you first know yourself, love yourself, and work on you. You will be capable of knowing what’s right for you and you will stop selling yourself short.

It’s wonderful to be in love, but it’s a horrible thing to be in love by yourself. No one can truly give you the love you deserve until you first learn to love yourself. Face and deal with your issues and then watch how your life will change.