I realize it’s off of the beaten path, but I’m known to go off of it every now and then. I want to be able to express all things pertaining to life in general. I thought I would talk about this today, because so many people have allowed status to dictate exactly who they are. They’ve allowed it to change them. Some for good and some for bad. One thing you can bank on is this; no matter who you are, where you live, what you have, what title/position/or status you hold you aren’t exempt from anything life can bring. Many people are bound by their statuses due to the view society has put on them.

Society puts people up on pedal stools that they can’t maintain and shouldn’t be on. I don’t blame society it’s the individuals who fall into the trap. I strongly believe a person should always be true to oneself. Those who aren’t are living sad lives. From the outside looking in, it appears all good, but more times than not; it’s furthest from the truth. You have individuals wishing they were someone else when the people they wish they were are wishing they were someone else.

No matter who a person pretend to be, the truth will always float to the surface. The truth always lies within us all. Status doesn’t change the person unless they choose to change. However it can provide greater means to do what one wants. This is why we see so many people doing things we think are unbecoming, but in reality, it’s who they really are. When people feel they have to present themselves a certain way because of how society looks at them it can lead to very stressful living.

Although some act as if they are, no one is above life. We all should use what we have to help someone else and not look to be glorified by others. I don’t care who you are; you aren’t exempt from the troubles of this world and as sure as you were born you will die. Nothing will ever change that!!

There are many I admire, because of their accomplishments, but there’s not one I worship other than the “Lord God Almighty.” I realized early in life that we the people make up society and let me tell you; many times society’s views are wrong.

 I see individuals fainting, weeping, doing the unthinkable when it comes to some people, I think it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against liking people and enjoying the talents of other people, but some are worshipped as if they’re gods and sadly; in the eyes of many they are. In my lifetime, I’ve dealt with people from all walks of life, I’m impressed by some, but I worship none.

Some people love to be worshipped; they thrive on it. It gives them a feeling of power and prestige. I’ve heard a million times the saying, certain people “are different,” because of their statuses. I hate this saying. It’s not true, they’re not different. They simply have different lifestyles due to money and statuses which has allowed them the means to get and do what they want. They do different things, go different places, eat different food, etc. etc, because their money has allowed them this opportunity. In the end, they breathe oxygen in order to live, they need food and water to survive, if you cut them they will bleed red blood, they put two legs in a pair of pants, we all have the same internal organs, they aren’t exempt from troubles, and THEY DIE.

If someone had no pains in life, no blood in their veins or the blood is a different color yet they live, they live by the sun and don’t have to eat or drink, don’t need oxygen to live, and they never die THEN THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Stop worshipping people and things. Put more of your energy and time into developing a better you and less into worshipping and idolizing others. Some of you literally live your lives so focused on other people until YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. Some of you suffocate celebrities and others of status. You don’t give them the opportunity to lead normal lives. You forget they are human just as you are. I think it’s all madness. Some of them act the way that they do because so many of you worship the ground they walk on.

I only want to provide the truth and in doing that prayerfully some encouragement and understanding as well.



Words can be both negative and positive. Too many people concentrate more on speaking negative things to oneself or others than speaking those things that are good and beneficial. I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about the cliche “sticks and stones may hurt my bone, but words will never hurt.” It’s a crock of bull!! Sticks and stones will hurt you and so can words. How much we allow words to hurt is another story.

Some people allow the words of others to literally throw their entire lives out of wack. Some people are very traumatized by the words of others. The words others speak against us can hurt, but when we allow those words to beat us down, it’s something more going on. People who can’t seem to get past the hurt from the words of others are individuals who are dealing with deeper issues.

To those who are in marriages and relationships in general, be careful how you speak and what you say to your loved ones. Once it leaves your lips you can’t take the words back. The words of many has changed a lot of relationships and situations in life. The next time you decide to fly off at your significant other or anyone remember once it leaves your lips you can’t take it back. Speak to others the way you would want them speaking to you. It sad to see couples exchanging foul words between one another. The way you speak and the things you say can greatly affect how your significant other feels about you. That change can be for the good or for the bad. Some couples are always saying foul things to one another, it’s there way of communicating. However, when there’s friction in the relationship these individuals seem to be more affected by those words. I don’t believe anyone should allow his or herself to be spoken to disrespectfully by their significant other.

Parents be mindful of how you speak to your children. Some parents curse at their children or constantly put them down in some way. Debilitating words should never be spoken from the mouths of parents to their child/children. It can greatly affect a child’s self esteem and confidence. It can instill things in them that could possibly cause them trouble in their relationships with others. It can teach a child to dislike his or herself and perhaps dislike their parents as well. Remember, everything starts at home and if the children are being brought up in chaotic environments where they’re put down it can affect them for a lifetime.

When speaking about yourself it’s important to eliminate negative self talk. If you feel there’s something negative about yourself there’s always a way to address it where it’s not negative in nature. For instance instead of saying I’m fat, say “it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds so I won’t be so sluggish” or “it’s more healthy to stay under a certain BMI and I’m going to work towards that goal.” Put it in any way you want, but never put yourself down! If you talk negative about yourself, you will believe what you’re thinking or saying about yourself and it will show in your behavior. It will become a part of you. This too causes individuals to look down upon themselves and feel inferior to others. It leaves people with poor self esteem, lack of confidence, and other issues. Believe it or not, people don’t simply end up this way. This was something instilled along the way and unfortunately many continue on with the self beating.

Don’t allow anyone to talk negative about you. Don’t give people the ability to disrespect or belittle you in any way. Most importantly don’t do it to yourself. If you don’t do it to yourself, you certainly won’t allow anyone else to do it to you. Some people will try, because they are dealing with their own issues. It’s not your problem or fault. Bottom line is don’t allow anyone to try and bring you down. Remember there are many people out there who’s hurting and don’t really care if they hurt you or not.

Love yourself, when you do, you will be very mindful and careful of how you allow others to treat you!



Yes, you read it right! I know some of you will probably not like this at all, but it is what it is. Why do some of you do this when you know you have a significant other? Why do you do it period? Don’t you realize everything you send inappropriate is out there forever? Some of you are in relationships to include marriages where you should be faithful, but you’re not. However, if your significant other were doing to you what you’re doing to them, you would probably blow a gasket.

Stop sending inappropriate texts and pictures to individual’s who are not your significant others. It’s time to learn how to love, be in love with, and be faithful to the one you’re with. It’s time to be mature adults who has loyalty and commitment to the one you’re with. Stop doing things that could ruin your relationships or your lives, period! It ceases to amaze me how people do these things, they get caught, and then can’t take the repercussions of their actions. THINK, before you do foolishness. It’s easy as that!

You think it’s sexy, etc, but it’s not! It’s degrading and it’s wrong. If someone sends these types of messages to a person who’s in a relationship; this tells you something about that person. It tells you they’re disrespectful and they don’t honor marriages or relationships, period. If you’re in a relationship to include marriage and you’re doing it, you too are the same. You’rehave no respect for your significant other and you don’t honor the relationship you’re in. Learn to appreciate who you’re with. I don’t care how they look. It’s your significant other and if you didn’t want to be with them, you shouldn’t have made the decision to do so.

Some of you seek things in others because of a loss of interest at home. Charity starts at home. Make sure you’re doing all you can do and you certainly don’t fix a problem by creating one. Some of you lose interest because your significant others look different. Well, it’s called life. A person’s body, etc changes over time. You want a 10 when you never had a 10. You want a 10 when you yourself isn’t a 10. Stop being shallow minded and love who you’re with. If you can’t, then there are decisions you need to make. Otherwise stop the madness and start doing right by the one you’re with.

What if your prohibited messages were placed out there for the world to see? How would you feel? It’s a possibility you know. So the next time you decide to do it, DON’T!!!!!

Quick Post on the Truth


Over the years; I’ve found that people say they want the truth, but as soon as you give it they’re mad about it or don’t want to face it. No matter what anyone says, the truth does sometimes hurt. People shouldn’t take it in as something bad UNLESS the delivery is in a way meant to hurt. It’s hard for some people to accept the truth. Many don’t want to face it. To ignore or to pretend it’s not the truth won’t make it go away nor will it change it.

The truth may often come as a form of constructive criticism. This is a good thing, because a person can learn things about his or herself thus making self improvements. Again, it depends on the delivery. Some people have other things up their sleeves and don’t mean you any good when they deliver their message. They do it in a nasty and hurtful way.

I always say ‘if you don’t want the truth, then don’t ask for it.” If you ask me I’m telling you. Other times I’m telling you anyways, but never to hurt you. I want people to be honest with me, regardless if it stings. Unfortunately most don’t feel this way or they say that they do, but tell them and sees what happens!

If you can’t handle the truth, then it means something was triggered inside of you. Don’t get upset, instead re-evaluate yourself. If it’s true and it happens to be something negative; take it in and then work on you. Stop being angry, because getting angry won’t fix the problem.



There are many people who are so full of anger and rage. No one goes from 0 to 10 people only think they do. It’s because they don’t take that extra moment to think before they re-act. People have literally lost their lives and freedom due to uncontrollable anger. Anger has a cycle, which means no one goes from 0 to 10 right away. There is a lot of research on the anger cycle. I will give you what I believe to be true after dealing with so many angry people over the years. Some who have killed others and those who have killed themselves.

I believe it all begins from thoughts that are either repressed or thoughts that are constantly there on the surface. I believe people’s anger starts with negative thoughts of past events regardless of what they are. People either suppress the thoughts which contributes to their anger issues or they allow the thoughts to constantly keep them in a state of agitation, which is now a way of life for them. In a sense although some people go off at the drop of a dime it’s still because of thoughts they keep going back to and are held captive by.

The thoughts bring about the agitiation, frustration, irritation. Again people have the opportunity to cool off by walking away or doing something to take their minds off of what’s causing the increased frustration or irritation. When they don’t it goes into anger, because of the feelings they are experiencing from the frustration they’re feeling. At this some if it’s not controlled here comes the rage. Again, people always have a choice to cool off, but most won’t. They will go on to do something stupid that changes their lives forever and the lives of others. This is why we see so much road rage and senseless killings. People don’t have patience or love, because they have dark hearts, they’re like lost souls. They go around popping off every single chance they get. They have no self control because they are filled with bitterness.

Some people don’t want to learn how to control their anger because they’ve grown familiar with the sensation they receive from it. For some, believe it or not it’s a way of controlling others. It’s a way to be dominant over someone. They’re angry and they don’t care how they make others feel. This is a distorted way of thinking. Some angry people like the fact they scare others when they become angry basically causing others to submit to do whatever it is they want them to do.

Sometimes when those who are with angry people FINALLY stand up to the angry individual in a firm but non-violent way, it changes the angry person’s behavior. It kind of shocks them. These are the ones who use anger as an excuse. These are the people who know without a doubt they have the control factor thing going on when they explode. In my experience and opinion in a way it’s a form of bullying. These are the ones who are aware of what they’re doing and can be calmed much easier.

On the other hand there are those who are angry and seem to go completely out of their minds when they’re angry. Some claim to become so angry they black out. These are individuals who have no sense of where their anger is coming from and they are oblivous to their behaviors during their episodes. They fly off and do things they later regret. They do things such as kill people, cause fights everywhere they go, hurt others, or often kill themselves.

These are the ones who don’t think at all before they act out. They lose control and sometimes it takes a lot to cool them down and sometimes they don’t until they’ve done something bad. When they become angry they don’t hear to reason. These types of individuals have ruin friendships with others and marriages. They’ve lost jobs and all sorts of things because they can’t control their anger.

I believe everything we encounter starts with our thought processes. We’ve all gone through something in life that wasn’t by choice; things that shouldn’t not have happened and we wished hadn’t happened. Some things unimaginable and tragic. Unfortunately it’s life and no one, I mean no one is exempt from tragedies life can bring.

As humans some of us allow those events to change us forever and in ways that are harmful to others and to one’s self. People hold on to too much garbage over things that happened to them as children, teenagers, and adults. They never resolve these issues and continue to go through life building on what’s already there. People are living off of fumes of their past events. It’s like the fumes from gas it can be fatal. A person may not die physically but they kill their souls by holding on to things that occurred long ago and choosing to continue to re-live those events for a life time sabotaging and destroying everything in their path. It’s very sad.

People cannot move forward if they continue to carry loads of past pains. It literally stagnates and bogs them down. They become not only angry, but depressed, suicidal, homicidal, full of worry and anxiety, stressed easily, and more. All of it causes the body, mind, and soul to become weak. It messes with our spiritual bodies. It throws us off center leaving people feeling not quite right. It’s like a hormonal woman when everything is out of whack we are not quite ourselves. It’s exactly how out of control people are. They have all kinds of things festering inside, because they don’t let go of anything. Instead they continue to compile things on top of a pile of mess already there. You end up with a person who “can’t see the forest from the trees.”

They become people who don’t take kindly to the views of others and anything that doesn’t quite go along with their way of thinking is wrong in their eyes. These people are rude to their significant others and others around them. They have a nonchalant no care attitude about most things.

The way we process things (any thing no matter how tragic) is how we will respond to it. If a person has allowed everything they considered bad to fester inside of them it means they’re still thinking about it. If they’re still thinking about it what they’re doing is re-living the bad thoughts and feelings linked to it. They never worked through their feelings or got help on how to release and let go of the negative thoughts. It’s all thoughts, the actual events are over. All that’s left is memories and they can fade if people stop making it a lifetime habit to keep going back to those memories.

Remaining angry for a lifetime or any amount of time takes too much energy. It drains you. It changes you in a negative way. It causes people to become ugly and dark inside. These types of people causes chaos in their other relationships and marriages.

It may sound unbelievable or ridiculous to you, but I believe there’s nothing in life a person can endure that they should allow it to ruin their entire life. Events come and they go. Once they go they’re gone forever. We’re the ones who holds on to the memories of what the events caused in our lives. Unfortunately many allow it to leave them with thoughts and feelings that contols and fuels their entire existence. No one on earth has to live such a miserable life.

It’s alright to feel the affects of something awful, but it’s not alright to allow it to ruin your life or change you into a mean spirited and angry person. That’s a choice. Some of these people see the hurt and pain they bring into the lives of others, but they don’t care, because they’re feeling hurt and pain from old events.

It’s the thoughts and the thoughts along that has people trapped. Think about it, if a person had no thoughts of it, there wouldn’t be an issue. Right or wrong? We all have memories that pop in our heads, but it’s like any other memory if you keep allowing the memory/ies to continue to play around in your head, you begin to feel some kind of way about them. Then before a person knows it they’re mentally right back in that moment. This is what many people do and it’s why they can’t move forward, because they’re stuck in what has happened long ago.

Please let it go. It’s over! No matter the pain. I can truly say it from my heart. I’ve gone through things unthinkable at the hands of many people throughout my life. Guess what, I don’t know why, but even as a child God made me strong. I hurt sometimes like everyone else, because I’m flesh and bone with feelings. However, I let nothing stay deposited in my brain that pulls me down. I refuse too. Every single thing I went through was something I learned from. Although bad, it taught me a lot.

The biggest and greatest thing learned is that people aren’t always who they present themselves to be. Also, when a person hurts another person, it’s because someone at some point has hurt them. The sad part is they inflict pain on others, because pain is what they’re used too. Many walk around filled with hurt and anger ALL because they won’t let go of old events. These people continue to hurt themselves by not letting go. Some are wonderful people, but they are so familiar with the thoughts and feelings it’s all they know and they hold on to them (no matter how bad).

This is why we see so much senseless killings. Look at the latest the young guy in California. The reasons he gave were ridiculous to some of us. Not having sex or a girlfriend and he was 22. That’s major was major to him, because of how he let it play in his head. However, the reasons behind it were much deeper. This child wasn’t happy inside. He was full of pain and it went much deeper than girls. Not only this young man, but we have seen and heard these types of tragedies time and time again. It’s because people allow all of the negativity to play around in their heads. “If you keep playing with fire you’ll eventually get burned.” These types of individuals get to a no care point of no return. All because of the thoughts and feelings they’ve had festering inside. You never ever know what someone is carrying inside or how they’re truly feeling.

It’s not easy to learn how to let go, but it’s possible to do so. When people constantly ponder on negative thoughts (memories), in order to change how they think they must be aware of what they’re thinking. It’s an absolute must! You must be conscious of what your thinking. When your mind takes you back, bring yourself out of that thought first by realizing you’re having it and second by acknowledging it is negative. You MUST be consistent when doing this. The ONLY way a change will occur is when you want to change.

If you’re this way aren’t you tired of the pain you’ve caused yourself and others for so long? Today, right now, because right now is all we have tomorrow isn’t promised. Make a decision to change. You can do it if you truly want to. If you keep thinking it’s too hard, it’s NOT, it’s all in your mind. It ONLY feels hard, because you’re doing something new. Don’t get discouraged. It’s time to take control of your life. I pray you do it today.

People don’t want to be around angry folks. Yes your significant others, family, friends, and others do not like to be around you angry man/angry woman. It’s not fair to them or yourself how you’ve allowed things you experienced to ruin your current relationships. All the pain you’ve experienced you can let it go.

I pray to God that you realize your life can go in a millisecond OR the person you love the most life can be gone just as quick. Don’t go another day being angry. You won’t EVER forget what you went through, but the memories will fade in a way that it won’t hurt anymore, but you have to be willing to release those negative thoughts and when you do watch how good you feel. Watch how your relationships with others will change.

When individuals are in relationships and marriages with angry people it’s disheartening. People don’t want to be abused or mistreated by someone they love, because he or she has anger issues over something that has nothing to do with them or the relationship. It’s not fair and it’s hurtful to the ones who love you. No one wants to be with someone who’s controlling, obsessive, abusive, possessive all because of what’s festering inside for a lifetime

Make a decision to let it go today, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!