Yes, you read it right! I know some of you will probably not like this at all, but it is what it is. Why do some of you do this when you know you have a significant other? Why do you do it period? Don’t you realize everything you send inappropriate is out there forever? Some of you are in relationships to include marriages where you should be faithful, but you’re not. However, if your significant other were doing to you what you’re doing to them, you would probably blow a gasket.

Stop sending inappropriate texts and pictures to individual’s who are not your significant others. It’s time to learn how to love, be in love with, and be faithful to the one you’re with. It’s time to be mature adults who has loyalty and commitment to the one you’re with. Stop doing things that could ruin your relationships or your lives, period! It ceases to amaze me how people do these things, they get caught, and then can’t take the repercussions of their actions. THINK, before you do foolishness. It’s easy as that!

You think it’s sexy, etc, but it’s not! It’s degrading and it’s wrong. If someone sends these types of messages to a person who’s in a relationship; this tells you something about that person. It tells you they’re disrespectful and they don’t honor marriages or relationships, period. If you’re in a relationship to include marriage and you’re doing it, you too are the same. You’rehave no respect for your significant other and you don’t honor the relationship you’re in. Learn to appreciate who you’re with. I don’t care how they look. It’s your significant other and if you didn’t want to be with them, you shouldn’t have made the decision to do so.

Some of you seek things in others because of a loss of interest at home. Charity starts at home. Make sure you’re doing all you can do and you certainly don’t fix a problem by creating one. Some of you lose interest because your significant others look different. Well, it’s called life. A person’s body, etc changes over time. You want a 10 when you never had a 10. You want a 10 when you yourself isn’t a 10. Stop being shallow minded and love who you’re with. If you can’t, then there are decisions you need to make. Otherwise stop the madness and start doing right by the one you’re with.

What if your prohibited messages where placed out there for the world to see? How would you feel? It’s a possibility you know. So the next time you decide to do it, DON’T!!!!!