Quick Post on the Truth


Over the years; I’ve found that people say they want the truth, but as soon as you give it they’re mad about it or don’t want to face it. No matter what anyone says, the truth does sometimes hurt. People shouldn’t take it in as something bad UNLESS the delivery is in a way meant to hurt. It’s hard for some people to accept the truth. Many don’t want to face it. To ignore or to pretend it’s not the truth won’t make it go away nor will it change it.

The truth may often come as a form of constructive criticism. This is a good thing, because a person can learn things about his or herself thus making self improvements. Again, it depends on the delivery. Some people have other things up their sleeves and don’t mean you any good when they deliver their message. They do it in a nasty and hurtful way.

I always say ‘if you don’t want the truth, then don’t ask for it.” If you ask me I’m telling you. Other times I’m telling you anyways, but never to hurt you. I want people to be honest with me, regardless if it stings. Unfortunately most don’t feel this way or they say that they do, but tell them and sees what happens!

If you can’t handle the truth, then it means something was triggered inside of you. Don’t get upset, instead re-evaluate yourself. If it’s true and it happens to be something negative; take it in and then work on you. Stop being angry, because getting angry won’t fix the problem.