Words can be both negative and positive. Too many people concentrate more on speaking negative things to oneself or others than speaking those things that are good and beneficial. I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about the cliche “sticks and stones may hurt my bone, but words will never hurt.” It’s a crock of bull!! Sticks and stones will hurt you and so can words. How much we allow words to hurt is another story.

Some people allow the words of others to literally throw their entire lives out of wack. Some people are very traumatized by the words of others. The words others speak against us can hurt, but when we allow those words to beat us down, it’s something more going on. People who can’t seem to get past the hurt from the words of others are individuals who are dealing with deeper issues.

To those who are in marriages and relationships in general, be careful how you speak and what you say to your loved ones. Once it leaves your lips you can’t take the words back. The words of many has changed a lot of relationships and situations in life. The next time you decide to fly off at your significant other or anyone remember once it leaves your lips you can’t take it back. Speak to others the way you would want them speaking to you. It sad to see couples exchanging foul words between one another. The way you speak and the things you say can greatly affect how your significant other feels about you. That change can be for the good or for the bad. Some couples are always saying foul things to one another, it’s there way of communicating. However, when there’s friction in the relationship these individuals seem to be more affected by those words. I don’t believe anyone should allow his or herself to be spoken to disrespectfully by their significant other.

Parents be mindful of how you speak to your children. Some parents curse at their children or constantly put them down in some way. Debilitating words should never be spoken from the mouths of parents to their child/children. It can greatly affect a child’s self esteem and confidence. It can instill things in them that could possibly cause them trouble in their relationships with others. It can teach a child to dislike his or herself and perhaps dislike their parents as well. Remember, everything starts at home and if the children are being brought up in chaotic environments where they’re put down it can affect them for a lifetime.

When speaking about yourself it’s important to eliminate negative self talk. If you feel there’s something negative about yourself there’s always a way to address it where it’s not negative in nature. For instance instead of saying I’m fat, say “it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds so I won’t be so sluggish” or “it’s more healthy to stay under a certain BMI and I’m going to work towards that goal.” Put it in any way you want, but never put yourself down! If you talk negative about yourself, you will believe what you’re thinking or saying about yourself and it will show in your behavior. It will become a part of you. This too causes individuals to look down upon themselves and feel inferior to others. It leaves people with poor self esteem, lack of confidence, and other issues. Believe it or not, people don’t simply end up this way. This was something instilled along the way and unfortunately many continue on with the self beating.

Don’t allow anyone to talk negative about you. Don’t give people the ability to disrespect or belittle you in any way. Most importantly don’t do it to yourself. If you don’t do it to yourself, you certainly won’t allow anyone else to do it to you. Some people will try, because they are dealing with their own issues. It’s not your problem or fault. Bottom line is don’t allow anyone to try and bring you down. Remember there are many people out there who’s hurting and don’t really care if they hurt you or not.

Love yourself, when you do, you will be very mindful and careful of how you allow others to treat you!