I realize it’s off of the beaten path, but I’m known to go off of it every now and then. I want to be able to express all things pertaining to life in general. I thought I would talk about this today, because so many people have allowed status to dictate exactly who they are. They’ve allowed it to change them. Some for good and some for bad. One thing you can bank on is this; no matter who you are, where you live, what you have, what title/position/or status you hold you aren’t exempt from anything life can bring. Many people are bound by their statuses due to the view society has put on them.

Society puts people up on pedal stools that they can’t maintain and shouldn’t be on. I don’t blame society it’s the individuals who fall into the trap. I strongly believe a person should always be true to oneself. Those who aren’t are living sad lives. From the outside looking in, it appears all good, but more times than not; it’s furthest from the truth. You have individuals wishing they were someone else when the people they wish they were are wishing they were someone else.

No matter who a person pretend to be, the truth will always float to the surface. The truth always lies within us all. Status doesn’t change the person unless they choose to change. However it can provide greater means to do what one wants. This is why we see so many people doing things we think are unbecoming, but in reality, it’s who they really are. When people feel they have to present themselves a certain way because of how society looks at them it can lead to very stressful living.

Although some act as if they are, no one is above life. We all should use what we have to help someone else and not look to be glorified by others. I don’t care who you are; you aren’t exempt from the troubles of this world and as sure as you were born you will die. Nothing will ever change that!!

There are many I admire, because of their accomplishments, but there’s not one I worship other than the “Lord God Almighty.” I realized early in life that we the people make up society and let me tell you; many times society’s views are wrong.

 I see individuals fainting, weeping, doing the unthinkable when it comes to some people, I think it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against liking people and enjoying the talents of other people, but some are worshipped as if they’re gods and sadly; in the eyes of many they are. In my lifetime, I’ve dealt with people from all walks of life, I’m impressed by some, but I worship none.

Some people love to be worshipped; they thrive on it. It gives them a feeling of power and prestige. I’ve heard a million times the saying, certain people “are different,” because of their statuses. I hate this saying. It’s not true, they’re not different. They simply have different lifestyles due to money and statuses which has allowed them the means to get and do what they want. They do different things, go different places, eat different food, etc. etc, because their money has allowed them this opportunity. In the end, they breathe oxygen in order to live, they need food and water to survive, if you cut them they will bleed red blood, they put two legs in a pair of pants, we all have the same internal organs, they aren’t exempt from troubles, and THEY DIE.

If someone had no pains in life, no blood in their veins or the blood is a different color yet they live, they live by the sun and don’t have to eat or drink, don’t need oxygen to live, and they never die THEN THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Stop worshipping people and things. Put more of your energy and time into developing a better you and less into worshipping and idolizing others. Some of you literally live your lives so focused on other people until YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. Some of you suffocate celebrities and others of status. You don’t give them the opportunity to lead normal lives. You forget they are human just as you are. I think it’s all madness. Some of them act the way that they do because so many of you worship the ground they walk on.

I only want to provide the truth and in doing that prayerfully some encouragement and understanding as well.