For those who think money OR what you do can buy love you’re wrong. Money doesn’t buy love, but it can buy the person who claims to be in love with you. This happens time and time again. People get into relationships and they start off by trying to buy the other person’s love. You do it from your heart and you do it to satisfy the other person, but IT DOESN’T WORK! You will end up PHYSICALLY broke and if not physically broke you will definitely be BROKEN HEARTED after finding out you’re trying to fill an endless pit. The more you buy the more you will have to buy. When you stop buying you will see just what they think of you. Some people will spend money they don’t even have to satisfy their man or woman. Let me tell you this: they will never be satisfied, NEVER!!! You simply can’t buy love, no matter how hard you try. Some of you think what you do have you locked in and them locked down; YOU’RE WRONG! These types of people will take from you for as long as you give.

Some of you do things you’re ashamed of just to keep the individuals you think you love. Let me tell you something; if you have to stoop low to keep someone then YOU DON’T NEED THEM! Stop letting people treat you any kind of way in the name of what you THINK is love. The other person know it’s not love, but you THINK it is when there are clear signs that it isn’t. WAKE UP! Many people are miserable in their relationships, because they’re spending most of their time exerting energy trying to satisfy their significant others. Yet, getting nothing in return, but grief.

When you find yourselves miserable all of the time, so worried you’re going to lose the other person, sad & depressed over your relationship, crying all of the time, alone yet you’re in a relationship, messing up your credit trying to keep up with the Jones’s so you can satisfy the other person, spending money you don’t have to spend, doing things you’re ashamed of, being mistreated-abused-disrespected-neglected, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. If you’re doing these things, you need to re-evaluate yourself and the relationship you’re in. If the other person doesn’t REALLY love you it’s NOT love that’s blind, YOU ARE! Pull them scales from your eyes and face the truth!!!! It’s staring you in the face.

I will say again and again. No matter what you do, how you do it, or how good you’re at doing it; YOU CAN’T MAKE THE PERSON YOU LOVE, LOVE YOU BACK! You can be used and abused in the process of trying, but it will NOT make the other perosn love you. Stop dreaming and face reality. If you have to buy them, it’s not love! If you have to bend over backwards doing things you’re ashamed of; it’s not love! If you have to force it in any kind of way; it’s not love!

Your significant other OR the person YOU consider as your significant other, (because they may not consider you as theres) will give you signs of the truth. It’s up to you to accept it. If you choose to not accept the truth, they will treat you EXACTLY how you allow. I WANTED TO MAKE THIS SHORT, PLAIN, AND SIMPLE. PLEASE WAKE UP!!