Here Today, Gone Today


I chose to write about this, because I traveled to the burial of my very good friend on yesterday. I still can’t believe my good friend of 16 years is gone. She had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve known. She passed on at the age of 41. I’m happy I got to spend her birthday with her in June. We had no idea on earth it would be her last one.

There were so many beautiful flowers at her home going. I told the people although the flowers were beautiful they were no good to her, because she couldn’t smell or appreciate them. I gave her flowers while she lived and was able to appreciate them. It’s one reason I didn’t have to get up and say this and that, because my friend heard what I had to say during the 16 years of our friendship. She heard the words while she could appreciate and value them.

When a person die people have so much to say, but when the person was alive those same people had nothing to do with the person. People love chiming in at funerals, but couldn’t be found when the people were alive. In my friend’s case it was no different.

My challenge to you is to give your family and friends their flowers while they live. Saying you love them when they’re dead means nothing. It’s a waste of breath. You should tell them while they live. Treat them right while they live and let them know what they mean to you. Stop wasting time being mad over things that don’t really matter.

Although some people act as if they are, no one is here to stay. Not one single person. Death can come at any given time whether you’re ready or not. That’s why it’s important to get both your physical and spiritual business straight. You won’t have time when death come knocking. You can’t ask death to come back later. When it’s time, it’s time.

Most people don’t like to talk about death (they’re afraid to die and don’t want to die), but not talking about it won’t stop it from coming. It will come for us all some day. Right now this very moment is really all we have. Nothing else is promised. The next second we can be gone. If you’re having issues with someone you love talk to them, don’t let things go, because tomorrow may be too late. A lot of people live with regrets, because they let bitterness keep them from their loved one or they treated their loved one wrong and then it was too late to rectify the situation. Don’t let that be you. Treat your loved ones right and give them their flowers while they live and can appreciate them. When I say flowers it’s a metaphor for showing good deeds, love, appreciation etc. Please whatever it is, get it straight right now, before it’s too late.

Husbands against wives, wives against husbands, mothers against daughters and vice versa, fathers against sons and vice versa, family against one another, friends fighting, etc. etc. Stop the madness! Don’t let another day go by, because once they’re gone nothing you say or do will matter.

I am so thankful for the sixteen years my friend and I shared. I’m glad I have the sense to show those I love what they mean to me while they live. I don’t allow anything to keep me from showing love and appreciation to others. I realize and understand that right now is all we have. I pray that you do too! When a person dies you can’t take back any wrong you’ve done or said. Right now is the time to get things right!