Feelings of the Heart


There are so many people who are suffering in their current relationships. Both men and women are losing themselves in their bad relationships. There are countless amounts of people who live every day and are unhappy in their relationships.

Different people have different meanings of the word love. Unfortunately most don’t have a clue as to what it really means to love or to be in love. Many are giving up their lives completely to cater to the needs of the one they love, but aren’t receiving what they need, desire, or want in return. This isn’t love, but it is a one sided relationship. It shows issues on both parts. One on the part of the person who is giving their all, but is getting nothing in return and the other on the part of the one who is taking it all, but giving nothing. This says something about both individuals. Both have issues they need to address. Many people in these types of relationships lack the maturity they need to effectively be a part of healthy relationships.

I’ve always said start out how you can hold out and not only that; how you start is indicative of how you will end. People continue to get into messed up relationships expecting for them to get better as time goes by, but most times they don’t. I’ve seen both men and women who are very mistreated in their relationships but they hold on to them for dear life. Despite of what they’re enduring they do their best to remain with the very individual’s who are mistreating them. In a lot of the cases individuals aren’t even married. I don’t know why people think things will get better or people will change. Instead what these people will expect is for you to continue to accept what you allowed in the beginning. They expect to continue to be who they have been all along and who you chose to fall in love with.

Most people fall in love according to what’s going inside of them. The reason many people make bad decisions is because they’re dealing with issues which causes them to go off of the feelings of their hearts alone or the lust of their eyes. They make decisions based off of the wrong feelings and because of it are lead into situations that are chaotic and bad for them.

When you accept any type of treatment from the one you think you love any kind of treatment is exactly what you will get. I won’t EVER say a person can’t change, but what I will say is this; wait until they do before you go falling in love only to get your feelings hurt. Don’t give your all to someone who doesn’t provide you what you need. When you do it’s a clear sign something is wrong with you!

I feel a need to elaborate further, because I know sometimes the person you love may provide things that are of necessity, but it doesn’t mean they’re providing you what you need. We all need genuine love from the one who supposedly loves us. We all need affection, honesty, dedication, loyalty, and trust from the one who supposedly loves us. Too many of you are settling with material things. Many of you feel it’s all okay, because you feel secure, but you fail to face the fact that although you have some security of food, shelter, and clothing, you’re treated like crap. You don’t feel loved nor are you treated as a person the other individual is in love with. Regardless, many of you settle for this, because of that false sense of security until one day you finally realize how alone and miserable you are.

Some of you go through pure hell and daily stress. You’re so busy trying to please a person who don’t give a hoot about you that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. However, your significant other is living the life. They’re with you, but doing whatever they want to do, when they want to do it, because they know you will take it no matter the cost.

All I’m saying is wake up!!


2 thoughts on “Feelings of the Heart

  1. I think it’s entirely possible for a person to take and take and take but still love the other person, love isn’t always selfless and beautiful and wonderful. In it’s purest form yes, love is all of those things and more, but realistically, we all act selfishly at times, and that usually involves the people we’re closest to. By no means am i saying that a person should put up with abuse or let themselves be abused, but nothing is black and white when it comes to romantic love and relationships evolve. My relationship started in a big bang, big love big feelings and it was an absolute mess. 13 years later we are stable and much more functional in the relationship than we were when we first got together. I’m not trying to be contrary, i just think you’ve drawn some lines in the sand that aren’t necessarily entirely right. Al the best finding what works for you

    • Love isn’t and should never be constant chaos. No one shouldn’t have to take and take and when they do although they may love the person it also means something is wrong with them that they feel so insecure about who they are they feel that they have to keep going through the crap. It’s important to fix it before you settle into it. I’m glad you and your relationship is still going 13 years later, however in my post I did mention it will take maturity and growth. You couldn’t of ever gotten there if you hadn’t matured to some degree. Yes we all can be selfish and take our loved ones for granted. However when you get to a certain level of growth and understanding you no longer do those things or at least you’re conscious so not to do them. That’s the problem, too many look at it as romantic love although they’re constantly cheated on, being slapped upside the head, spit on, talked about, etc because he or she puts in a few hugs, kisses, sex, and nice words every now and then. It’s like a chameleon, but you won’t see it if you don’t have the understanding of what love isn’t. People can change and they can mature, but most times if you accepted it one way, it’s how they will expect for it to be. I think I am absolutely right, but those who don’t have that understanding of what love is and isn’t can’t fully grasp the truth. It will never move into that phase of serenity without maturity, no way, no how. All it will continue to be is chaos. I can’t tell you the countless of amount of people I’ve come across who had the same thought pattern only to end up so broken (depressed, anxiety ridden, stressed out, suicidal, lost, etc) or even worse dead. Thank you so much for your response.

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