Yes, here I go again. No matter how many times it’s discussed, people are still allowing their hearts to lead them into devastation. Of course when entering into a new relationship you will feel something for the person you’re with. However, if you’re only going by what you’re feeling, you may be lead astray. People don’t get it, because they’re being completely blindside by their feelings. Regardless of it all to them it feels good and it’s all they think of and desire. The thoughts of the immature who don’t have the wisdom or understanding to see the truth; when they want someone, their thoughts are centered around the person. The more feelings they develop for the person; the more they will desire to be with and around them.

This is why when many FINALLY wake up they find themselves in awful relationships. They find themselves in loveless, abusive, controlling, etc relationships where they’ve lost all control. It’s because they allowed their hearts to lead. They’re completely blind when it comes to love. To hear or read the saying “follow the heart is beautiful” but it’s not the whole truth. You can’t follow the heart and be on point if you’re not in the correct frame of mind. This means you must have true understanding of what is going on and be able to see the truth and know it as the truth. This takes growth and maturity. Unfortunately some people never grasp this reality. Many wonder why they keep going through bad relationships and awful breakups, it’s because they keep doing it the same way over and over. They continue to allow their hearts to lead.

When you meet someone, if it’s someone you’re attracted to and interested in you will have these thoughts and feelings of that individual. This is normal. Once you begin to spend time getting to know the person you will begin to see signs of the truth. People make mistakes at this point. They see the person and instead of looking at the entire picture, they’re stuck on what they’re feeling or see with their natural eyes. I guarantee you if people were able to disengage after seeing what they’re dealing with isn’t representation of a healthy relationship they could save themselves from turmoil down the road.

A lot of people want to say “they didn’t know or they never saw the signs.” This isn’t true. I don’t care how subtle they may be, there are ALWAYS signs. No matter how a person try to hide the truth, the truth shows in some form or another. The problem is the person on the receiving end dismisses the truth because of what they’re thinking and feeling about the other person. It’s all about passion and wanting to be in the company of that person.

Early on, although there will be feelings involved but, if people would look at what is happening as they’re getting to know the person they’re involved with, it could change the whole course of the relationship. Unfortunately most don’t. They simply go with what their feeling. This is the wrong way to build any relationship.

Relationships must be built on SOLID foundations. When foundations are SOLID relationships bloom into beautiful healthy relationships. I must admit I’ve known a few people who were a mess and later in life they made a change. This is absolutely wonderful, however I don’t recommend anyone going further into rocky/bad/unhealthy relationships in hopes of the person changing, because this may NEVER be the case. How you start is VERY indicative of how you will end.

There are countless women who are in bad situations with all signs of it being bad. They’re mistreated, abused, spoken to badly, disrespected, controlled, ostracized from family and friends, but they stay and many married these men. Early on they continue in these relationships because they think they’re in love. They’re going off of what they feel and not on what they see and are experiencing. These women stay for many reasons and everyone of them comes from past experiences and the wrong way of thinking, feeling, and reacting to those past experiences. Unfortunately some never make it out, because they die at the hands of the one they love. Many get out only to go back. Despite of it all many are still being lead by their hearts and distorted ways of thinking.

Society only talks about women who are in these relationships, but the truth be told there are many men who are in these types of relationships as well. The truth of who a person is lies within and it has no gender or color. Who we really are comes from a lot of things, but the bottom line of it all it derives from how we perceive and think about things. This is what causes the feelings and actions we feel and display when it comes to those we love.

I’ve talked to countless of suicidal people who are so distraught about their relationships and other things to a point of where they want to take their own lives. They feel they can’t go on without the person they love so much. This is disheartening because a person such as this has allowed their distorted ways of thinking and the feelings to go along with it; to render them hopeless. These types of individuals don’t realize they’re feeling this way because of what’s going on inside of them and not necessarily because of the other person. They’re projecting what they feel outward in thinking it’s because of the other person, but in truth it’s because of who they are as an individual. Too many bad thoughts and feelings leads to bad actions.

Millions in this world allow themselves to be in unhealthy relationships all because they are mislead by distorted ways of thinking which leads to misguided feelings which often leads to things they didn’t bargain for. My prayer is that people deal with their issues first before entering into relationships. If a person enter into a relationship out of desperation and other distorted ways of thinking, the consequences of their actions may be detrimental. These types of people are lead by their ways of thinking and the feelings developed from those distorted thoughts.

There’s a millions scenarios I could write about on this very subject, but the fact remains, people still don’t get it. That’s the sad part. Many people haven’t gotten the understanding in order to see the truth. It takes soul seeking to really look at oneself. If things aren’t going right in your life, don’t look at the other person; look at yourself. Seek out why you’re the way you are and deal with it. This is how you grow and mature.