No matter what we go through in life, the only time life here on earth stops is when we die. Many people are alive, but they’re not living. Many work hard all of their lives only to not enjoy it. They’re too busy rushing here and there, going to work, and working hard, but they don’t enjoy their lives.

This post is not particularly about those situations. This post is about those who don’t want to let go after the loss of a loved one. There are many reasons for this, but not one is worth letting your life pass by while you yet live.

Too many want to give up when they lose their significant others. Losing someone happens for all kinds of reasons. However, when it comes to breakups for some it’s like experiencing a death. Some people find it very hard to let go. This does nothing but cause a person unnecessary pain and suffering. I sometimes ask people look at oneself as if they were giving advice to their child. If your child was with someone who no longer wanted to be with him or her and the child was stressed out and miserably unhappy over the loss, what advice would you give? Would you say no matter how bad the person treats you or no matter how much they don’t want to be with you; don’t let go of them? Would you tell him or her stalk them, cling to them, cry, throw a fit, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to kill them, kill yourself, become depressed, do what you have to do but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to drink your troubles away, drug your troubles away, isolate yourself and cry all day, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her wrap yourself around the person’s leg, jump on their car, threaten harm to them or to yourself, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to stay in the house all day and continue to pine over the person, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to give up on life if they can’t have the person, but whatever he or she does; don’t let them go? I know this sounds ridiculous and guess what? It is, but these are things people do when they lose someone they love! A good parent would not tell their child to continue to go through unnecessary pain and suffering over someone who NO LONGER wants to be with their child. If you can agree with this, why do some of you do it to yourselves?

Life is NOT over simply because a relationship ends. Some people give too much or ALL of their power to those they’re involved with and this is why they come unglued when the relationship ends. Some people don’t know how to function on their own, because they’ve allowed the person they were with to take complete control over their lives. This happens to people who didn’t really have control in the first place. Individuals become too complacent in relationships they think it’s a beautiful thing at first until reality comes a knocking. This is when people lose it. They become too engulfed in their woes and can’t see what they’re doing to themselves.

When it’s over, the best thing a person can do is take a moment to breathe and then FACE REALITY. If a person no longer wants to be with you, even IF you were the problem you have to accept it for what it is; pick up the pieces and move on. Stop subjecting yourselves to all of the drama. When it’s over let it go. To do so is only as hard AS A PERSON MAKES IT. As I said before, when you can’t let go the issue isn’t the other person it’s you. If a person don’t want to be with you no matter why, LET THEM GO! That’s the bottom line. Your pain will fade, but it cannot begin to do so if you continue to waddle in self pity and self inflicted hurt. Remember it’s not about the other person (they’re not relevant at this point), it’s about you.

When the loss is due to death life goes on still applies, because one thing for certain and without a doubt is one day we all will die. When a person loses their significant other it’s a hard thing to go through. A person has every right to grieve and they should, but grieving shouldn’t last forever. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to feel or that they shouldn’t grieve, but what I am saying is they shouldn’t allow it to consume and take over their lives. In other words life still goes on. If you don’t move on life goes right on without you. None of us are here to stay. It’s tough to imagine or to think about, but the reality is what it is. No one can change this fact. How we deal with the loss highly determines how we move forward. It’s up to each of us as to what we decide.

The moral of this post is life goes on no matter what we go through. We all have our individual lives to live. It is up to each of us individually as to how we deal with any and everything that comes our way. People deal with things differently according to what they’re going through inside. This is the driving force of each of us. Meaning, the real truth is housed inside. It comes out through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. For those who haven’t quite dealt with what is inside they allow this to interfere with every decision they make in life and unfortunately this is shown when people can’t let go. You may not want to let go, but you simply can’t keep hold to someone who is no longer there (whether absent physically or mentally). Trying too hinders your life and the ability to heal and move forward.



Trying to save someone is the WRONG attitude to have. You can offer assistance and you can be there for him or her, but you can’t save them UNLESS they want to be saved. For years both men and women have gotten into relationships with individuals who has a lot of issues. They know the individuals they’ve gotten involved has issues, but in their minds they really think they can handle them. However, unbeknown to them they can’t.

People who find themselves in these situations start out genuinely trying to help the individuals they’re with out of love for them. They pour out all of the love they can to help them in thinking the person will change. Initially they may see what they think is change, but it’s not. It’s the individual giving them what they want in order to hold on to them. This is a problem, because no matter how much you love someone they WILL not change until they’re ready. Unfortunately for many that time never comes.

Many women take men into their homes and lives. They try to save them from their own lives, but it doesn’t work. These women lose their sense of security, self worth, who they are as women, etc. They lose money they could have used for other things trying to take care of someone who’s not taking care of himself. They try to heal his wounds, but this isn’t possible. What normally happens is these women end up broken with no courage to get out of the relationship. They end up stressed out and full of anxiety. They no longer want to go to their own homes, because he’s there. Stop trying to be Ms. Fix It, because you will end up needing to be fixed!

I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about these types of situations. It’s always the same stories only told by different people. Men do it too. They get with these women (for whatever reason), only to find they’ve gotten with someone who has issues they didn’t bargain for or can handle.

Like I’ve said before you can’t save anyone, but you can surely lose a sense of who you are in trying to save someone else. There are always signs showing who these individuals are from the start, but as I always say people look over the truth. It happens over and over again. No matter what people see or hear about what others have gone through, they still will get into these types of relationships. Love makes people do some crazy things. It’s because most don’t know what real love is. If you’re enduring constant turmoil I don’t care what anyone says, it isn’t love. People make love so many things it is not and this is why relationships go through so much drama.

This post doesn’t only relate to romantic relationships, it goes for anyone who’s trying to save someone. You can’t do it. You have good intentions all day long, but until those individuals decide to change all you will receive is headache and heartache. Most aren’t equipped to deal with these situations no amount of love equips you for what you will endure.

I believe our lives are about helping others, but not in this way. If someone is draining your energy, mind, your soul; this is not true love nor is it healthy to endure. This form of so called love changes people in unhealthy ways.



Yes, I’m back on this because too many people still don’t get it. The things I saw today makes me really shake my head. It’s a shame! If you scraping the bottom of the barrel and still not getting anything out, it’s over. If you are begging someone to stay with you, it’s over. Trying to stay in it you’re only setting yourself for unnecessary pain and misery.

If you’re with someone and they don’t want you, stop all of the nonsense; let that person go. You can’t make him or her want to be with you and in fact you’re pushing them further away. It is not the person who’s hurting you; you’re hurting yourself by trying to hold on to someone who has CLEARLY let you go. The reason they want out or left isn’t important at this point. What’s important is they’ve shown you and told you that they no longer want to be with you, but you continue to torment yourself. This is a sign that YOU have some things you need to work out within yourself.

There are many people who are in horrible situations, because they’re trying to make something out of NOTHING. Stop crying your eyes out over someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Stop falling into depression over someone who doesn’t want you. Stop contemplating suicide over someone who doesn’t want you. Stop contemplating homicide over someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Life goes on.

Many people stay in dead end relationships for no good reason. Every reason they make is an excuse. It’s sad individuals demoralize themselves to remain in or to get in loveless relationships. Kids, money, status, etc will not and does not keep relationships together. If a person don’t want to be with you nothing you have or nothing you do will make a difference.

At this point is when some individuals begin open relationships. They’d rather allow another person or people into their relationships, because they think it will keep their significant other around. Not so! You may not take heed, but I know I’m writing is the truth. Pick up your broken heart and glue, staple, tape, etc, it back together so the healing can begin. Sooner or later it will be whole again (IF you allow). Stop acting like you’re a humpty dumpty.

Some relationships are doomed from the start. I keep telling people how you start out is very indicative of how you will end. Many relationships are over people are simply going through the motions. Stop selling yourself short, because if you don’t feel worthy that is exactly how you will be treated.

Blessings to you, you, and you.



There is so much going around in this world today. The devil is busy and evil is alive and spreading like fire all over the world. Almost everything that’s right is frowned upon and looked at as wrong and a lot of wrong things are embraced and looked upon as right. Don’t you know it’s the trick of the enemy (the devil)? It is the devil’s job to kill, steal, and destroy. He is opposite of God. He wants the world in a chaotic state. He want things against God to be gloried and want those things to be worshipped and praised. If you don’t know what side you’re on, you will be persuaded easily to go the other way (against God).

I don’t know what anyone’s stance is when it comes to their belief’s and faith. All I know is through His Word I must give what is given to me. We are in trying times that will test our faith. If you don’t know in whom you serve the time to figure it out is right now. Right now is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised. I already know there’s many who don’t believe and it’s your choice completely. Today I recommend Jesus. With a recommendation you still have a choice as to whether you accept it or not. It’s all about choices.

The world is a place we all live and this isn’t a choice. We were all born belonging to our world (the earth). This wasn’t a choice, being born isn’t our choice, to whom we’re born isn’t our choice, the color of our skin wasn’t a choice, and dying isn’t our choice. Even if a person chooses to take their own life the act of dying isn’t a choice. We all are born and we all will someday and somehow die. However, outside of that, life is all about choice.

Deciding to take the road towards salvation is beautiful and the best choice anyone can make. Staying on the road is a whole different story. I believe once a person is saved (Romans 10:9), I believe they’re saved forever. It’s nothing you can take back. How a person choose to live after taking that step is most important. Me of all people know that after most make that commitment they don’t remain as focused and most will venture off the course. I say this simply because many make the decision at an early age in their lives.

I received Jesus in my life at the age of 12. What did I know then? I didn’t know anything about anything. Regardless of that fact, I was still covered under His grace and mercy. I lived my life and did whatever I chose to do. Through it all He kept His loving arms around me. I had no clue, nor did I really think about it. It wasn’t until I was many years older that I decided to give up some things in my life. I became a wife and mother. After my children I knew I wanted to raise them knowing who God and His son Jesus was and I knew they would look at my walk. Just as my mother planted the seed; I too planted the seed for my children. Once I made the ultimate decision and was sincere about it, I never looked back and I haven’t to this day. Trust me, I went through some hills and some valleys, but on that tedious journey some things I simply never chose to partake in. I am so thankful for those decisions I made even back then when I really didn’t understand what serving God was all about. After many years of living my life it’s when the light finally came on and I was conscious of my walk. I longed for that personal relationship with God and since then my life has never been the same. He’s the greatest love I know or have ever known.

People think they have to give up everything in order to live a holy life, but you don’t. It’s how you look at things. People don’t want to give up the love they have for material things, money, people, idols, and many other distractions. You can have things, but if those things control you then it’s where the problem comes in. People are thirsty for so much; without understanding having those things WON’T quench their thirst. Look at people who are rich and can go, do, or buy anything they choose, YET many are unhappy. It’s because what they’re really seeking can’t be found in all of that.

The Bible said “to gain the whole world to lose your soul.’ This is what’s happening to many. many are so caught up in the worldly ways they’re literally selling their souls to the devil. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to read about Aleister Crowley, learn about how Michael Jackson and others honored this man. A man who was the most sadistic in his times, (don’t get mad at the truth, get educated). Just a little synopsis; he wrote evil books, one in particular on how to conjure up things in order to gain fame and fortune. That’s only a small piece of insight on the measures people are taking. Please educate yourselves, because people are truly doing anything and everything to gain their worldly desires.

To be in the world doesn’t mean you have to be of the world. Too many are confused about who they choose to serve. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so they keep doing things they know they don’t want to do. Many are living lifestyles they’re uncomfortable with only to please someone else. Many in this world are unhappy, but don’t even know why. Something is missing and that something is Jesus.

When a person begin to live for Christ and they make up in their hearts and minds it’s what they want to do; EVERYTHING changes. You don’t see anything the way you once did. The things you do, the things you say, how you talk, how you walk (your daily living), how you think, how you dress, etc, it will all change, because your heart will be convicted. Some people and things you will let go because they’re not conducive to the lifestyle you now live.

People of this world are so fixated on titles, popularity, notoriety, recognition, fame, fortune, status, positions, and material things until it’s all they desire. They’re fixated on other people; worshipping and praising them to the max. Many make it a lifestyle to worship and follow those they love so much. They follow and worship people who don’t know them or even care to know them. Yet Jesus loves us all unconditionally, but millions don’t believe, because to them He’s imaginary and intangible. My heart cries for these people.

Many are lost to addictions of all kinds, they’re lost to depression, unhealthy love, unhappiness, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, and many other things that have them bound. It is all the work of the enemy. His job is to confuse the people, get them off track, and to control them by many things that will bound them up.

In these treacherous times, which by the way will become much worse, I pray people began to seek out Jesus. What you see, wars and rumors of wars, plagues (different viruses), etc are only things happening according to the Word. It’s warnings for us all. There are many god’s, but there’s only one God and His son Jesus. Every day we live as I said many times before is a day to get things in our lives right. It’s not by chance. It’s out of His love for us. He doesn’t desire for any of us to perish.

All I can do is recommend you to Jesus and pray that you choose this day whom you will serve. Blessings to you, you, and you!



This post is in honor of domestic violence month, however the fight against it should be ongoing. People shouldn’t set aside a particular time to talk about it, this should be talked about all of the time. One thing for sure is it can be prevented like a lot of other things. LET ME EXPLAIN. I’ve talked many times about seeing the signs, but I also know most aren’t at a place in their lives to be willing to accept the signs. This is because they aren’t mature enough. They may be old enough, but age certainly doesn’t make us mature.

People can avoid being victims of domestic abuse. How you may ask? My answer is by never allowing it from the jump. I don’t care what anyone says, there’s always signs and although a person may not respond to those signs, it doesn’t make them any less visible.

Please don’t allow your hearts to get in the way. I don’t care how much you’re feeling, you must take into consideration what is happening in your relationship. Both men and women get too caught up in the emotions. When this happens people lose focus. People let too much get by when they’re going off of feelings and emotions.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t care how subtle a person does things, they will ALWAYS show their true tendencies. Sometimes they may not show them directly to you, but they will show them in your presence. This is a SIGN. Sometimes a person will show them towards someone else, but believe me they will sooner or later be directed towards you.

Please understand early in a relationship if a person does any of the things listed please RE-EVALUATE the relationship, before you let your hearts lead you wrong. If the person you’re with physically put their hands on you in any way, talk badly to you or about you, try to control your every move, isolate you from others, possessive or obsessive towards you, try to take over your life and make you do what they want you to do, tell you what you can or can’t wear, tell you where you can or can’t go, tell you what you can and can’t do, get mad or angry easily, throws or punches things, get upset when others are around you because they want you to his or herself all of the time, force you to do things you don’t want to do, very aggressive toward you or others, etc.

If any of the above is happening in your relationship and your dating, please back off, because there is a great chance things will only become worse. STOP marrying people who are abusive to you before marriage. People don’t want to accept the truth, because they feel they’re in love. Think about it! If the person you’re with really loved you in a HEALTHY way they wouldn’t do any of the above. It’s an unhealthy way to love and I plead with you to not allow your feelings to lead you wrong.

You don’t have to be mature in order to use your common sense. Now, I know some people don’t seem to have common sense, but please see the truth for what it is. I’ve seen horrible affects of domestic violence. The things people do to the one’s they supposedly love is horrendous and sad.

Don’t stay in abusive relationships. Don’t tolerate abuse in ANY FORM. Don’t stay long enough to be too AFRAID to leave. Don’t stay long enough until you feel too TRAPPED to leave (giving all power to him or her). Don’t stay long enough where you have children and use them as an excuse to stay. Don’t stay long enough to find yourself crippled, blinded, maimed in anyway, or even worst; KILLED. Too many lives are lost due to domestic violence when it could have been prevented.

STOP getting into these unhealthy relationships where they’re clearly unhealthy. ANYTHING outside of HEALTHY is UNHEALTHY and a POTENTIAL for DANGER. Love isn’t any of this! Too many are getting into relationships for many wrong reasons. People need to stop giving their lives to unnecessary drama. Don’t let that first shove, slap, twist of the arm, choke, spit on, threat, etc get by. Put on the brakes immediately! Don’t ACCEPT I’m kidding or I’m sorry, because IT WILL MOST LIKELY HAPPEN AGAIN.

You all may think I’m being a bit cautious, you’re wrong. I’m being VERY cautious, because DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is REAL. I’ve seen men and women who willfully got into awful situations that they could have and should have avoided. I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is for people to see abuse for what it is and to see it for what it isn’t. IT IS NOT LOVE, not EVER! I don’t care how good you feel and how your heart have you all discombobulated. People need to see the truth for what it is.

Below is a poem from one of the first books I wrote. I hope you can see the picture in your mind as you read the poem. Domestic violence is a awful thing for anyone to endure. There’s absolutely no love worth it. In fact IT’S NOT LOVE AT ALL. Abuse comes from a hurt soul and it’s accepted by a confused soul.

Flowers for Me

The guy that I loved was a very violent man
His last attack on me my body couldn’t withstand
I stayed too long and now it is too late
Take heed anyone who can possibly relate
I didn’t want to go, but I had no choice
Don’t be sad at my funeral instead rejoice

I was punched, choked, and even knocked out
Being threatened by him if I screamed or shout
Fearing the worst on this day I begged for my life
Ignoring all of my pleas he pulled out a knife
Sticking and slicing as I fell with a plop
Blood pouring everywhere as if never to stop

Out of all the beatings this was the worst attack
I should have left long ago never looking back
The ambulance came for me on this day
Then the Paramedic called me in D.O.A
It was a shock to everyone that knew of me
Since I told no one of all the beatings you see

I’ve never gotten flowers before
Today I got roses, carnations, and more
So many flowers arranged beautifully
Not for my eyes, but for others to see
Guess what? I even got tulips too
And a beautiful guestbook signed for me by you

First time in my life I got flowers today
And so many gathered around in dismay
To say their goodbye’s and farewell’s too
I hope this tragedy never happens to you
If you find yourself in a relationship like mine
Get out now! Before you run out of time



The feelings of love is a universal feeling. People are seeking it all over the world. People are seeking in it in all of the wrong places. People are seeking it in all of the wrong ways. Bottom line is most don’t have a clue what it means to love or to be loved. I believe this post is one of the most important one I’ve written. Many won’t relate or understand, because they don’t believe in God. It’s your right to believe in whatever you choose.

I believe if people would seek out God the way they do intimate love relationships their lives would be much better. When it comes to relationships people are so eager to love until they look past things that are staring them dead in the face. They accept and allow any and everything in the name of love. They are giving and giving, but never receiving and experiencing what love truly is about. Love is not and shouldn’t EVER be what many people make it out to be.

All over the internet there are these different types of challenges, some good and others completely ridiculous. My challenge is for people to seek out the “greatest love of all.” I’m talking about God. People serve many Gods, but I’m talking about the one and only God, and his Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This/He is the greatest love of all. There’s no comparison.

I’m not trying to persuade you one way or another, but I do recommend Jesus on today. Too many of you are desperately seeking love without understanding what love is. God is love, and His love will give you peace which surpasses all understanding. He will open your eyes to the truth in ways you never imagined. He died for all of us and His Love for us is unconditional and undying. He left a Comforter and the Holy Spirit to comfort and give us strength to endure life.

I look around at the world today and people are completely lost, confused, and out of control. People are so easily persuaded and brainwashed. They stand for nothing and it’s why they fall for any and everything. They’re like weeds in the blowing wind. Any direction it blows they change. Whatever sounds good that moment/that second, minute, or hour is what some people will go along with. People must plant their roots in good soil. In doing that it involves getting a personal relationship with Jesus.

People are going to church faithfully but it’s not out of a personal relationship with God, it’s out of tradition. They also pay their tithes and go to Bible Study all out of tradition. They do it because they’re worried of what man will say (pastor, church members, etc). They’re worshipping the preachers, pastors, reverends, evangelists, bishops, or whatever they’re called at their sanctuaries.

Many Shepherds are leading their flocks astray. They’re preaching and teaching things against God’s Word. They’re allowing things in the church that shouldn’t be. They’re standing up preaching things clearly against the Word of God. They’re standing up cursing in church and doing things in church that are really the way of the world. Sad thing is the congregation is soaking it all in and going along with the nonsense. It’s because they have love for their leaders, but no real true love for God. They don’t have that personal relationship. Once a person get that personal relationship then comes the understanding and the opening of eyes.

People are in love with the ways of the world. They love sports and sports teams, designer clothes and shoes, cars, homes, and lover of themselves. They love their leaders and they’re faithful to them and the sanctuary. I say sanctuary because it is where they worship. The church is in us and our bodies are the holy temple. People got it misconstrued. Many leaders are teaching from the old laws which aren’t relevant today, but because people don’t have personal relationships with God; they don’t know the difference. They’re being mislead.

My challenge is for you, you, and you to get to know Jesus. You will experience a love you couldn’t ever imagine. You can tell Him all of your fears and He will wash them away, because His love conquers all fears. I am a witness!! He will open your eyes to the truth about everything. Your hearts will become convicted and you will then realize there is a difference between living for the world and living for God. You will understand you may live in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a worldly person.

You will learn what true love is and what it isn’t. You will no longer settle for any and everything in your life. You will understand you don’t have to give your power to drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, brainwashing, mistreatment, abuse, selling your souls to the devil for fame and fortune, or many other things people are submissive too and controlled by. Many believe that to believe in God is man’s way of controlling the world. Let me tell you, the trick of the enemy is to get you to believe that to believe in God is a deception. If you’ve seen and experienced things I have in life, you will know the existence of God is real. There are things out there many couldn’t fathom and these things exists whether you see them or not. However, when you’re rooted in Jesus, regardless of all else; you’ll stand firmly and your faith will keep you focused and strong.

Many don’t want to trust or believe because they can’t see God. You can’t see Him, because you’re looking through your natural eyes. You have to look through your spiritual eyes. Only then will you see the essence of His beautiful creations and feel His everlasting presence. He’s there for you through your darkest hour. I know it’s hard to believe in something you can’t see, but again, you can see Him when you look through your spiritual eyes. Many bad things happen in this world, but this isn’t God’s doing, it’s the way of the world and it has to be, because of what happened from the very beginning. If everything was good as it were intended from the start, all of our lives would be different, but because both good and evil exists; the tragedies of this world exists and will continue to do so until the end.

Getting to know Jesus you can lay all worries and fears at His feet and know that no matter what; He loves you. If you feel lonely or afraid, call on Him and the Comforter will be right there. Jesus will never leave you alone. People feel alone because they don’t have that personal relationship and understanding that through it all they’re not alone. Those who say they have a personal relationship, but are still plagued with depression, drugs, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, sex addictions, and many other issues do so because they’re struggling with mental war fares and don’t have the connection they should have with Jesus. In other words they’re still trying to deal with things on their own. They’re allowing their own thoughts and feelings to keep them bound.

As people we try to fix everything in the way we want things to be fixed. We want to try to change people and make them love us. Well, that doesn’t work. All you do is cause yourself unnecessary headache and heartaches. You’re so busy trying to love someone who doesn’t love you or love someone who claims to love you, but does not treat you as such; until you’ve lost complete focus. You’ve become prisoners to your own doings. You’re caught up in webs of untruths. You don’t know whether you’re coming or go (you’re lost). You’re making it all about the other person and you’ve forgotten about yourself. This is a lot of suffering we cause to ourselves. My challenge to you today is try Jesus! That’s all, just try Him today. If you do, I promise you that your eyes will become open and as you continue on your walk you will NEVER see things the same. You will know and feel a love that you didn’t think was possible. If you don’t believe me, try Him for yourself.