The feelings of love is a universal feeling. People are seeking it all over the world. People are seeking in it in all of the wrong places. People are seeking it in all of the wrong ways. Bottom line is most don’t have a clue what it means to love or to be loved. I believe this post is one of the most important one I’ve written. Many won’t relate or understand, because they don’t believe in God. It’s your right to believe in whatever you choose.

I believe if people would seek out God the way they do intimate love relationships their lives would be much better. When it comes to relationships people are so eager to love until they look past things that are staring them dead in the face. They accept and allow any and everything in the name of love. They are giving and giving, but never receiving and experiencing what love truly is about. Love is not and shouldn’t EVER be what many people make it out to be.

All over the internet there are these different types of challenges, some good and others completely ridiculous. My challenge is for people to seek out the “greatest love of all.” I’m talking about God. People serve many Gods, but I’m talking about the one and only God, and his Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This/He is the greatest love of all. There’s no comparison.

I’m not trying to persuade you one way or another, but I do recommend Jesus on today. Too many of you are desperately seeking love without understanding what love is. God is love, and His love will give you peace which surpasses all understanding. He will open your eyes to the truth in ways you never imagined. He died for all of us and His Love for us is unconditional and undying. He left a Comforter and the Holy Spirit to comfort and give us strength to endure life.

I look around at the world today and people are completely lost, confused, and out of control. People are so easily persuaded and brainwashed. They stand for nothing and it’s why they fall for any and everything. They’re like weeds in the blowing wind. Any direction it blows they change. Whatever sounds good that moment/that second, minute, or hour is what some people will go along with. People must plant their roots in good soil. In doing that it involves getting a personal relationship with Jesus.

People are going to church faithfully but it’s not out of a personal relationship with God, it’s out of tradition. They also pay their tithes and go to Bible Study all out of tradition. They do it because they’re worried of what man will say (pastor, church members, etc). They’re worshipping the preachers, pastors, reverends, evangelists, bishops, or whatever they’re called at their sanctuaries.

Many Shepherds are leading their flocks astray. They’re preaching and teaching things against God’s Word. They’re allowing things in the church that shouldn’t be. They’re standing up preaching things clearly against the Word of God. They’re standing up cursing in church and doing things in church that are really the way of the world. Sad thing is the congregation is soaking it all in and going along with the nonsense. It’s because they have love for their leaders, but no real true love for God. They don’t have that personal relationship. Once a person get that personal relationship then comes the understanding and the opening of eyes.

People are in love with the ways of the world. They love sports and sports teams, designer clothes and shoes, cars, homes, and lover of themselves. They love their leaders and they’re faithful to them and the sanctuary. I say sanctuary because it is where they worship. The church is in us and our bodies are the holy temple. People got it misconstrued. Many leaders are teaching from the old laws which aren’t relevant today, but because people don’t have personal relationships with God; they don’t know the difference. They’re being mislead.

My challenge is for you, you, and you to get to know Jesus. You will experience a love you couldn’t ever imagine. You can tell Him all of your fears and He will wash them away, because His love conquers all fears. I am a witness!! He will open your eyes to the truth about everything. Your hearts will become convicted and you will then realize there is a difference between living for the world and living for God. You will understand you may live in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a worldly person.

You will learn what true love is and what it isn’t. You will no longer settle for any and everything in your life. You will understand you don’t have to give your power to drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, brainwashing, mistreatment, abuse, selling your souls to the devil for fame and fortune, or many other things people are submissive too and controlled by. Many believe that to believe in God is man’s way of controlling the world. Let me tell you, the trick of the enemy is to get you to believe that to believe in God is a deception. If you’ve seen and experienced things I have in life, you will know the existence of God is real. There are things out there many couldn’t fathom and these things exists whether you see them or not. However, when you’re rooted in Jesus, regardless of all else; you’ll stand firmly and your faith will keep you focused and strong.

Many don’t want to trust or believe because they can’t see God. You can’t see Him, because you’re looking through your natural eyes. You have to look through your spiritual eyes. Only then will you see the essence of His beautiful creations and feel His everlasting presence. He’s there for you through your darkest hour. I know it’s hard to believe in something you can’t see, but again, you can see Him when you look through your spiritual eyes. Many bad things happen in this world, but this isn’t God’s doing, it’s the way of the world and it has to be, because of what happened from the very beginning. If everything was good as it were intended from the start, all of our lives would be different, but because both good and evil exists; the tragedies of this world exists and will continue to do so until the end.

Getting to know Jesus you can lay all worries and fears at His feet and know that no matter what; He loves you. If you feel lonely or afraid, call on Him and the Comforter will be right there. Jesus will never leave you alone. People feel alone because they don’t have that personal relationship and understanding that through it all they’re not alone. Those who say they have a personal relationship, but are still plagued with depression, drugs, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, sex addictions, and many other issues do so because they’re struggling with mental war fares and don’t have the connection they should have with Jesus. In other words they’re still trying to deal with things on their own. They’re allowing their own thoughts and feelings to keep them bound.

As people we try to fix everything in the way we want things to be fixed. We want to try to change people and make them love us. Well, that doesn’t work. All you do is cause yourself unnecessary headache and heartaches. You’re so busy trying to love someone who doesn’t love you or love someone who claims to love you, but does not treat you as such; until you’ve lost complete focus. You’ve become prisoners to your own doings. You’re caught up in webs of untruths. You don’t know whether you’re coming or go (you’re lost). You’re making it all about the other person and you’ve forgotten about yourself. This is a lot of suffering we cause to ourselves. My challenge to you today is try Jesus! That’s all, just try Him today. If you do, I promise you that your eyes will become open and as you continue on your walk you will NEVER see things the same. You will know and feel a love that you didn’t think was possible. If you don’t believe me, try Him for yourself.