There is so much going around in this world today. The devil is busy and evil is alive and spreading like fire all over the world. Almost everything that’s right is frowned upon and looked at as wrong and a lot of wrong things are embraced and looked upon as right. Don’t you know it’s the trick of the enemy (the devil)? It is the devil’s job to kill, steal, and destroy. He is opposite of God. He wants the world in a chaotic state. He want things against God to be gloried and want those things to be worshipped and praised. If you don’t know what side you’re on, you will be persuaded easily to go the other way (against God).

I don’t know what anyone’s stance is when it comes to their belief’s and faith. All I know is through His Word I must give what is given to me. We are in trying times that will test our faith. If you don’t know in whom you serve the time to figure it out is right now. Right now is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised. I already know there’s many who don’t believe and it’s your choice completely. Today I recommend Jesus. With a recommendation you still have a choice as to whether you accept it or not. It’s all about choices.

The world is a place we all live and this isn’t a choice. We were all born belonging to our world (the earth). This wasn’t a choice, being born isn’t our choice, to whom we’re born isn’t our choice, the color of our skin wasn’t a choice, and dying isn’t our choice. Even if a person chooses to take their own life the act of dying isn’t a choice. We all are born and we all will someday and somehow die. However, outside of that, life is all about choice.

Deciding to take the road towards salvation is beautiful and the best choice anyone can make. Staying on the road is a whole different story. I believe once a person is saved (Romans 10:9), I believe they’re saved forever. It’s nothing you can take back. How a person choose to live after taking that step is most important. Me of all people know that after most make that commitment they don’t remain as focused and most will venture off the course. I say this simply because many make the decision at an early age in their lives.

I received Jesus in my life at the age of 12. What did I know then? I didn’t know anything about anything. Regardless of that fact, I was still covered under His grace and mercy. I lived my life and did whatever I chose to do. Through it all He kept His loving arms around me. I had no clue, nor did I really think about it. It wasn’t until I was many years older that I decided to give up some things in my life. I became a wife and mother. After my children I knew I wanted to raise them knowing who God and His son Jesus was and I knew they would look at my walk. Just as my mother planted the seed; I too planted the seed for my children. Once I made the ultimate decision and was sincere about it, I never looked back and I haven’t to this day. Trust me, I went through some hills and some valleys, but on that tedious journey some things I simply never chose to partake in. I am so thankful for those decisions I made even back then when I really didn’t understand what serving God was all about. After many years of living my life it’s when the light finally came on and I was conscious of my walk. I longed for that personal relationship with God and since then my life has never been the same. He’s the greatest love I know or have ever known.

People think they have to give up everything in order to live a holy life, but you don’t. It’s how you look at things. People don’t want to give up the love they have for material things, money, people, idols, and many other distractions. You can have things, but if those things control you then it’s where the problem comes in. People are thirsty for so much; without understanding having those things WON’T quench their thirst. Look at people who are rich and can go, do, or buy anything they choose, YET many are unhappy. It’s because what they’re really seeking can’t be found in all of that.

The Bible said “to gain the whole world to lose your soul.’ This is what’s happening to many. many are so caught up in the worldly ways they’re literally selling their souls to the devil. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to read about Aleister Crowley, learn about how Michael Jackson and others honored this man. A man who was the most sadistic in his times, (don’t get mad at the truth, get educated). Just a little synopsis; he wrote evil books, one in particular on how to conjure up things in order to gain fame and fortune. That’s only a small piece of insight on the measures people are taking. Please educate yourselves, because people are truly doing anything and everything to gain their worldly desires.

To be in the world doesn’t mean you have to be of the world. Too many are confused about who they choose to serve. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so they keep doing things they know they don’t want to do. Many are living lifestyles they’re uncomfortable with only to please someone else. Many in this world are unhappy, but don’t even know why. Something is missing and that something is Jesus.

When a person begin to live for Christ and they make up in their hearts and minds it’s what they want to do; EVERYTHING changes. You don’t see anything the way you once did. The things you do, the things you say, how you talk, how you walk (your daily living), how you think, how you dress, etc, it will all change, because your heart will be convicted. Some people and things you will let go because they’re not conducive to the lifestyle you now live.

People of this world are so fixated on titles, popularity, notoriety, recognition, fame, fortune, status, positions, and material things until it’s all they desire. They’re fixated on other people; worshipping and praising them to the max. Many make it a lifestyle to worship and follow those they love so much. They follow and worship people who don’t know them or even care to know them. Yet Jesus loves us all unconditionally, but millions don’t believe, because to them He’s imaginary and intangible. My heart cries for these people.

Many are lost to addictions of all kinds, they’re lost to depression, unhealthy love, unhappiness, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, and many other things that have them bound. It is all the work of the enemy. His job is to confuse the people, get them off track, and to control them by many things that will bound them up.

In these treacherous times, which by the way will become much worse, I pray people began to seek out Jesus. What you see, wars and rumors of wars, plagues (different viruses), etc are only things happening according to the Word. It’s warnings for us all. There are many god’s, but there’s only one God and His son Jesus. Every day we live as I said many times before is a day to get things in our lives right. It’s not by chance. It’s out of His love for us. He doesn’t desire for any of us to perish.

All I can do is recommend you to Jesus and pray that you choose this day whom you will serve. Blessings to you, you, and you!