Okay, the very last post was about “choosing a side.” This one is going to go a little bit further. This post is for those who claim to be living their lives for the Lord, but instead are living lies. There are many people in this world who claim to be living right. They’re liars and the truth isn’t in them.

Many profess that God has called them into the ministry. God HAS NOT called everyone who claims to be called by Him. If you don’t believe it watch their walk. God qualifies whom He elect. No matter where you are in life or how low you think you are; He will first clean you up and then send you out to do His work. He’s not going to have you still doing all of your mess while preaching or teaching His people. No, that’s not how it works.

I realize we’re flesh and bone. I realize we’re subject to mess up. I get it! However, the Bible says in Matthews 26:41 “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation, the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This clearly tells you that you can avoid temptation. It is a personal choice for people to do things that are against God. It’s not hard to live Holy, if it’s what you desire. It’s hard when you’re trying to keep one foot on one side and the other foot on the other side. In order to do it right you MUST have a made up mind. Stop playing with God and stop straddling the fence.

Many claim to be preachers because they’re looking for and like the recognition. Plus they love the “almighty dollar.” They feel there is prestige in preaching before the congregation. They love being called the pastor (or whatever). They feel they have control and power. They love the fact that people are worshipping them. They think what they’re doing in the dark won’t come to the light, but that too is a lie. It will eventually in some way come to the light. This is why you see some of them addicted to substances, addicted to sex, addicted to money, depressed, suicidal, etc..etc.. Those things are NOT of the Lord. A person who’s truly on the Lord side and have that personal relationship with Him won’t want to do things displeasing to God. It’s in their hearts, minds, and souls to do the Will of God. They have convicted hearts and they mind what they do and say. They’re conscious of their thoughts and of how they live. This is the heart and mind of someone who’s living what they preach.

Don’t get caught up in the saying “you’re not perfect You’re made in His image, therefore when you’re living for Him, you’re perfect in His sight. DON’T use not being perfect as an excuse to continue to do wrong.

Society has it confused, they think because a person is going to church faithfully they’re living the life. Lies! This is why you hear people complaining about “church folks.” It’s because they see the walks of some of the people and the fact it’s not lining up with their talk. First of all some of them go dressed any kind of way, People, “come as you are” doesn’t in no way mean to go dressed inappropriately. It means to go even in your state of mind (broken hearted, hurt, depressed, suicidal, addicted to anything, etc). Not with your skin tights on, butts hanging out, boobs hanging out, see through clothes, or mini skirts. This isn’t limited to the church house. You will be aware of your appearance period. As a representation of God you no longer wear those things you once wore. You will no longer go, do, etc those things you used to do. Some men go inappropriate else well (sagging with your butt showing, etc). Things change when you have that personal relationship with God; they have too. You can’t be the same, there’s no way. If you are then you need to go back and check yourself, because it’s not lining up with God.

I mentioned in a previous post how these types of people go to church faithfully, pay their tithes faithfully, and go to Bible study faithfully, but it’s not out of love or personal relationships with God. It’s to please the eyes of man. They want to look holy to man, but knowing full well they’re far from it. Some have faked and played so long until they believe their own lies. They care what man has to say, but again; they’re not understanding that every knee shall bow to God. What they do should be to please Him, not man. Man has no heaven or hell to put us in, but the very man being praised will be put in one of those places. Basically, what I’m saying is they’re worshipping the wrong one. Man can’t save them, only God can. These types of people has great love for their pastors, preachers, bishops, reverends, evangelists, prophets or whatever they are called. Some titles are so long, it’s ridiculous. Yet, these people don’t give God His due. They give it all to their worship leaders. It’s because their hearts aren’t convicted and they don’t have a true relationship with God. Too many are playing with God, mocking God, and the bottom line; playing church. Pastor’s are preaching things that are clearly against God. God loves us all, but He doesn’t love the things we do. People got it mixed up. They think because God loves us all, He’s okay with the things we do. Lies!

Someone recently told me that it’s all about God’s love for us and that what we do doesn’t matter. This is a lie. Yes, it’s about God’s love for us, but what does that matter if #1 You don’t believe in Him and #2 If you don’t love Him back. Of course it’s about His love for us, but we must embrace and accept that love in order to remotely in anyway choose to worship Him. Because He loves us; it doesn’t give us a free pass to live any kind of way. Him loving us doesn’t mean He love us so much no matter what we do we will go to Heaven. NO! If that was the case what is the purpose of serving God? I know He died for us and through his death our sins were forgiven. However, it doesn’t mean a person can do whatever they choose and still go to heaven. The guidance has been left, it’s up to us which side we choose.

People want to make excuses for everything, but excuses will not work. You can make them all day, but at the end of it all, we can choose to live in a way that when we die we get to live again or we can live in a way that when we die we are dead. The choice is ours to make. One huge problem is people DO NOT want to give up the ways of this world. They’re simply not ready too. They feel they have more they want to do and think it’s all about doing those things. They want to keep on sleeping around, cheating, lying, ducking, dodging, tiptoeing, and sneaking around. They want to keep on abusing drugs, stealing, being lovers of themselves, and doing everything that is against God. This is not how it works. God said in the Word, He don’t want us lukewarm (straddling the fence). He’d rather we choose to be either hot or cold, but not lukewarm. I believe the greatest problem of all is the fact people don’t really believe in God. They can’t see or touch Him so in their minds He REALLY doesn’t exist. They say they do, but it’s clear they don’t. If they did they would live their lives completely different. Stop straddling the fence, today may be your last time to get it right. Look at the ways of this world and all of the things happening in this world, it’s only going to get worst.

I’m sure some people feel that I’m judging, but I am not. God already left instructions. I’m only telling the truth. Those who consider it as judging are those who are still of the world. They are straddling the fence. One day will come when you won’t have the chance to choose. I pray at that time you’re on the right side. Blessings to you, you, and you.