This post is for any and everyone. I based the title on the mind and how people allow their minds to leave them in broken states of mind. It doesn’t matter who a person is, most allow things from their pasts to stunt their growth in life. This post is to help people understand life doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter what a person goes through or have gone through there’s someone who has gone through or is going through worse. I know reading this doesn’t make a person feel any better, however the statement is still true. This means regardless of what a person is going through it’s NEVER as bad as they think it is. I understand it may be bad to the person going through it, but the truth is all things we go through are only as bad as we perceive them to be.

I’ve been encouraging people and providing some form of intervention for years. I truly understand how the mind can take a person on a trip. I’ve seen things and if I didn’t tell myself okay enough is enough, you’ve let it play over in your head long enough, my mind would keep replaying it. The reason most people continue to live in the same states of mind for years, is because they aren’t able to stop re-playing memories and thoughts of the things they’ve seen, heard, or have gone through. We’re all human and at some point it happens to us all, but when we can’t move on from things this is when dysfunction occurs.

The problem with most is they haven’t yet learned how to get past things that have caused negative  disturbances in their lives. This is why so many are constantly re-living the memories of their pasts. They are living the residual affects of the actual experiences. Their lives are in disarray  and many can’t seem to function without disorder and chaos. Most are living a lifelong pity party; not understanding or accepting the fact that no one has to live this way.

I don’t care what you go through. I don’t care how bad it was. I don’t care what you have done. I don’t care how bad it was, you can get past it. Most people stay in a darkened state of mind of their own freewill. They don’t want to let go of what their parents did or didn’t do. They don’t want to let go of what happened to them (regardless of what it was). Instead of moving on many choose to waddle in their situations and continue to allow the thoughts to play around in their heads. This leads to different forms and levels of self destruction.

People want to blame it on things such as their dads not being in their lives, others on their mom’s not being in their lives, and many on being past victims of all forms of sexual abuse or physical. It’s all an EXCUSE. I know this may upset people but it is still the truth. What you’ve gone through was a real event, but it’s over. People continue to re-play it in their heads and it causes them a life of pain and suffering.

Each of us were born in this world without knowledge or input. None of us got a chance to say whether we wanted to be born or who our parents would be. The fact is we’re here. When we allow what has been said and done to us by others to disrupt the rest of our lives it is no one’s fault but our own. Many give all power to the past and those who wronged them. Sad part about it is many of those people who wronged you are dead in the grave or have gone on with their lives. Yet many still live a life of self destruction over it, rendering themselves powerless.

I’m not being inconsiderate or insensitive. I’ve personally gone through MANY storms. However, I chose to NOT allow what I’ve gone through to cause me to want to give up on myself or life. People can be ruthless, heartless, and plain cruel. It goes for friends, family  relatives, and others. Many hurt others because of what they’ve gone through. People seem to forget how painful things were when they were going through hell. Far too many have gone on to do the same things to others.

No person has to subject his or herself to a lifetime of misery because of what they’ve gone through in life. You made it through right? If you made it through you can get past it. Too many are held captive not by their minds, but to their minds. It’s all about negative thinking. People hold on to negative memories. They hold those memories inside and allow them to take root in their lives. They water the roots when they continue to re-live the memories on a daily basis in their actions and behaviors.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, today you can move forward from the negativity and stagnation you’ve allowed to overcome and envelop you. None of us can go back to live what we have already lived. Unfortunately many remain stagnant and stuck due to their unwillingness to let things go and move forward. Instead they re-live their painful memories over and over. They turn to lives of crimes, drugs, alcohol. self mutilation, suicidal and homicidal tendencies or the act itself, immortal sexual acts or sex addiction, abuse (giving or receiving), and the list goes on. It’s easier to live with the familiarity of misery then to move forward and make a lasting change, because change means putting in the time and effort to make it happen. Many do nothing but complain. They choose to continue living their lifelong pity party.

Many become content with their lives. Some will say “you think I want to be this way or I don’t want to be this way.” I say YES YOU DO. When you’re seriously tired of being the way you are you will make a change. Unfortunately many will continue to subject themselves to destructive ways of life. A lot of them blame EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but fail to take ownership and responsibility of their own lives, actions, and behaviors.

A person who doesn’t choose to move towards change is a person who is content and comfortable with their life. If you’re comfortable don’t complain. You have a choice to change, question is will you?