I found someone I know well in a dilemma that she willfully put herself in. It made me want to write about it and other things people are constantly doing, despite of the drama it causes. Many of the posts I have written are related in some sense or another. It’s because I’m trying to encourage, empower, motivate, or provide some type of knowledge. I talk relentlessly about things, but I realize no matter how much I write about it, many will not get it and many will not care or change their ways.

This is to my sister’s of all nationalities and ages. If you take in a guy who can’t rub two pennies together and who don’t have motivation or ambition to do anything; that is your fault. Don’t cry and complain because you’re pulling all of the weight. You cannot get water from a dry well. The fact that he’s cute and good in bed is neither here nor there. If you’re with someone yet you’re going around asking people for money because you’re short on your bills, that’s your fault and it’s a shame. You put yourself in that situation. Don’t be mad at anyone when they don’t want to help you support someone who isn’t doing anything for you and who is only taking from you. You can’t get anywhere if you continue to let someone hold you back and take everything you have and have worked to get. Get your act together and understand that if you don’t care what you let someone do to you, they won’t care what they do. A real man will love and care for his woman, not use her.

a. You’re moving in scums and bums! Some of you are moving in known sex offenders and abusers. Please stop this nonsense!

#2. My sister’s you do not have to show all that you have in order to be attractive or sexy. You don’t have to walk around in skin tight clothes or clothes that reveal everything you have IN ORDER to be considered attractive. You don’t have to have your boobs hanging out for everyone to see, we all know you have them. I don’t care how beautiful a woman is, if she has to do all of this, she clearly has issues. I don’t care how confident a woman CLAIMS to be, by doing this her actions shows something else. She’s trying to make a statement which goes beyond self confidence. In truth she has insecurities. Some of you may not agree and that’s fine. No woman has to reveal all she has to show how attractive she is and in fact a woman of true confidence will also have self respect. She knows she doesn’t have to dress in that way. Take it or leave, the choice is yours.

a. Men some of you dress no better. Your pants hanging down off of your butt isn’t attractive AT ALL! No one wants to see the crack of your butt. It’s nasty and disgusting.

#3 Men and women. If you’re in a relationship, whether married or not, you shouldn’t be trying to get into a relationship on the side. Men and women who are still going off of the deep end because of how someone looks (booty, boobs, body; period) are very shallow and immature. To mess up what you have over a piece of butt is plain stupid. If you’re not happy at home then leave, but STOP cheating. Grow up! Stop committing knowing full well you’re not ready to do so. Those of you who are married, if you’re not ready to be a faithful spouse stop saying I DO, when you know YOU DON’T! You know you wouldn’t want to be cheated on, so why do you cheat? It’s a sign that you have issues within yourself that you need to work out and until you do, STOP messing with the hearts of those you claim to love. It’s obvious you don’t love yourself. If you don’t know how to love yourself, you can’t be the person you should be to your significant other. A cheater will cheat no matter how good his or her significant other are.

#4 Men and women. You CAN’T change anyone no matter how much you love them, how much you try, or how much you pray or wish they would change. Stop getting into relationships; putting up with straight bull, because you think you have the power to change your significant other. YOU DON’T! Trust me your love isn’t enough. A person may choose to change, but it will be either because they will do it temporarily or they have realized it’s time they change. Either way it will be their decision NOT yours. When will you learn? Most of you end up heartbroken and in unhappy relationships.

#5 Men and women. Stop allowing yourselves to be mistreated and abused. Stop making excuses for the actions of those who supposedly love you. Stop making excuses for why you accept this type of treatment. It is not love and nothing and no one is worth it! A person who can’t be by his or herself is an unhappy person. Deal with yourself and the issues plaguing you which has caused you to constantly find yourselves in unhealthy relationships. People can see weaknesses in others and they will prey on you. An abuser  will do what they have to do to get you and once they do that’s it. They’re queens and kings of manipulation. They are clever! Many people find themselves in situations they didn’t plan on being in. People keep finding themselves in these types of situations when signs of who the other person was were shown long before their relationships got serious. Yet people choose to continue in these unhealthy relationships. The next thing they know they’re in situations they can no longer handle. Many lives have been lost due to bad decisions to remain in abusive relationships. Sadly people are still doing it. Why? It’s because of inner issues they need to deal with. People are so desperate for love they are willing to put up with any and everything to include all forms of abuse. LOVE IS NOT BLIND, PEOPLE ARE!

#6 . Let go of what is no longer happening to you. If someone has hurt you but you’re no longer going through that situation; let it go. People are continuing to be affected because consciously or subconsciously they’re holding on to whatever happened. Years continue to go by, but many of you are still in the same frame of mind. You’ve sabotaged your lives and relationships with others. Many of you are cursing God over your unwillingness to forgive, let go, and move on. You’re bitter, angry, and upset over something that is over. It is you who is hurting you by refusing to let go of what is done and over. I know there was pain, but what you’re feeling are residuals of the memories you refuse to let go of. I know I’ve been there! Things can change if you would be willing to forgive those who’ve hurt you and forgive yourself for holding on to unnecessary pain. It’s your choice to make. I pray you make it and stop ruining your lives, the lives of the children you’re bringing into this world, and the lives of others around you.

I can go on for days, but I won’t. God’s will; it’s about to be 2015. I challenge you to look at your lives. If you’re still going through the same stuff, dealing with the same situations, or in the same ole mess, IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! First I recommend Jesus. If you can give scums and bums a chance; surely you can give the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords one. If you can look for love in all of the wrong places; surely you can try looking in the right place for once; which is to God and His Son Jesus! Trust, Him, try Him! He will teach you how to love yourself and then you will be in better frames of mind to love others. You’ll no longer allow and accept all of the nonsense you’ve willfully allowed into your lives. That’s my prayer for you, you, and you!