So many of you are messing up your relationships because of not being able to get pass what you’ve gone through with someone else. You get into relationships, but you don’t know how to treat the one you’re with. Stop dragging the baggage of your last relationship into your current one. Matter of fact, if you’re still messed up over any prior relationship you SHOULDN’T be in another one right now. Too many people get out of messed up relationships without giving themselves enough time to heal. Instead they drag all of the junk right on into their next relationships.

It’s not fair that you’re treating the one you’re with as if he/she done to you what the last person has done to you. It’s not fair that you can’t trust the one you’re with, because of trust issues in your last relationship. It’s unfair that the one you’re with is having to deal with the residual affects of issues you’ve endured in your previous relationship. Although it may have been bad it was you who signed up for it. Sadly many have a chance to get out of bad situations, but many choose to stay. So stop mistreating the one you’re with or the one who cares about you and want to be with you, because of issues of your past.

Then there are some of you who are too afraid to love again. You’re lonely, but you’re allowing fear to keep you in a fearful state of mind. By doing this, you may miss your blessed man/woman of God; from God.

Stop allowing bitterness to keep you from loving again. Learn from any past bad decisions that you made. None of us are ever victims of unhealthy relationships no matter how bad; because we willfully choose to get in them and stay in them.

A new year is approaching fast. Please let go of all the things that you’re allowing to hold you back. You can’t move forward if you’re still dragging alone your past. No one wants to be or should have to be the one to suffer because you can’t let go of your past issues. If you’re still affected by a past relationship this means you need to take a look at the man/woman in the mirror.

Look around you; the past isn’t there, it’s behind you and gone forever. It’s you who’s holding on to it. Let go! Stop allowing it to ruin your present and your future. Don’t go into the New Year with the same negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of this past year. It’s up to you. My prayer for you is that you let go and let God! Step out on faith, move forward so you can become the best you possible. Do not go into the New Year the same way you’re leaving the old. Blessings to you, you, and you!!