I pray that each and everyone who’s reading this post make a conscious decision to release all of the things that have held you back. I pray whatever or whoever you’ve given your power to that you take it back! It is completely up to you. You can make a change in your life, but you must want to. No one should settle for unhappiness and misery, because no one has to.

Stop crying and complaining about things, because change starts with you and it begins as soon as you make the decision to change. Take back the control over your life.

Too many people are living depressed, suicidal, homicidal, trying to hold on to someone who has let them go and don’t want to be with them, feeling stuck and trapped, addicted to drugs and alcohol, in bad unfulfilling relationships, and the list goes on and on. They’re too afraid to change. To change you must first want to change and understand that it takes consistency and effort. Many people don’t want to because they don’t want to take the time to do so. They feel more content with constant unhappiness (no matter what it is), then to embrace change. Some of it is out of fear and some is simply because people don’t want to put forth the effort. In my opinion, both are excuses.

Many are very dissatisfied with their lives, yet they’re doing nothing to make a change. Too many of you are depending on someone you love (significant other) for your happiness and because of it you’re miserable because you’re with someone who don’t want to be with you or someone who mistreats you.

Many are stuck in the past without understanding what is holding them back are the memories of their pasts, Memories that they’re holding on to, not the past itself. We all came from our past none of us can get around that fact. However, no matter how tragic, no one has to continue to be held captive in their mind due to their past. That’s where it is; in your mind (your thought processes). Let it go and move on. You can do it if you want to. Stop ruining your life over something that is no longer happening to you. When you’re prisoner to your past it’s of your own free will. It’s all about choice.

None of us has to remain prisoner to what we’ve gone through. If something has you bound, then it means you’ve made yourself prisoner it (no matter what or who it is). It’s like you’ve become a slave to it. You’re trapped and will not be free until you make the decision to let it go and move on. Learn to forgive, learn to let go, and learn to love yourself. A person who truly loves his or herself will NOT allow anyone or anything to drain them of their power and control.

I pray that you give God and His Son Jesus a try. However, if you don’t believe and choose not to give Him a try it is your choice. No matter what your decision may be, I pray that you find peace in 2015. Please don’t go into 2015 with the same mindset, the same negativity, and the same excuses for not changing. Have a blessed New Year!