This post is for any man or woman who’s in a relationship with someone whose in another relationship with someone else at the same time. As I ALWAYS say; people do to you exactly what you allow. We show people how to treat us when we continue to be their doormats (in some form or another). If we take it they’ll dish it out.

I want you to understand something; if you’re in a relationship with your significant other and he or she claims to love you, yet there is someone else in the picture; it’s a lie. The reason I say it’s a lie is because no one can love two. They may think they can, but they cannot.

Both women and men need to STOP getting involved with individuals who are already in relationships. It’s selfish and demeaning to yourself to do so. You will be strung along as long as you allow. The person who is stringing you alone don’t love you or his or her significant other. They may have feelings for you both, but the ONLY one they love is his or herself. It is him or her who’s getting the satisfaction they seek. If you’re on the receiving end you’re only a pawn in their scheme of lies. You’re being used.

There are times when I know the truth isn’t known. What I mean is this; people get involved with someone but don’t really know the person is in a relationship with someone else. I believe the reason they don’t know is because they’re completely led by their hearts. Too much has to happen to keep up this façade and when people are lead by their hearts they will miss the big picture (the truth). They will see signs of the truth, but they won’t face it. They will go along with him or her even though they see signs of untruth.

People in these types of relationships are lied to, brought, used, completely disrespected, etc. They are missing the “big picture.”  The one on the outside who’s foolishly involved in the relationship may be in love with the user, but the user certainly isn’t in love with him or her. They are emotionally involved, but it’s not love.

Love is gentle, patient, honest, selfless, giving, loyal, dedicated, kind, etc. It is not lies, cheating, irresponsible, self gratification, sneaking, lustful, etc. etc. If someone loves you, they will love you and no other woman or man. He or she will be loyal to you and you alone. He or she wouldn’t dare bring someone else into the relationship to defile it. Those who do are selfish and immature. They are out to please his or herself and are not thinking about the devastation they bring to their current relationships.

People must have self respect when they do they will then respect other people and other people’s relationships. They won’t go there. If a man or woman gives you excuses about why they’re still with someone or why they aren’t happy at home; let it go into one ear and straight out the other! Don’t fall for it, because the fact remains THEY ARE STILL IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Period!! If they’re still in their current relationship and approaching someone else, they are playing a game. They are a liar and they CANNOT be trusted.

STOP being led by your hearts and loins. If someone is already in a relationship they are OFF LIMITS to everyone else. I don’t care how many lies of misery they tell. Their looks, what they have, or the position they hold shouldn’t tempt you to fall into their trap. They are OFF limits!! All they will bring into your life is pain and heartache. You will find yourself sad and in an unhappy place and it will be your fault, because you accepted it. If you didn’t know in the beginning but found out later, yet continued to stay in the relationship it’s still your fault. It’s your fault because you can’t control what he or she does, you can only control yourself, yet your choice was to stay.

Millions don’t want to accept the truth. The reason people don’t like the truth is because they don’t want to hear it. They want to keep doing what they do without any repercussions. They lack self respect, mental/spiritual maturity, and a host of other things.

People who are getting into other relationships while knowing he or she’s in a current one doesn’t care about anyone but his or herself UNTIL they’re caught. When a decision must be made this is when who they care most about comes to the surface. Oftentimes it’s their significant other and other times it’s the other person. Then there are those who will get caught and lie to the end or say they’re sorry and that it’s over, but as soon as the smoke clears they will start doing the same thing over again.

No one can love two at the same time. They’re in  self denial to think so. The thought of it alone is enough to show this type of person is all about his or herself. They will bring drama into the lives of all involved in the relationship. Don’t be a partaker of this mess!

Blessings to you and you!



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