When you’re in a relationship and there’s constant discord, this is very unhealthy. Too many individuals are focused on trying to change their partners when they need to worry about changing themselves.

You can’t change your significant other it’s pointless trying. They must want to change on their own. Many of you know exactly what you got before you got deep into your relationships, now you want the person to change. You fight over things your significant others do although they’re doing what they’ve done since day one. It’s no surprise! The only difference is you’ve made deeper commitments and now you want something different from him or her.

Some of you fight in front of your children and then you wonder why they’re so angry or rebellious. Please understand the influences you have over your young children. All of the fighting interferes with your children’s (those of you who have them) psyche and stages of development. Children don’t know how to process this behavior and it’s not fair to them to have to deal with it. If you can’t handle it how do you think a child can handle it?

If you really love one another and simply don’t know how to communicate there are many avenues to seek help. Communication is necessary from the start. When couples don’t have effective communication they have all sorts of problems. It doesn’t only cause problem for the couple but for everyone in the household, especially when it’s out of control.

Some couples take their fighting to the streets airing all of their dirty laundry. This is so bad. It is also very immature. People are waiting to see you acting foolish in public. Stop fighting, grow up, and learn how to effectively communicate. To do so benefits everyone in the home.