In the beginning of many relationships people are on a high. They’re in what they think is love. For some it may be love for many it isn’t. One mistake among many made early in relationships is people have the tendency of “spilling all their beans” and the soup the beans were cooked in (everything).

It’s not about starting a relationship with lies, but you have to have sense enough to know what is and isn’t important for your significant other to know. Now if it’s something that could possibly affect him or her in any way then yes; you should tell it. However, some of you talk like your mouths have diarrhea. You think because you love him or her that it’s cool to tell all the details of your prior relationships and other parts of your lives. There are some things you shouldn’t tell your significant other, because honestly, it’s not their business and it has nothing to do with your current relationship.

Most people feel too much too quickly and are normally going by feelings and emotions. You tell all of your business and then when your significant other holds it against you FOREVER, the only thing you can say is “why do you keep throwing it up in my face this was way before our time?” You’re EXACTLY right and it’s why you should have kept your lips together.

Women seem to be more guilty of this then men, but men are guilty too. The difference is men tend to hold on to what they hear for a very long time. It’s hard for a lot of men to let it go. A lot of men allow these things to ruin their relationships because they can’t get past what they’ve learned about their significant others. Women can sometimes take things a little better, at least they pretend too. They’re more focused on the love they feel then what they’ve been told. They can let it go and move on, but some men simply cannot let it go.

There is also something to say about people who can’t let go of what they’ve learned about their significant others. These are people who have insecurities they’re finding hard to let go of and hearing things they didn’t necessarily need to know intensifies their insecurities. These types of people find it hard to trust and their insecurities keep them on the edge about a lot of things. There are constant issues surrounding these types of individuals. Their insecurities didn’t start after hearing what their significant others shared, they had them long before meeting their significant others. In other words it’s baggage brought into the relationship.

The moral of this post is stop telling things you don’t need to be telling. You think you’re doing a good deed, but it will more than likely come back to haunt you. Many can’t take what they’re told, so before you open your mouth to share something that has NOTHING to do with your current relationship you best be prepared for the consequences of your actions, because you will have to face them.