There are many people who constantly find themselves in the exact same types of relationships. I know many who have broken up with significant others only to go right back into other bad relationships. You won’t ever change your situation without making the decision to change you. You will continue to ride the merry-go-round you have created for yourself. The reason many people have the tendency to this is because they don’t learn from previous bad decisions. They still have maturing to do.

A person who doesn’t take time in between break-ups to be alone, is someone who doesn’t have a clue about love. These types of people have problems with being alone. Instead of being alone they’d rather jump into other bad relationships. They try and try to make it work, but it doesn’t. There’s constant chaos. This isn’t love. You’ll never make a change until you acknowledge that a change needs to be made. These types of people are desperately seeking love, when they don’t understand love at all.

If you’re this type of person, it’s time you learn who you are as an individual. Work on you! You’ll never be in a happy relationship, because you’re not happy with yourself. You’re looking for something in someone that you yourself don’t have. You keep getting involved with people who are often as messed up and confused about life as you are and it’s why you’re constantly in and out of bad relationships. You’re always being lead by your emotions; which causes you to ONLY see what you want to see.

First learn how to love yourself. If you TRULY love yourself you will be very careful as to who you allow in your life. You won’t be so eager and desperate to find love. When it’s time, love will find you. If you’re always getting caught up in emotions over the first person you meet you won’t ever experience real love.

Step back and look at your life. If you’re in the same place as a year or more ago and you’re STILL unhappy; that’s a RED FLAG. Your life is like a revolving door. Around and around you go. You’re doing the same things and you’re doing it the exact same way! Can’t you see this is true? Abort the mission to find love until you can first love yourself and understand what love is and what it is not. Knowing who you are and loving yourself empowers you with the capability to understand love, know how to give, and know how to receive love.

You start by making the decision to change you!