I’ve wrote a little on this before, but I will write a little more in depth about it. In today’s sanctuaries people are seriously missing the mark. I won’t say Christians, because we all know there are many who have a “form of Godliness,” but are living something opposite. People use the term Christian like they use I Love You. They profess it but their actions say something else. There are many who go to church strictly out of tradition. People must get it together, because this form of tradition will not save you or get you a seat in the Kingdom. If people want to one day see Jesus, they must be born again and live their lives holy and acceptable unto God.

People go to church faithfully. Some work in their churches while others just go faithfully. They’re faithful to their choirs, paying tithes, honoring the leaders, etc. etc. However, their relationships with God is nonexistent. I know people get tired of hearing me talk about it, but it’s my duty to write about it and speak about it. Going to church out of tradition stunts people’s spiritual growth. A person won’t progress and grow spiritually if they don’t get a personal relationship with Jesus. “The only way to the Father is through the Son.”

Many are so wrapped up in what man thinks of them. They don’t want to miss a service, because they’re going out of tradition and to be pleasing to man. They feel it’s the right thing to do and they feel obligated. Yet they live something else. They’re holy on Sunday, but don’t give God any time on other days. Actually they’re not giving Him time on Sunday, they’re giving it to the Pastors of their churches. It is their leaders they praise and worship. They have put on forms of Godliness, because it’s acceptable by man, but it’s not acceptable by or to God.

There is so much evil going on in this world. People are committing horrible acts (killing their children, children are killing their parents, killing family members, and others) over meaningless things. The value of life means nothing to many. People are seeing signs in the skies and experiencing supernatural things, yet they don’t understand what it means. They want to come up with logical reasons, without understanding the Bible speaks of these things happening. There is a lot worse to come. In other words the Bible is being fulfilled. Yet, it’s still not enough for people to change their ways.

I pray no soul is lost. It’s each individual’s choice as to where they choose to live eternity. People do what they do because they don’t believe God is real. If they truly believed they would live differently. It’s sad, because many will lose their souls on that great day. I pray that it won’t be you. Please understand your faithfulness of attending church will not do. People must get out of their in-grained traditions and get personal relationships with our Creator and then begin to live a holy life before their chances come to an end. Not wanting to give up this mean ole nasty world is going to cause many to spend eternity in hell.

I know a lot of people get tired of hearing about Jesus, but IF you do it’s because you’re not where you need to be in Him or you don’t know Him at all. I will share with the world until I leave this world.