Many of you must stop allowing people to block your progress. When a person allows others to limit them to a point where they’re unable to show their true potential this is a problem. A person who allows this has some issues they need to face such as a lack of confidence and self esteem. Stop being afraid. Stop standing in the shadow of others. God has given us all gifts and talents. No one can have yours and you can’t have another person’s.

Stop being afraid to step out. Stop being afraid to dream and move towards your goals. People try to limit you for many reasons such as jealousy, envy, sad, unhappy, depressed etc about their own lives. They see something in you and they’re afraid of what you may accomplish. They will try to make you think what you want is unattainable. They will say discouraging things, they will act disinterested, and oftentimes they’re unsupportive. Don’t lose sight of your dreams!

There are also those who are afraid of letting go. They try to keep you at a place you really don’t want to be so that you can remain in arm’s reach. This can sometimes kill your ambition. Don’t let people do this to you. Just as a person who allows this to happen has issues, any person who tries to block another person’s progress has issues else well.

There are many situations where people don’t show their true abilities and potential. They know they’re being hated on for whatever reason, so they try to remain low key. Stop it! Don’t let no one prevent you from giving your all every chance you get. Don’t continue to stand in the shadows. Step out and let your light shine!



    • Yes you do have to gain self confidence, this way you will know, accept, and understand your worth. No matter how much people smile in your face, everyone isn’t in your corner; this sadly includes both family and friends. People try to hold you back, because a lot of them are afraid of your possibilities. Never let anyone keep you from being the best you that you can be. No matter what don’t ever be afraid to progress, grow, and prosper.

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