Many of you are sitting around still contemplating doing something you’ve wanted to do for years. It has been a thought you’ve pondered over for years. You’re allowing fear to overcome you and shadow your dreams with disbelief and doubt. This is what happens to many people.

When you continue to allow fear to keep you from accomplishing something you’ve wanted to do it means you have no faith in yourself. You’re too afraid to put one foot in front of the other to set your dreams into motion. Nothing is stopping you but you!

Change is good, but it is oftentimes a little scary to us. Although you may be apprehensive please stop allowing fear to keep you in a place wishing for something else. As long as you have breath in your body you have to opportunity to achieve whatever goal you want. It’s up to you.

No one ever accomplished a mission by doing nothing! Today is a new day, it’s another chance you have been given. Stop going day in and out merely desiring to do this or that and never having the courage to  move towards whatever it is you want.

You will have those who will be against you moving towards something you desire to achieve, but that’s life. Allow no one or nothing to stop you from reaching your highest potential. It’s in you and it’s up to you to make it happen.

Don’t allow anyone to push you into their dream, because it’s not yours. Don’t allow anyone to push you away from your dream, because it belongs to you! You know the saying “if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.”

No more what if’s. Today is your chance; go for it! To achieve all you have to do is believe! I truly believe this to be true. Don’t do it for NO ONE, but you! I pray that you no longer stand in your own way! Blessings to you!!



I already know a lot of people will be mad about this, but I don’t apologize for the truth. I also know you will say I’m judging and although it’s not true, say what you want. When a person tells the truth it will affect people. When people feel the sting of the truth they will feel some kind of way about it and oftentimes they will say they’re being judged. I’m not the judge, but it is my duty to spread the truth, like it or not. IF NOT; I’m charged just like everyone else.

What I’m seeing in many of the churches today is mockery and shame in the eyes of God. The things some leaders are doing today is not in line with God. They have brainwashed their flocks. People of today are poisoned by the words of man and not equipped or empowered by the WORD of God. They’re in church CLEARLY praising and worshipping their leaders.

There are leaders up in the pulpits cursing, sexing members of their congregation, preaching everything about the world, but aren’t teaching or preaching the true Word of God. Instead they’re preaching watered down versions of what they want the people to know. People are lost and confused for several reasons the main one is because they’re straddling the fence. Many aren’t even on the fence; going to church is like going to the movies or a sporting event. They go for entertainment and they go faithfully! Most go out of pure tradition. Those that are straddling the fence are straddled for one reason only. THEY DO NOT FULLY BELIEVE IN THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. If they did their lives would be different and they definitely wouldn’t be straddled the fence.

They’re lost and confused because they do not know God and His Son Jesus for themselves. They only know what they’ve heard. When this is the case, a person is liable to follow anyone and fall for anything. You must get to know Him for yourselves and get into a daily walk with Him (the Word, prayer, praise, and worship). If you don’t know Him for yourself the world always seems to look more enticing than what it is, but it’s the trick of the enemy. To give it up seems like a tragedy, but what people don’t understand is to NOT give it up WILL be a tragedy.

The world is shocked when they see and hear all of the foolishness leaders all over the world are doing. It’s not shocking to me, but it is sad. Not only sad because they’re leading the people astray, but because they’re mocking God and condemning their lives to hell IF they don’t make a change.

Today it’s about power and greed; leader’s are lead by the mighty dollar! Churches have ATM’s, café’s, bookstores, and other things inside of the church. It may be in the foyer, but it’s still inside of the building. Don’t leaders know this is wrong? God Himself turned over tables and made a big deal over it when He saw people selling etc in the temple.  These leaders are making it all about money. They’ve lost sight of the truth and their good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Well, let me back up. Some NEVER had the right intentions from the start; because for them it started out being about money.

This is why you see many leaders doing things unbecoming of a men and women of God. They’re leading their flocks, but they don’t even know who they are or to whom they serve. They’re just as blind and lost as their flocks. The Bible says “how can the blind lead the blind, lest they both fall into the ditch.”

I’m not saying none of us are perfect, but what I am saying is IF you are TRULY a new creature everything about you will change (your spiritual walk, talk, thoughts, overall presentation, dress, etc). Why, because your heart and mind will become on one accord. You will not be the same, you can’t be the same, and you wouldn’t want to be the same. Will temptations come, YES it will. It is the devil’s job and desire to lead God’s people astray, but the more you grow the stronger you become and the more you will place God at the forefront of all you do. This makes you better equipped to resist the devil and make him flee. He will try and try, but if you stay strong and rooted in the Word of God and adopt that daily fellowship with Him, you will be able to stand any and all tests.

Many leaders don’t want to give up this world just like a lot of their flocks don’t want to give it up. So they stand in their pulpits preaching what they want to in order to keep their people in brainwashed states of minds and submission. They give just enough to make the people feel that they’re a part of something special. Many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who don’t know God for themselves will and are falling for everything their leaders say and do.

Oftentimes the discretions of leaders are revealed to the public, but their congregations uphold their wrong. They’re not being held accountable and it’s why they go right on to do other things against God. They feel VERY powerful and untouchable. The part about this that breaks my heart is the fact how people persecuted, condemned, beat, and murdered Jesus for doing wonderful marvelous works, yet the world upholds all of the mess some of their leaders are doing today. It makes no sense. This is because people praise and worship man and not the Creator.

Leaders aren’t teaching about demonic spirits, spiritual attachments (which aren’t always demonic, but they can be aggravating to the physical body). They aren’t teaching hell damnation, soul salvation and living holy, or becoming and remaining a new creature. They’re teaching a lot of building up your material homes and possessions. When you die you take NOTHING with you. I don’t care what they put in the casket with you or on you; you can’t take it with you. “From dust you came and from it you will return.”

I believe the reason leader’s don’t teach these things is because they don’t believe in them no more than they believe in the existence of God or they’re afraid of it. They fear demons, etc, but don’t believe in God (makes no sense). If they believed they  would be doing, teaching, and preaching differently. It’s okay to teach your flock how to become the best individuals they can be in all areas of their lives. However, when how to prosper in a way to gain material possessions or worldly statuses is the ONLY thing or the MOST important things being taught, SOMETHING IS WRONG. The Bible says “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.”   But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth, nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.  (Matthews 6:19 & 20).

If you’re not doing the right thing here on earth. you’ll fail to set yourself up for these things in heaven, you CAN’T blame anyone but YOU! Following the leaders and being lead wrong is a decision made by YOU! People must pray for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge so the blinders can be removed from their eyes. A person has to have a sense of right and wrong, when they don’t they’re likely to be like a leaf in the wind, they will follow what sounds and looks good to them and not necessarily what is right or wrong according to the word of God.

I’m not perfect, but I NEVER use it as an excuse to do something I know isn’t right. I’m not that person I used to be. I don’t do those things I once done and have no desire to do so. I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am also aware of those belonging to others. The Bible says “to try the spirit by the spirit.” If you’re truly on the Lord’s side and living holy, you don’t look at people totally with the nature eye, the spiritual eye is always seeing beyond the natural, because of the Holy Spirit that dwells within. It comes naturally.

I know people get sick of hearing or reading about me talking about Jesus. It is my duty and the duty of any person who claims to love the Lord and is on His side; to sow seeds. As seeds are planted, it’s each individual’s choice as to what they will do with those seeds. They can cultivate them and let them grow or they can let them wither up and die. The choice is always yours to make.



Today I want to spend a little time on a touchy subject for some of you. I talked a little bit on something similar a couple of weeks ago, but I think it’s necessary to talk about this particular subject today. You may or may not agree, I’m simply putting it out there. Some of you are bitter, sad, and broken hearted over someone who left you. Many of you are mad at the person they left you for. Understand this one thing: NO ONE can take your man or woman from you UNLESS they want to go. When they choose to go or IF they want to go, LET THEM!!

I can understand how you can be upset and it’s okay, don’t stay there. Don’t allow your emotions to put you in a bad place or situation. Stop holding on to bitter feelings, emotions, and thoughts. If it’s over let it go and continue on with life. The problem for many is you want to hold on to someone who let you go emotionally a long time ago. Then when they physically walk away you’re devastated over something you should have seen coming.

Sometimes a person’s significant other may leave them for someone they knew. If this happens he or she still left because they wanted too. Everyone who says they’re your friend IS NOT! No matter the situation and no matter who; no one can take your significant other from you without them wanting to go.

Many people want to say they didn’t see it coming, etc. Lies!!!! When people don’t want to face the truth this is when they lose focus and oftentimes their way when relationships end. Give no one or nothing this type of power over you. If you do it’s not their fault it’s yours for allowing it.

I honestly believe one of the most major mistakes people make is when they give all of their being to another person. When you do this you have given someone something that doesn’t belong to them (power over you). The only person who deserves every single part of you is the Creator of all of us, because we all belong to Him. If you don’t believe in the Creator that’s your prerogative. This is simply my belief. It’s wonderful to love and to be in love but when you are blind in the midst of that love you often set yourself up for a fall. I’m calling it the way I’ve seen it over and over again.

Moral to this short post is if they left you, it’s because they wanted too. That other person didn’t take them away from you, your significant other left of their own free will. Stop beating yourself up and live. You only have one life to live, please don’t live it being in an unhappy state of mind. Joy belongs to you.

Peace and love!!



Yes you read it correctly. Too many people don’t value themselves as individuals and it is why they’re treated so badly by their significant others and other people. As I mentioned in many earlier posts; many people are desperate for love.

First of all IF and WHEN you’re desperate for love this is the FIRST sign you need to re-evaluate your life. Nothing is wrong with wanting to be loved by someone special. However, when you’re doing any and everything to receive this love, this is a sign something is wrong. I’ve said it once, twice, and will continue to say/write it. People are forever seeking love in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways.

I don’t care how many times individuals have seen people get their lives taken or get seriously hurt by those who supposedly loved them; individuals will continue to get into and stay in unhealthy relationships. They will continue to be mistreated and disrespected. They will continue to be de-valued in the name of what they think is love.

These types of people are always going through the same type of situations with similar type people. The end results are also similar, but this still isn’t enough for them to realize they have unresolved issues they need to deal with. Instead they keep living their lives as if it’s a resolving door.

All I want to say is; before you can truly love someone you must first love yourself. You must value and respect yourself. When you don’t people you allow into your life will treat you how you treat yourself; oftentimes worse. If you don’t respect yourself whoever you’re with will not respect you. You’ll never have the love you deserve if you don’t first know how to love yourself or know what real love involves.

What you receive is exactly what you allow. You deserve the best! It’s time to value who you are as a person. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or gone through you can make a change right now. The choice is yours. Love you first and the rest will come.

Peace and love!!