Today I want to spend a little time on a touchy subject for some of you. I talked a little bit on something similar a couple of weeks ago, but I think it’s necessary to talk about this particular subject today. You may or may not agree, I’m simply putting it out there. Some of you are bitter, sad, and broken hearted over someone who left you. Many of you are mad at the person they left you for. Understand this one thing: NO ONE can take your man or woman from you UNLESS they want to go. When they choose to go or IF they want to go, LET THEM!!

I can understand how you can be upset and it’s okay, don’t stay there. Don’t allow your emotions to put you in a bad place or situation. Stop holding on to bitter feelings, emotions, and thoughts. If it’s over let it go and continue on with life. The problem for many is you want to hold on to someone who let you go emotionally a long time ago. Then when they physically walk away you’re devastated over something you should have seen coming.

Sometimes a person’s significant other may leave them for someone they knew. If this happens he or she still left because they wanted too. Everyone who says they’re your friend IS NOT! No matter the situation and no matter who; no one can take your significant other from you without them wanting to go.

Many people want to say they didn’t see it coming, etc. Lies!!!! When people don’t want to face the truth this is when they lose focus and oftentimes their way when relationships end. Give no one or nothing this type of power over you. If you do it’s not their fault it’s yours for allowing it.

I honestly believe one of the most major mistakes people make is when they give all of their being to another person. When you do this you have given someone something that doesn’t belong to them (power over you). The only person who deserves every single part of you is the Creator of all of us, because we all belong to Him. If you don’t believe in the Creator that’s your prerogative. This is simply my belief. It’s wonderful to love and to be in love but when you are blind in the midst of that love you often set yourself up for a fall. I’m calling it the way I’ve seen it over and over again.

Moral to this short post is if they left you, it’s because they wanted too. That other person didn’t take them away from you, your significant other left of their own free will. Stop beating yourself up and live. You only have one life to live, please don’t live it being in an unhappy state of mind. Joy belongs to you.

Peace and love!!



  1. LOL how about sluts not allowing their emotions to overcome their honour? I have been approached by a married man. My response is not to be flattered or find fault with his wife or marriage, only with him. Eww why would I want a man to cheat with me? What would that make him? What would it make me?

    His wife on the other hand can hold her head high and think whatever she pleases of cheats and their sluts.

    You have the judgment backwards. Of course.

    • First of all I’m not judging. I agree with your first statement 100% and I’ve expressed it in previous post (not exactly with those words of course, but I get it). When I say don’t let your emotions keep you in a bad place, I mean don’t be so bitter you can’t move forward (regardless of the what, because the only person you can do something about is yourself). Nothing more, nothing less. If you resist kudos to you. It is absolutely possible to resist temptation (it’s a choice), because when an individual cheats with someone who is taken, it says a lot about the both individuals. So you’re exactly right why would you want to cheat with a cheater (it makes you a cheater too and no better than the one you’re cheating with)? Unfortunately MANY don’t resist. Emotions get people every time, because emotions can cause people to be blind by the truth when their emotions aren’t in check. It doesn’t matter if you’re the person one who cheats, the one who’s cheating with the person, or the person who’s being cheated on. Thanks for your comment!!!

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