Negative thoughts can come from a million things. I believe predominately it begins in childhood. When people don’t deal with their issues they grow older, but they don’t mature and develop healthily. They get older, but maturely they fail to progress. It’s why you see so many make the same mistakes over and over. It’s also why you see people make bad decisions or do the unthinkable. Their actions comes from the negativity they hold inside making them into who’ve they’ve become. IE: (angry, bitter, raged, desperate, evil, devious, malicious, depressed, suicidal, homicidal, plain confused about life, mean, seeking self gratification at any cost, manipulative, addicted to substances – sex- and other things, etc, etc) and a host of other things.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and I’ll mention it in this one. Every single thing we do starts with a thought. Although people may not talk about it, who they really are (yet try so hard to hide/contain) and what they feel is shown through their actions/decisions they make. Most people think they’re good at hiding it, but oftentimes then not it will show at some point in their bad decisions. You can pretend for only so long, before the truth shows up in some form or another.

People hold on to negative thoughts for years without understanding what they’re doing or without realizing how it is destroying their lives. They continue to go through the same things and make the same mistakes; with no understanding as to why they’re doing it.

These negative thoughts fester and lay dormant, the whole while people lives are being destroyed without individual’s understanding why. It’s because they hold on to things that have hurt them instead of learning something from their experiences and moving on. People are emotional because of the pains they’ve endured; which keeps them in unhealthy places in their lives (mentally, spiritually, and physically).

No matter how tragic a person’s life may have been life doesn’t stop for tragedy, it continues to move. People continue to drag  memories of those unfortunate events in their lives carrying the thoughts and feelings in and out of relationships and other situations. This behavior sabotages and destroy lives.

None of us can change what happened to us in our pasts, but we can change how we allow it to affect us in our here and now and ultimately our futures. Many continue to embrace the negativity as if they’re prospering from it. They don’t face their situations and they certainly don’t take into account where they are at in their lives. Instead they keep going in and out of bad situations; all because of what they’ve gone through and how they continue to let it affect them. If you’re an adult with these issues, what do you think you teach your children? The cycle begins all over again. As a parent you may not put our child through what you went through, but how you react to what you’ve gone through will show in your actions and therefore affect your children. This is why you see kids doing the unthinkable and making all types of bad decisions. It’s starts at home.

This doesn’t have to be you. It’s completely your choice to let go of the negativity that has kept you in such a bad place in your life. It’s all in your way of thinking and no one can make the decision to change it but you. In order for change to occur you must first realize that change needs to occur and then make the decision to change. People make life much harder than it has to be, because they continue to pile  junk on top of junk. They complain and cry woe it’s me, but never attempt to face the man in the mirror. Regardless of where it derives from, to live a life time holding on to unnecessary negativity fosters nothing but a life time of pain. No one has to live this way. Unwillingness to change will keep you trapped in the state of mind you’re in thus altering your life forever.

I wrote a poem once titled “Peace Starts Within.” This is true! Your peace belongs to you and it’s there for the taking, but if you give power to people or things it is those people and things that will rob you of your peace. We aren’t born this way, we learn these behaviors through the power we give others and the power we give to things over our lives. Individuals want to blame everyone else for the way they are. No matter how unfortunate it may have been you have the power to change. You can release those bad memories/thoughts and stop allowing them to cause you pain today. You’re still in it, because you keep it at the forefront of your mind. You’re holding the negativity near and dear to you when the benefit is absolutely NONE. You’ve learned to become this way. Anything you’ve learned; you can unlearn.

Blessing to each of you!