Here I go again! When individuals get involved with one another it feels good right (that’s because it’s new)? I think this is when some people make all of the wrong decisions. They often move too quickly due to what they’re feeling. They fall over the edge and into what most think is love.

People meet and sparks fly. It’s chemistry, thoughts of “the hook up,” this and that, but hardly ever love. You feel super happy and your mind is full of thoughts of the other person. No one can tell you anything, because your mind is made up about the individual. All you want, feel you need, and your desire is to be with is this individual. You overlook any negativity.

People give of themselves until they often find they’re drained spiritually, mentally, and physically. They do everything they can to please the other person; getting little or nothing in return. These types of individuals are on a high, they ignore things that are evident until it’s too late. They think they’re happy and they will do whatever they can to stay that way UNTIL the same thing that made them laugh it now making them cry. Then and only then is when some will open their eyes and see the truth. Oftentimes by then many are in bad situations; situations they find it difficult to get out of.

The thought of being in love can be profound, but actually being in love is another story. The two are totally different. People take too much in the name of love when it’s not love at all. Many experience infatuations of love, but not love itself. People settle for anything to get something, yet left with nothing. They blindly get into bad situations thinking it’s all good until they later find out it wasn’t what they wanted after all. There are many who are in one-sided relationships. These individuals live on hopes of their significant others changing, when it’s the individual (his or herself) who needs to change. You  can’t change another person unless that person wants to change.

It’s not hard to figure out people if you take the time to do it. However, it’s difficult to do so when you’re completely guided by your emotions and blind to the truth. People willfully put themselves in situations they end up very unhappy with..

What once made you laugh can indeed can later make you cry. True saying!!! It’s a wonderful thing to be in love, but it’s hell when you’re in love by yourself. The other person knows exactly how they feel about you, you won’t see it if you’re caught up in your emotions. Sooner or later the truth will show in their actions. When they show you ONE TIME, that’s enough; so believe it!!!