If you don’t face it, you will continue to do what you’re doing. This post is for anyone out there doing something you THINK you’re getting away with. If you DON’T stop; your transgressions will come to the light.

I don’t know what you’re doing, but I know millions of you are doing things that are VERY wrong. You can move to a new state, city, or country. You can run, but you can’t EVER hide and your mess eventually catches up with you. You can hide from your neighbor but you CAN’T hide from God or from yourself. What’s done in the dark will surface to the light if you don’t stop doing it and sometimes even if you do.

People are so shocked and bewildered when they hear news of individuals doing things seemingly out of character. It’s out of character to you, because you couldn’t read between the lines, didn’t read between the lines, or you ignored what you saw. The truth is always shown to some degree at some point. They weren’t out of character; it’s who they really are and has always been. Only; now they’ve gotten caught. The signs don’t lie and for the millionth time; there are ALWAYS signs.

These individuals are ALWAYS embedded in low and high paying positions; from a gutter cleaner to the white house. They hold  many titles, some have many acronyms behind their names, filthy rich, dirt poor, in the spotlight every day or a celebrity of some sorts, liked by many, appear to have it all together, and a million other things. NONE of it changes the man you see in the mirror. You know who you are and what you are. Your secrets aren’t secrets to God. What you do behind closed doors and what you think is in secret; will be revealed if you don’t change your ways and sometimes they’re still revealed even if you do.

START working on being delivered from the things you’re doing. Things that YOU know are wrong. The ONLY way you can change is by first acknowledging that you NEED to change and facing the man in the mirror. You CANNOT do that by continuing to partake in your mess. You CANNOT do it by denying that you are who you are. No matter how you became what you are; it is what it is and in your heart of hearts YOU know what you do isn’t right. No matter what happened to mold and shape you, the decision to become you was yours to make. People must STOP making excuses for what they are doing and take ownership of the fact that it’s by FREE choice. You could have always made the choice to do differently. Problem is most don’t think they will ever be found out.

Think about how you’d feel if what you’re doing was done to those you love the most; by someone else. You may have gone through something traumatic, I am sorry for you, but that’s reason enough for you NOT to do what you’re doing. Face who you’ve become and deal with it appropriately. You can’t do it by hiding and conniving; thinking because you’re getting over you’re getting by. You’re not!

Many get into positions or situations so they can get in close proximity of people they want to manipulate and prey on. This can be in a physical way (sexually, etc), to steal from, or to do whatever they want to accomplish. When wrestling with personal demons stop setting yourself up for failure, by getting into these positions or situations in thinking no one will suspect you. Well, it’s true, no one may suspect you, but you will be found out sooner or later.

You know EXACTLY who you are. Today if you’re above the dirt and not beneath, this is a chance for you to change who you’ve become in order to be set free. No longer allow the things you’ve held in and hid for so long to keep you prisoner. You can be delivered on today.

I pray that if you don’t know God you get to know Him today, because He knows exactly what you’re doing, it’s NO secret to Him. It’s NO secret that you know what you’re doing is wrong, if you didn’t know it was wrong, you WOULDN’T BE TRYING TO HIDE IT. Right?????????????????????????????????????

The choice to change is yours to make. I pray you make the right one!