We’ve heard this question asked many times. What gets me is the fact that many of the people asking the question NEVER acknowledged God before tragedy struck. However, He’s the one they want to blame when it strikes. Their question is always “where was God?” Is this a fair question coming from people who don’t acknowledge Him? Is it a fair question coming from those who supposedly do acknowledge Him?

He’s there during all of our good times as well as the bad. God is still God; the one who sits high and looks down low. It baffles me when I hear so many people ask this question or when I hear people say they lost their faith, etc. Truth of the matter is you can’t lose something you never had. As people our faith can be tried, but if a person let go of their faith, it was never solid in the first place.

The ONLY trouble free people lie in the cemetery. They are no longer alive and apart of this world. For the rest of us, as long as we breathe we are sure to go in and out of the valleys of life. It’s all a part of life. It doesn’t mean God isn’t there or that He doesn’t care, because He is and He does.

If you believe in the Bible, then you know what changed and why there is both good and evil in this world. If you don’t I challenge you to at least read about it; starting with the first Book (Genesis), which wasn’t applicable to only Adam and Eve at that time, but to all generations to come. Trials and tribulations involves people, their behaviors, and the different tragedies we will at some point experience due to other things. How you perceive and accept any situation determines how you will go through it. It doesn’t matter how horrible it is.

God is there with us through all of our trials, but I personally believe one problem is that many say they believe, but their actions say otherwise. Think about it; if everyone who claimed to believe and love the Lord, truly believed and loved Him, they would lives their lives completely different and this world would be a better place. Unfortunately that’s not the case and in the midst of that there are nonbelievers. Too many are either living on both sides of the fence or they don’t believe at all.

We don’t only face tragedies, trials, and tribulations because of other people, but also due to unfortunate events (floods, earthquakes, etc). There will always be tragedies that happen to us for as long as we shall live, but God remains with us. Things happen that can shatter our lives, but God remains with us. Satan and his angels has their hands in many things. Satan oftentimes make things look good and other times bad. His job is to lie, manipulate, deceive, kill, steal, and destroy. His purpose is to roam the earth, seeking whom he can devour. We all deal with it. That’s just the way it is. Where our faith lies, our relationship with God and His Son Jesus; is what keeps us strong and able to endure our  storms. When people don’t have this, they lack the understanding as to why we have to deal with misfortune.

A lot of people flock to the church on Sunday, but live like hypocrites the rest of the week. Sadly this includes church Leaders and so on down the chain. Many don’t live as new creatures because they aren’t new creatures. It shows in their daily walk. When the connection is nonexistent or false; there’s no real understanding.

God yet lives, He loves each of us, and He’s right there all of the time. The many things we go through; we don’t have to go through alone nor do we have to allow them to break us down. God wants us to believe, have faith, and cast our cares on Him. You can’t do that if you don’t believe and you can’t do it if your profession is a lie!

Our lives weren’t meant to be trouble free. It would be wonderful if it was, but it isn’t. Trials come to make us strong, but sadly many people allow their trials to break them down.

How we go through anything is a personal decision. What we believe is a personal choice and how we live our lives is a personal choice. I pray that you allow God to heal your pains and that you’re no longer bitter or angry at God for things that has happened or will happen. No matter how it looks, He’s still in control.  No matter where we go or what we do, the world is full of good and evil. We will face something! God is right there waiting for us to lean and depend on Him.