This post is to encourage someone on today. Many people are sad and broken hearted, feeling as if the sun won’t shine again in their lives. I’m here to tell you, no matter what you’re going through it’s only for a season. Sometimes our season may be for an hour, or a day, week, month, or years. It’s still ONLY for a season.

Some of us don’t want to go through anything. We don’t want to have to deal with any misfortunate events in our lives, but this is a distorted way of thinking. It’s not reality. We all have to go through something at some point.

You may fall down, it doesn’t mean your out. Don’t allow what you’re going through to beat you into submission. If you submit, you lose control of the situation and the situation  begins to control you. Most people want to give up by giving completely in when all troubles are only temporary. How do I know? It’s because I’ve been there many times. You must learn not to allow ANY situation to negatively take control of your life.

A lot of times people are so engrossed with what they’re feeling that they can’t see past those feelings. Their problems begin to affect them both physically and mentally; which causes total dysfunction in their lives. When all a person does is focus on what they’re going through they lose sight of the fact that troubles only last for a season. They make everything about them and their problems. It’s hard for them anyone to believe their problems are only for a season when they deal with things this way.

I encourage you to take back control. Stop focusing on how bad you feel about what you’re going through. Believe that troubles don’t last always and know that someone else is worse off than you. You’re in it for only a season. If all you do is be negative, complain, and get down on yourself; your season will seem much longer than it is.

You’re not exempt from troubles in life, I’m not exempt, and neither is anyone else. They will come, but the good news is they will go. No matter what it is and no matter who is going through it, IT’S ONLY FOR A SEASON!

My prayer is that you understand that you’re not alone. Trust me! You’re not alone! You may feel it, but you’re not. It may be your situation, but I guarantee you that others are going through similar situations. People don’t want to hear these things, because they feel too much pain and it’s hard for them to believe things will get better. They can and they will, if you don’t give up! Get out of your feelings, because it’s why you can’t get past what you’re going through.