This post is dedicated to anyone who feels they’re at a point of no return. Although it may be how you feel, it is a VERY distorted way of thinking. You have allowed your thoughts to overtake you and flood you with negative thinking, feelings, and behaviors. If you constantly embrace negativity you will lead a negative lifestyle. It’s all by choice. You can change your way of thinking at this very moment, but you must want too.

We all have gone through at some point in life and for anyone who claims they haven’t just keep on living and you most definitely will. If a person don’t know how to deal with what they go through they will keep allowing things to build up until they completely lose control and the ability to think realistically or rationally. They will focus on the negativity until they end up acting on it in some way; which almost always end bad.

I encourage anyone who feels they’re at a loss to please seek help. There is nothing so bad that if you choose you can’t get past. What pins many people down and keep them prisoner are there own minds and ways of thinking. If you feel it’s bad and you constantly think it’s bad, negative is how you will carry yourself. No one can live positively with a negative way of thinking. It can’t work, it won’t work!

It’s sad to see people giving up on life because of another human being or because of a situation. It’s so terrible to see people killing themselves and or killing others, because they don’t know how to deal with the negative lifestyle they chose.

Don’t get me wrong, I know sometimes things happen to us that are not of our doing. I get it. God knows I’ve been there more than once. However, I believe that no matter what the situation is, how a person perceive it is how they will deal with it.

Some people have gotten comfortable in their suffering. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s the truth. What I mean by this is; some people are so used to the hurt, pain, and being in that negative mindset until they do nothing but carry it around throughout their lives without trying to dump the heaviness from their minds. Holding on to negativity wears you down and out. It’s no good for anyone and it’s harmful to the mind, body, and spirit.

Those who constantly carry around this negativity are often sad, depressed, disassociated, and many things that causes them to become weak in their minds. People give too much power to negativity. People give too much power to other people and things. No one should have power over  you in that way. When a person subjects his or herself to this it causes chaos in their life.

The biggest problem is people don’t know how to love themselves. Instead they live a lifetime trying to please other people when they themselves are so unhappy. When you base your living and dying on other people you really have no focus or control of your own. LIFE ISN’T MEANT TO BE LIVED THIS WAY. Learn how to free yourself from the grip of others and live with peace and harmony. When a person is able to do that they learn how to put up boundaries against all others and things.

Enjoy your life by first learning to love you. By loving yourself you will also learn how NOT to allow anything to put you in a state of mind that doesn’t foster peace. If you feel you’re at a point where you can’t take whatever it may be that you’re going through, please I beg you to seek help. Go and talk with someone one.  call someone (friend, church, some hotline, hospital for help)  ANYONE is better than NO ONE. You NEVER EVER have to go through it alone. There are many agencies and people who can help you. It’s time for people to learn how to deal with their negative ways of thinking. A person’s negative way of thinking is what breeds those negative feelings and behaviors. Please, please, please, seek help.

I pray that you realize that it’s your own mind that’s keeping you stuck in such a fog. Somewhere along the way you gave too much of your power to someone or something. My prayer is that you understand that you don’t have to feel bogged down with this unnecessary weight and that you release all the negativity and find peace in your mind, heart, and soul.

Millions waste time on people who don’t want to be with them, people who don’t love them, things that are bad for them, depressed over things that happened to them in their past, and thinking about all of the situations that hasn’t worked out for them. The reason people can’t let go or get past the negativity is because they keep going over it in their minds. You can’t get rid of anything by holding on to it, and that’s the bottom line! If you continue to ponder on the bad things you will continue to have negative feelings about them as well. STOP wasting your lives on things that aren’t conducive to a positive way of thinking and  a peace of mind.