When will some people learn? My goodness, how many bad situations and bad relationships do a person have to go through before they wake up? It’s so sad to see people who continuously go through the same things over and over and not realize they’re the common denominator. You wonder why you continue to go through similar things. It’s because you’re getting into similar situations with although different people; they have similar characteristics. This isn’t because of who they are, it’s because of who you are.

People think because a person has a well known status or in a certain position they’re above making bad relationship decisions. It NOT true. Who you are and what you have has NOTHING to do with it. A person can fake it all day long because of their status, but the truth of who you really are will ALWAYS show in the decisions you make.

Please STOP rushing into relationships! If you don’t stop what you’re doing the way you’re doing it, you will continue to be sad, miserable, and unhappy. You may pretend not to be, but inside you are and you feel it when you’re alone. When you’re alone you have time to reflect on who you really are. Some of you don’t allow yourselves time to be alone, because of the insecurities you have.

This happens with well known people just as it does with anyone else. It’s because of who people are inside. Too many of you are too busy focusing on trying to find someone to be with but you have no clue at all what it takes to build a healthy relationship. Therefore your relationships are unhealthy, unhappy, and fail.

Stop meeting people and getting with them, because of their looks. There is nothing wrong with wanting someone who is nice looking, but IF that is your main focus, it shows how shallow and immature you are.  A relationship like this holds no substance and oftentimes what you see isn’t what you get. I’m sure many of you have experienced this reality. Wake up!

This goes for people who get with someone because of what the individual has or what they do (position, status, etc). This too is a shallow way of thinking and it’s immature. Build your own therefore you won’t have to go out preying on people to get something you’re not trying to get on your own. Some of you don’t want to make your own way, all you want to do is take from whoever will give you something. This keeps you in a debilitated state of mind.

Start looking at the signs that are before you and stop being lead by your emotions. You can’t get into a relationship with your eyes wide shut. Meaning, they’re open but you miss all of the signs. The reason people miss the signs is they’re not looking for them even though they are right there. They allow their emotions to block their view. STOP it!

I’ve often talked about this. People must use their brains in all equations pertaining to love and relationships. If you don’t you will make bad decisions based on your emotions. When you’re feeling someone but because of your emotions you don’t think about the circumstances of your situation; you will most often choose wrong (make bad decisions).

People must learn about one another and this doesn’t mean by  sexing. Get to know one another (the likes, dislikes, the good, and the bad). Learn how NOT to allow your emotions to lead you around by your nose. This is done by focusing, NEVER lose focus, see the truth for what it is. No matter how good he or she makes you feel, how good they look, who they are, what they have, etc. etc. If they’re NOT good for you, that’s it, nothing else need to be said or done, MOVE on! Stop forcing yourselves into relationships you were NEVER meant to be in. This is why so many marriages and other relationships are failing. People are getting into them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.