Head Over Heels for Someone Who Doesn’t Feel the Same About You


Why, why, why? Why do people subject themselves to this type of torment? Listen, it’s not the other person, it’s you! No matter how much you love him or her, if they don’t love you back you’re working with nothing. “Nothing from nothing, leaves nothing.”

Stop trying to force someone into loving you. It doesn’t work! It may work out for the other person, because during this escapade, they are normally getting things they want, while you’re getting nothing. Stop living in a fantasyland and step into reality. If a person doesn’t love you or truly want to be with you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You will end up hurt and resentful, but you will only have you to blame. People don’t want to hear about or read the truth.

Too many are in dead end relationships. Why? The reason is they were dead end from the start, but people try to fix and save individuals or they try to love them so hard in thinking the individual they love will come around. It doesn’t work!

You ever put on a shoe too small? Oh my goodness it’s torture right? They may be cute shoes, but they are bad for your feet. Same with many of the relationships in this world, people are trying to force themselves into the lives of the ones they love when it’s NOT the person meant for them in the first place. Get a grip on your emotions and STOP allowing them to get you into relationships that weren’t EVER destined for you. Don’t you know no matter what you’ve done or gone through you ARE worthy of true love and happiness. It can always be imitated, but never ever duplicated. When it’s an imitation of love along comes all of the unnecessary drama and all of the extra things you have to do and put up with it. This isn’t authentic genuine love.

Believe it or not, we CAN control who we fall in love with. It’s actually simple to do so, but people don’t want to do it. They are blind by their own emotions. They meet someone and fall into lust through the emotions of their hearts, losing focus and unable to see the real deal. If you try to buy your way into someone’s life, they will take from you as long as you give. If you try to sex them up, they will take it for as long as you give it up. You may break your back trying to please and satisfy them; they will take whatever you offer. However, NONE of it will cause them to truly love you. They will go along with whatever as long as you’re giving out freebies. Honestly, you’re your own problem!

Step back and reassess your life. Step back and reassess your relationship. If it’s all about you giving and doing for the other person getting nothing out of the relationship; something is wrong. Most think, because they’re giving all they can and doing all they can they have the other person locked down. NO!! The only one locked down is you, because you’re trapped by your OWN emotions. You believe something to be true when it isn’t. As I’ve always said, the truth is ALWAYS shown in how you’re being treated by the one you love. People fail to see it because they CAN’T see past what they think, feel, and want.

You’re constantly entertaining thoughts of someone who isn’t thinking of you. You’re constantly being discombobulated over feelings that ONLY exist to you. Many of you spend all your money and give your body to someone who doesn’t love you. You want to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same about you. Far too many people are in these types of relationships and it’s very sad.

Sad to say people will continue to struggle with hurt and pain in their relationships as long as they are completely focused on what they’re feeling and not at all on how they’re being treated. Again, a person can tell you they love you all day long, but the truth lies in how they treat you. If he or she truly loves you, it will always be displayed in their actions towards you. A person can talk a good game, but do their actions line up with what they say? Most times they don’t. However, those who are on the receiving end aren’t focused on the truth nor are they willing to accept the truth. They’re still stuck on what they feel and what they want.

What I’m trying to convey is this; know what love is and what it isn’t. Other than God, love first starts with you. If you can’t love yourself, then you’re capable of accepting any and everything from someone else in the name of love; which by the way isn’t love at all.



Yes, you read it right! People are doing this every single day. When a person is already in a committed relationship WHY pursue someone else? If a person isn’t happy with whom they’re with, FIX it or move on, but don’t complicate things by getting into another relationship while you’re already with someone else. If you’re NOT willing to be faithful the relationship should end before it begins.

Oftentimes the problem lies in the meaning of commitment, because one person may think it’s a committed relationship, the other person may not! These days and times a ring and marriage means nothing to many. Commitment seems to be falling by the wayside; which is a very sad thing. People know what commitment means, but because of who individuals really are they can’t live up to it. You can’t fix a problem by adding to the problem. It only makes the problem worse.

If you are with someone married or not, commitment is commitment. If you are looking for something on the outside you will most likely find it. If you allow another person to cloud your judgment it’s really NOT them, it’s you. You have allowed your heart to lead you somewhere you shouldn’t be. It’s clear you’re not thinking right, because if you were you wouldn’t entertain or pursue thoughts of another person. There are many who are in relationships, but they shouldn’t be and they know it. They know who they really are and what they really want. Yet many continue to get into and stay in relationships for the wrong reasons.

It’s easy to be faithful, but you can’t if you aren’t trying to be; and that’s the bottom line! Some people go after what they desire at all cost, because they are in their feelings and riding on waves of emotions, but they’re not using good judgment at all. Basically they have lost focus and are fixated on self-gratification. These are selfish people. They don’t truly consider the affect messing around with someone else will have on their current relationships. All they want is the other person. Most don’t really consider the consequences until it’s too late.

Not every man cheats and not every woman cheats. Those who do are people who have insecurities, issues, and have NOT matured. They’re still trying to light their matches at both ends. Well eventually people like this will get burnt! A couple of good movies to watch are “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” and “Unfaithful.”  I referenced these movies, because NOT only do people end up with more than they bargained for from the person they’re cheating ON, they end up with more than they bargained for from the ones they’re cheating WITH.

Those who are cheated on mustn’t allow it to devastate and destroy their lives. If people accept the signs that are always present, it’s shouldn’t be a shock. It’s a shock to those who are living with their “eyes wide shut.” You can ignore or pretend it’s not happening, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. It’s doesn’t matter how much you love him or her if they don’t love and respect you and the relationship in the same way ;there will be big issues in the relationship. Your love for him or her will NOT make them faithful to you.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that people give every ounce of themselves to other people to the point that they almost can’t function without the other person (some can’t). I think this is NOT the way anyone should be towards another human being. Love them; but NOT more than you love yourself, IF you do you will accept and allow things that you shouldn’t. Remember, it’s not all about how you feel towards him or her; it’s also how they feel about and treat you. A person can say they love you all day, but the truth shows in their actions towards you. If you choose to ignore the truth, then you will ultimately suffer the consequences. As I’ve written many times before, if you allow yourself to be treated any type of way, that’s exactly how you will be treated.

Unexpected Death


I’ve written over and over and I’ve talked about how we only have this moment that we are currently living. Tomorrow isn’t promised, ALL we have is right now; this very moment.

Sometimes people have a chance to make peace, but other times, because of the life people chose to live they don’t get that chance. They die suddenly in the midst of their sins.

None of us knows when our clocks will be stopped, (when He will say our time is up). How we live our lives right now determines our eternal rest. People are sad and heavy laden when a loved one is no longer with us. Our loved ones and friends who have passed has done what we all will do. No one is exempt!! Your looks, money, your skin color, title, status, etc will not save you from death.

People don’t want to give up their sexing, fornication, adultery, filthy sex acts, nasty ways of living, nasty thoughts and acts, filthy fetishes, addictions, statuses, titles, partying, etc. They want to continue to seek fame and fortune, laying up their worldly treasures. They continue to be selfish and greedy and submit to the world. It’s all a personal choice. When I was a part of the worldly ways I did some things unpleasing to the Lord, but some things I never ever involved myself in. Although some things I never did, my sins wasn’t considered little blemishes, sin is sin and I was just as filthy.

Some deaths are completely unexpected to us, but NONE or unexpected to God, for He holds our time clocks in the palms of His hand. He doesn’t want death of our loved ones to allow us to become sad and depressed. He wants us to rejoice the time we had with them. We all must someday die and the process begins the day we’re born.

First I want to give condolences to anyone going through bereavement. Cry for a moment if you must, but don’t allow it to  keep you in a depressive state, because they’ve done something that you and I will someday do. There is no way around it. Life goes on with or without you! It’s very tough to deal with death, but we must do so. My prayer is that you understand that if you’re not re-born in Christ by the time you die, that when you die you’re dead and you don’t have a chance for eternal life with Jesus. The time to choose is now; while we have blood running through our veins.

Nothing is unexpected to God!! He wishes for NONE of us to perish. Every day we live is a chance to get right with Him. I pray that you make the right choice. All we have will one day be no good to us. It is meaningless to God now and it will be completely meaningless to us when we die. What we must  understand now is that how we live right now determines our eternal rest. You can be placed in the most glamorous vault available, but it will not save your soul from eternal damnation.

Yesterday I met a man and we talked for a while about the goodness of the Lord. He then told me that on 9/11 he lost his niece she was only 10. She was at school and had some type of reaction. We just never know when it will happen. As I said before, many people leave home, but never return and then there are those who came home and never left again.

God is coming back for each of us one day, “in the twinkling of an eye.” He’s coming “like a thief in the night.” None of us knows when He will return for us. All I pray is that you’re ready!!!!!!

Saved versus being reborn


I feel a need to write about this, because many have it misconstrued. There is a distinct difference between being saved and being reborn. God said you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven lest you be born again.

Romans 10:9 Cleary tells us what we need to do in order to be saved. This is the acknowledgment of Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins. Many, many are saved, but this doesn’t mean they’re born again. Being born again means you have put off the old sinful ways and you’ve become a new creature.

Just because people profess Christ and that they’re on the Lord’s side doesn’t mean it’s so. Millions profess Him. They claim that He called them to do this and that. People lie, lie, lie! They want their name on the roll, but they’re absent from the work! It doesn’t work this way!

Millions think that because they say they hold titles in the ministries such as Preacher, Pastor, Reverend, Apostle, Bishop,  Evangelist, Minister, Rabbi, Prophetess, etc, etc. It means NOTHING to God if it’s not from God. Many men and women are giving themselves titles of their own doings or by the doings of other fellowmen, but NOT God the Father or His Son Jesus. This is why you see them accepting and doing things against God. This is why you see the churches have taken God out of church. This is why you see them making the churches more business oriented versus what it was intended to be. They no longer preach soul salvation and holiness. They preach material prosperity and climbing the ladder of success according to man.

You have many gospel singers looking and sounding like people of the world. It clearly shows their hearts are NOT yet convicted and they haven’t completely yielded to the Lord. God said he would rather you to be hot or cold NOT lukewarm. They’re singing songs that sound exactly like songs of the world. The only difference is they put Jesus or God’s name in it here or there. Lies!!!! God said there must be a distinction and separation from the world. People who do this are no more different from those who cry Lord, Lord in the presence of man, but live like hypocrites. God is going to start revealing them more and more.

People that are a part of the worldly ways go along with anything and anyone, because they don’t have God in their lives. They’re like petals in the wind flying all over the place; having no roots. They’re going along with what man says and NOT God the Father and His Son Jesus. It’s clear this is the case, because they have no solid foundation (no roots). They’re brainwashed by their church leaders and others of the world. They don’t know the WORD for themselves!

I got saved at the age of 12, but I didn’t become reborn until my forties. I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to, to whom I wanted to. My mind and heart was NOT on God the Father and His Son Jesus. I didn’t have a prayer life or a relationship with them, but I was still saved. He don’t take being saved away, but being saved isn’t going to get you into the kingdom. Once I began to acknowledge Him I repented my sins and rededicated my life to Him; my heart became convicted. I started being conscious of what I did, what I said, how I dressed, how I thought, felt, acted, presented myself, etc. I started going to Him  in prayer on everything. I developed a daily prayer life and walk with Him. I was totally submitted and committed. I gave up the ways of the world. I became a new creature indeed! I understand it wasn’t about me. I also became a servant to others.

I’ve gone through the storms many times, I’ve seen things most will never see or couldn’t handle if they saw them. I’ve endured much, but through it all I stood and yet stand. When I was in my mess, I didn’t realize it was God the Father and His Son Jesus who wrapped me up and kept me under His grace and mercy. I could have been dead and gone a few times (once by electrocution and other my being shot). He’s kept me from wrecks so many times as I traveled to and fro. I can talk about it all day. I know it was my Angels covering me. When I had no clue He was present, He was right there.

I pray that people understand that just because they’re saved doesn’t mean they’re reborn. You can’t make it into the Kingdom lest you’re reborn. Reborn is putting off your old ways. Not just for a little while, but for good. You can’t desire the ways of the world, you can’t want to turn back. God becomes your focus. You begin to guard your ways (thinking, feeling, acting).

I PRAY that those of you who haven’t truly given your lives to Him, that you STOP playing before it’s too late! One day it will be too late! People can profess Him all day, but if they’re not living what they profess they are DEAD in Christ. They are the true walking dead!

GOD the Father and His Son Jesus and then others


I already know millions don’t want to hear about or read about God, but one day you will reminisce the many times you were told, but you chose to dismiss and it will be too late for many. God is real and He’s showing us in so many ways. People are seeing miracles that they still characterize as luck. People are seeing signs on top of signs in the skies, that they have no understanding of what it means or why. People are seeing many things that represents God and his existence, but fail to accept it as such.

The way of the world had changed so much. Things that are against God are accepted as right and things that are for God are accepted as wrong. God specifically said there must be a separation of the right from the wrong. Many don’t accept this because they want to continue to do what they do.

People don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They don’t want to give up the nasty filthy ways of this world. Most importantly; they don’t believe in God, but they eagerly and wholeheartedly believe in gods.

I can’t save anyone and I have no heaven or hell to put you in, but it is my duty to tell you about God. It’s my duty to show you the way. If you believe and accept wonderful, but I can’t make you, the decision is yours to make of your free will.

In today’s world almost anything goes. We’re living in a Burger King world (have it your way). People are getting slapped on the hands for doing unthinkable things. The reason for this is because many who are making the decisions are also living the ways of the world. They are serving gods and some of them are worshipped as gods. Therefore, they think they’re above God.

People are so busy serving and worshipping man as if they’re God that they don’t have the time to receive God and His Son Jesus. They aren’t willing to accept someone they think they can’t see. They’re blind to the truth. God is real and He shows Himself to us everyday in some way. When God shows Himself people accept His work as everything other than it being the work of God.

What’s sad is that people flock to individuals who they think are holy, because they can see them in the flesh. They flock to the Pope, self made prophets from all over the world, etc..etc. I’m not disputing who they are, but what I know is they aren’t God the Father. These individuals are being worshipped and when they are those who worship them are choosing to worship other gods and NOT God the Father.

The people of this world are becoming more and more evil. The ways of the world is becoming more and more against God. People are going about their business as if there’s nothing going on. People don’t want to accept the truth about anything when it’s against what they think, feel, want, or believe. They can be in the lion’s den, but they will stay there because they want to do what they want to do and not what is best for them, people make these bad choices of free will. They don’t want to be told anything when they know it’s against the way they live their lives. They want to stay in the midst of their nasty ways committing fornication, adultery, immoral sex acts against one another – animals-children, idolizing people and things, serving false gods, and doing anything and everything against GOD and His WORD.

People are busybodies, they want this and that, they’re greedy for material things (money, shoes, clothes, cars, houses, , etc). They’re caught up in positions, titles, statuses, etc. They are addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, food, etc. They idolize and completely worship other people who has status, etc. They’re so focused on following and worshipping other people that they don’t have lives of their own. These things and people are their gods. Unbeknown to people, these things will past away. People are building their treasures on earth when they should be preparing for their treasures in Heaven.

We haven’t seen anything yet, there are things to come that people will be so fearful their hearts will fail them when they see these things (it’s in the Word). Things are coming that people will not know how to handle nor will they be able to handle. People have turned against God, but this is because they never fully received Him, while others never accepted Him at all.

There is evil lurking at every corner, but society want to call it mental illness versus calling it what it is 98% of the time which is evil. A mentally ill person isn’t mentally capable to devise elaborate plans to kill people or commit certain acts, but evil people are. There are entities around us that we can’t see (dark powers) that are at work. We constantly struggle with mental warfare. People don’t want to believe in this, they accept the term mental illness. One reason the world isn’t on top of this, is because they’re not accepting that evil exist. I know some people know it does, but those who are in positions to give it a name don’t want to deal with other possibilities.

When you talk of evil and dark powers people want to run and hide. Hilarious isn’t it? People want to run and hide from something that seems fearful, yet they don’t understand God has power over all things. These things exist and God exist whether you want to believe it or not. Your disbelief does nothing but hinder you. This is why people are falling into these episodes the world calls mental illness, because they don’t believe in God or these dark powers. Unfortunately millions aren’t in tune with their own bodies and when they’re attacked they don’t know what’s going on. They simply submit and do the unthinkable.

I can go on forever on this but I won’t. I pray that you get on  God the Father and His Son Jesus’s side before it’s too late. You’ve tried EVERYTHING else, why not try Him? You trusted and believed in EVERYONE else, why not trust and believe in Him. “He may not come when you want Him or think that He should, but He’s always on time.” I am a living witness!

The ways of the world may look good, but I promise you it isn’t good for you. The choice is yours to make. I know many don’t like this post, but it’s okay. I know people and I understand that when it comes to things that are good for you many will reject it, because they don’t want to give up their old ways. I’m sorry for you and I can’t do anything but love you and continue to pray for you. I pray that you receive God before it’s too late.