Saved versus being reborn


I feel a need to write about this, because many have it misconstrued. There is a distinct difference between being saved and being reborn. God said you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven lest you be born again.

Romans 10:9 Cleary tells us what we need to do in order to be saved. This is the acknowledgment of Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins. Many, many are saved, but this doesn’t mean they’re born again. Being born again means you have put off the old sinful ways and you’ve become a new creature.

Just because people profess Christ and that they’re on the Lord’s side doesn’t mean it’s so. Millions profess Him. They claim that He called them to do this and that. People lie, lie, lie! They want their name on the roll, but they’re absent from the work! It doesn’t work this way!

Millions think that because they say they hold titles in the ministries such as Preacher, Pastor, Reverend, Apostle, Bishop,  Evangelist, Minister, Rabbi, Prophetess, etc, etc. It means NOTHING to God if it’s not from God. Many men and women are giving themselves titles of their own doings or by the doings of other fellowmen, but NOT God the Father or His Son Jesus. This is why you see them accepting and doing things against God. This is why you see the churches have taken God out of church. This is why you see them making the churches more business oriented versus what it was intended to be. They no longer preach soul salvation and holiness. They preach material prosperity and climbing the ladder of success according to man.

You have many gospel singers looking and sounding like people of the world. It clearly shows their hearts are NOT yet convicted and they haven’t completely yielded to the Lord. God said he would rather you to be hot or cold NOT lukewarm. They’re singing songs that sound exactly like songs of the world. The only difference is they put Jesus or God’s name in it here or there. Lies!!!! God said there must be a distinction and separation from the world. People who do this are no more different from those who cry Lord, Lord in the presence of man, but live like hypocrites. God is going to start revealing them more and more.

People that are a part of the worldly ways go along with anything and anyone, because they don’t have God in their lives. They’re like petals in the wind flying all over the place; having no roots. They’re going along with what man says and NOT God the Father and His Son Jesus. It’s clear this is the case, because they have no solid foundation (no roots). They’re brainwashed by their church leaders and others of the world. They don’t know the WORD for themselves!

I got saved at the age of 12, but I didn’t become reborn until my forties. I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to, to whom I wanted to. My mind and heart was NOT on God the Father and His Son Jesus. I didn’t have a prayer life or a relationship with them, but I was still saved. He don’t take being saved away, but being saved isn’t going to get you into the kingdom. Once I began to acknowledge Him I repented my sins and rededicated my life to Him; my heart became convicted. I started being conscious of what I did, what I said, how I dressed, how I thought, felt, acted, presented myself, etc. I started going to Him  in prayer on everything. I developed a daily prayer life and walk with Him. I was totally submitted and committed. I gave up the ways of the world. I became a new creature indeed! I understand it wasn’t about me. I also became a servant to others.

I’ve gone through the storms many times, I’ve seen things most will never see or couldn’t handle if they saw them. I’ve endured much, but through it all I stood and yet stand. When I was in my mess, I didn’t realize it was God the Father and His Son Jesus who wrapped me up and kept me under His grace and mercy. I could have been dead and gone a few times (once by electrocution and other my being shot). He’s kept me from wrecks so many times as I traveled to and fro. I can talk about it all day. I know it was my Angels covering me. When I had no clue He was present, He was right there.

I pray that people understand that just because they’re saved doesn’t mean they’re reborn. You can’t make it into the Kingdom lest you’re reborn. Reborn is putting off your old ways. Not just for a little while, but for good. You can’t desire the ways of the world, you can’t want to turn back. God becomes your focus. You begin to guard your ways (thinking, feeling, acting).

I PRAY that those of you who haven’t truly given your lives to Him, that you STOP playing before it’s too late! One day it will be too late! People can profess Him all day, but if they’re not living what they profess they are DEAD in Christ. They are the true walking dead!