Head Over Heels for Someone Who Doesn’t Feel the Same About You


Why, why, why? Why do people subject themselves to this type of torment? Listen, it’s not the other person, it’s you! No matter how much you love him or her, if they don’t love you back you’re working with nothing. “Nothing from nothing, leaves nothing.”

Stop trying to force someone into loving you. It doesn’t work! It may work out for the other person, because during this escapade, they are normally getting things they want, while you’re getting nothing. Stop living in a fantasyland and step into reality. If a person doesn’t love you or truly want to be with you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You will end up hurt and resentful, but you will only have you to blame. People don’t want to hear about or read the truth.

Too many are in dead end relationships. Why? The reason is they were dead end from the start, but people try to fix and save individuals or they try to love them so hard in thinking the individual they love will come around. It doesn’t work!

You ever put on a shoe too small? Oh my goodness it’s torture right? They may be cute shoes, but they are bad for your feet. Same with many of the relationships in this world, people are trying to force themselves into the lives of the ones they love when it’s NOT the person meant for them in the first place. Get a grip on your emotions and STOP allowing them to get you into relationships that weren’t EVER destined for you. Don’t you know no matter what you’ve done or gone through you ARE worthy of true love and happiness. It can always be imitated, but never ever duplicated. When it’s an imitation of love along comes all of the unnecessary drama and all of the extra things you have to do and put up with it. This isn’t authentic genuine love.

Believe it or not, we CAN control who we fall in love with. It’s actually simple to do so, but people don’t want to do it. They are blind by their own emotions. They meet someone and fall into lust through the emotions of their hearts, losing focus and unable to see the real deal. If you try to buy your way into someone’s life, they will take from you as long as you give. If you try to sex them up, they will take it for as long as you give it up. You may break your back trying to please and satisfy them; they will take whatever you offer. However, NONE of it will cause them to truly love you. They will go along with whatever as long as you’re giving out freebies. Honestly, you’re your own problem!

Step back and reassess your life. Step back and reassess your relationship. If it’s all about you giving and doing for the other person getting nothing out of the relationship; something is wrong. Most think, because they’re giving all they can and doing all they can they have the other person locked down. NO!! The only one locked down is you, because you’re trapped by your OWN emotions. You believe something to be true when it isn’t. As I’ve always said, the truth is ALWAYS shown in how you’re being treated by the one you love. People fail to see it because they CAN’T see past what they think, feel, and want.

You’re constantly entertaining thoughts of someone who isn’t thinking of you. You’re constantly being discombobulated over feelings that ONLY exist to you. Many of you spend all your money and give your body to someone who doesn’t love you. You want to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same about you. Far too many people are in these types of relationships and it’s very sad.

Sad to say people will continue to struggle with hurt and pain in their relationships as long as they are completely focused on what they’re feeling and not at all on how they’re being treated. Again, a person can tell you they love you all day long, but the truth lies in how they treat you. If he or she truly loves you, it will always be displayed in their actions towards you. A person can talk a good game, but do their actions line up with what they say? Most times they don’t. However, those who are on the receiving end aren’t focused on the truth nor are they willing to accept the truth. They’re still stuck on what they feel and what they want.

What I’m trying to convey is this; know what love is and what it isn’t. Other than God, love first starts with you. If you can’t love yourself, then you’re capable of accepting any and everything from someone else in the name of love; which by the way isn’t love at all.