If you read my posts, you know that I am always trying to provide words of encouragement, clarity, information, enlightenment, or simply to empower someone to think about their life and/or situation and consider change. None of us can move forward if we keep looking behind or if we continue to willfully choose to remain stuck. Too many people make bad choices but they expect good outcomes. Life doesn’t work that way.

No matter how much individuals read or hear they will continue to make bad choices/decisions in the name of love. People won’t accept the truth until they’re forced too. They’re forced to when their situations have gotten too bad for them to deal with and they finally see the truth and are willing to accept it. No one should have to be beat down (physically or emotionally). When you are it’s all a personal choice. Yes, you read it correctly; you’ve made a personal choice to be where you are.

Everything is about choices. Sometimes in life we’re put in situations beyond our control, but it’s still a personal choice as to how we deal with any situation. It’s also a personal choice to stay where we are. The sad truth is many people haven’t yet matured and don’t really have a clue who they are or what they need in their lives. Yet, they’re constantly making bad decisions concerning love when they don’t know what it is or know who they are as individuals. Most are still dealing with past issues that have them mentally imprisoned. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have if you haven’t dealt with your inner issues it ALWAYS shows in the decisions you make. We’ve see it in people of all statuses and positions (rich and poor).

So many in this world accept anything and give all of themselves in the name of love; even when it’s clear the love is one-sided. If you’re with someone who claims to love you, how they really feel will always show in their treatment towards you. I don’t know how many times I have to say it or how many times I have to write it, but I will continue to do so. When an individual ignore this, it means this is an individual who has insecurities they truly need to deal with. If a person doesn’t deal with those insecurities those things will affect their every decision in life.

Thoughts, feelings, actions is what controls us. Who we really are lies dormant until we’ve learned this is true about all of us and make decisions to change. We have to mature in all of our ways. We have to accept who we are and where we are in life. If it’s not a good place, we have to make conscious decisions to do something about it. The real problem is people don’t want to face who they really are; instead they continue to  hide, fake, and pretend in hopes no one finds out the truth. You cannot fix something about yourself if you don’t first face it. That’s the bottom line.

Instead of first working on the inner man, people seek out things in other people when they’re still screwed up inside. This is why millions are so unhappy in their relationships. Many simply settle just so they can say they have someone. The saying is a bold lie “someone is better than no one at all.” If you don’t deal with who you are so that someday you can present to the world the real you how do you think you can affectively develop a healthy relationship with someone else? You will only drag all of the same issues along with you from relationship to relationship. You will continue to accept anything and many of you will not find peace and happiness no matter who you’re with.

People are stuck and stagnant for many reasons and EVERY last one is an excuse to stay there AND a personal choice to stay there. All of the mess inside spills out and shows in the bad decisions people make. It shows in how people allow others to treat them, what they accept/allow, and how they treat themselves. Your lives will stay the same if you keep doing the same things. You may move from situation to situation or relationship to relationship, but you will always deal with the same issues if there’s no permanent change. The fixing starts with the individual; not anything or anyone else.