This post is dedicated to anyone who can relate. There are many people in this world who are in mental distress and emotional pain due to many different things, but it all boils down to what’s held inside of us. One thing I’ve learned in life is that people don’t understand the power and control they have to be happy, instead they willfully give that power and control to others and to objects/things.

Millions walk around unhappy and plain miserable with life. Listen, no matter what life throws at you (believe me it will throw some stuff at you), it never has to be as bad as it seems. It may be a bad situation, but how you perceive it determines the how you will go through it/deal with it. We make things far worse than they have to be. People unnecessarily stress themselves out over things. This causes emotional, mental, and physical problems.

One of the main problem with people is they haven’t dealt with self. This is the biggest factor! If a person doesn’t deal with whom they really are (the true core), then they can’t appropriately or effectively deal with other people. People will  carry the same heavy baggage every single place they go. It will affect every aspect of an individual’s life and it’s seen through the decisions and choices people make.

As children; we grow into adults who are dealing with the same childhood issues if we don’t break the cycle; then we go on to become parents bringing other children in this world who we raise like we were raised and the cycle starts all over again.

Another major problem with humanity is, people are bringing children into messed up situations. People are having children that shouldn’t have them. They have them but aren’t ready, can’t afford to take care of them, or they simply don’t provide the nurturing and love a child needs. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth, some people simply aren’t fit to be parents, but they have children. They’re messed up and then they raise their children who end up like them. Why? It’s because it’s all they know. Guess what? The cycle continues on, because their children eventually will have children and more than likely will do the same exact thing. Breaking the cycle is a choice, but people can’t understand this if they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves. You must first realize it’s a cycle and then work on breaking it.

Another problem in this world is because of how messed up people are due to their inner issues they try to hide; they are seeking love in all of the wrong places and ways. Oftentimes they end up marrying people they don’t really mesh with and probably shouldn’t be with, (through lust of the flesh, peer and family pressure, because of children, money, what someone has, who someone is, how someone looks, wanting someone to love period, etc). They don’t have a clue what love is or what real loves feels like, therefore they are motivated by the emotions they feel about someone. They can’t see the truth; they only go off of what they feel and because of it they end up abused, misused, unhappy, miserable, lonely, etc and sometimes dead. This all comes from emotions of that inner man, this is what lead and guide them through life.

People must be willing to acknowledge the fact that they need a change in their lives. If a person does not do that, they will continue to live their lives as is. They will never progress. These people are stagnant; not moving at all and it shows in the lives they lead. Too many have grown completely content with the way their lives are and they do not try to improve anything. They keep doing the same things and making the same bad decisions. This WILL NOT change if they don’t do something about it. How a person really thinks about his or herself shows in the way they live their lives. Many portray themselves as one thing when they’re another. They’re hiding secrets, trying to live beyond their means (trying to keep up with the Jones’s when you don’t know how the Jones’s got what they have and the fact that sometimes the Jones’s you’re trying to keep up with is trying to keep up with someone else, because they’re just like you), pretending to be happy when they’re completely unhappy and the list goes on and on. People think they can hide the truth, but it always shows in some form or another through the decisions/choices that are made.

In life when individuals don’t deal with their inner issues they turn to other people, they latch on to others not only in love relationships but to other people trying to form friendships. They’re quick to befriend people and call them their friend when they barely know them. They are followers and they’re easily manipulated and persuaded.

Everything about us derives from the inner man in all of us, which is who we really are. This is why we see so much foolishness in the lives of people. You see them making the most unimaginable choices and decisions. Many embed themselves amongst people in thinking they can hide, but they can’t. Everyone can run, but no one can hide. You can run to the highest mountain, but guess what? You’re still stuck with you. The only thing that will make a difference is dealing with that inner man. In doing so you learn about you and what you need, want, and desire. No matter what; you’re you and you have to embrace the good, bad, and the ugly; then deal with it all.

You will learn about yourself and in doing this it teaches you how to allow others to treat you. You learn that no matter what; you CAN break the cycle in which you were born and/or have become accustomed too. You can break the chain and start something different for yourself, but you must want to do it. Looking at the man in the mirror is where it all begins for us all. I understand it may have started with your parents and overall environment, but as individuals we all must take responsibility of our own lives. We have to decide for ourselves do we stay what we’ve become or do we become better by doing better.

Many people will not progress in life because they’re too busy giving power to their pasts. They’re holding on to hatred and grudges. They aren’t willing to forgive the other people/person; not understanding that forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for self. When we forgive we can get on with life instead of being held prisoner by all of the hate, bad memories, etc.

I pray you make the choice today to change. If you will take an honest look at your life and see that you’re still on the same cycle of life and haven’t make any movement (just going around in a circle, existing but not living), it’s time to break the cycle. The only person who can make a change in you is you. The decision is yours to make. I pray you make it. I believe wholeheartedly that the world would be a much better, loving, and safe place to live if people would deal with the inner man and drop all of the baggage that’s causing stagnation and disruption in their lives; which has kept many filled with anger, hatred, malice, strife, eny, jealousy, lust, selfishness, manipulation, the inability to love or show affection, depression, abusive, co dependency, emotional-mentally-physically-and spiritually drained, suicidal, homicidal, addicted to things not good for them (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc) and a host of other things.

Today is a new day, it’s a day to break the cycle. I pray that you do.