Dumping Ground


I know you’re probably wondering why I titled this post, dumping ground. It’s because this is what millions have become (human dumping grounds). This post can be for males, but my intended targets are females. I know everyone don’t believe in God or His Son Jesus and therefore this post involves things that are the raw truth. By now those of you who read my post know my belief, but I have sense enough to know that the way of the wrong is a different animal and therefore I have to meet people where they are when it comes to writing these posts. The Bible says “a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat.” This post is for my sisters, because I’m seeing many make far too many wrong/bad decisions in the name of love.

I also want you to know that although I am referencing relationships, this topic can also relate to other areas of a persons life. For instance people allowing themselves to be  dumping grounds to their pasts. They carry loads of stuff around with them that taints every aspect of their lives because they don’t know how to let go. They don’t know how to love self. Life slings dump at us already, it’s part of life, but why continue to be a cesspool created solely by you? No matter what others do to us (life and others throws at us), it’s our own personal choice as to how we allow those things to hinder, tear down, cripple, stagnate, etc us. Stop waddling in the cesspools you’ve created in your lives. It’s time to clean it up!!

Listen ladies, it’s time to face the truth about yourselves and your situations. It’s time to wake up; and see what you’re doing to yourselves and what you’re allowing in your lives. You deserve much better than what you’re getting. Many women are where they are, because of the choices they’ve made.

Our thought, emotions of the heart (feelings, desires, wants), etc are completely non-discriminative when it comes to what people consider as love and certainly lusts of the flesh. What I mean when I say non-discriminative is that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your national origin, who you are, what you have, how educated you are, how you look, etc..etc. None of it matters when it comes to people making decisions in the name of what they think is love. Women get discombobulated and messed up when it comes to the men they choose. I purposely left off need, because many women don’t have a clue as to what they need and it shows in the choices they make.

Any woman who accepts a man based on anything other than being in love with him and him being in love with her is a woman whose lacking maturity and good common sense. It has to involve more than simple feelings. Going solely off of feelings will leave you somewhere you never intended on being.  My hope and prayer is that women will stop allowing themselves to be dumping grounds for men. Stop being that woman who lies down with a man who does nothing for you other than dump semen inside of you. Stop being that woman who falls for a man who has absolutely nothing to call his own. If a man has nothing to offer he isn’t good for you? Stop taking care of these grown men!!! Stop busting your tail every day to provide a roof over your head while under that same roof lays a man who has nothing to offer you as help.

Too many of you are caught up in the sex, but that isn’t putting food on the table. If he isn’t making a living by his looks then those looks aren’t putting food on the table. I don’t care how nice he is, he isn’t good for you because niceness isn’t putting food on the table. If he’s taking and not contributing anything he isn’t what you need. Wake up! Stop taking care of these grown men. They want control as men, yet they’re being taken care of by you as if they’re children. Stop allowing them to drain you. Wake up and realize that you’re living in a fantasy world! If a man can’t bring something to the table other than sex and good looks he isn’t worthy of you. You shouldn’t be allowing him to live under your roof without contributing to the household, PERIOD! I don’t believe in shacking up and all of that, but I know people are doing it and it’s why I must tell it like it is. The only way women will change is when they first learn to love who they are, take pride in self, and value themselves.

Stop being a dumping ground for all of the unnecessary drama you willfully accept from someone who doesn’t deserve you or love you the way you should be loved. Stop belittling and fooling yourselves into thinking you deserve anything less than the best in your lives. How can you teach your daughters and sons anything, when you yourself haven’t a clue what’s good for you? You’re controlled by the emotions you feel and it’s very clear by the decisions many of you make.

Too many women see a handsome man and lose their minds. They see a man with a nice body and they lose focus. You see a man who has a nice car and you assume he has it going on. You find out the job he has and you think he’s all of that; when he’s not worth your time. You accept men who are clearly gay; you accept those who are knowingly bi-sexual. You accept sex offenders around your sons and daughters. You accept men knowing they’re married, with another woman, and/or with several other women. You accept men with no jobs and no intention of getting one. You accept them as abusers (verbally, emotionally, mentally, and physically), and the sad part many go on to marry these men. Why put yourselves into situations knowing the outcome? You do all of this because you’re blind by what you’re feeling and therefore truth is distorted.

Women who are comfortable as dumping grounds are broken. Although many of you definitely don’t think so, I am here to tell you that you are broken! On top of that; you don’t love yourselves; if you did you wouldn’t allow what you’ve allowed into your lives. So many of you can’t be alone. You either jump from man to man or get anyone just so you’re not alone. Many of you stay with these men no matter how bad you’re treated.

It’s time to love you. It’s time to deal with the core of you, because in the inner essence of your core lies who you really are. If you’re broken it’s spilling out of you in some way or another. You can fake all you want, the truth will reveal itself. We see it over and over time and time again through the bad decisions you continue to make.

People wonder why those who are rich are unhappy. It’s because although money can buy you a lot of things; one thing it can’t buy you is true happiness. This is why we’ve known of people or perhaps personally know people with millions of dollars who have tried to kill themselves, who have killed themselves, depressed, or who lives recklessly. Money can’t fix brokenness. It can’t fix what’s inside that’s causing dysfunction in the lives of many. You can spend money to seek all the help you want, but it won’t fix anything until the person receiving the help decides enough is enough and they choose to change.

Many women are bringing children into their messed up lives and raising their children who later becomes messed up adults just like their parents. As women; we must stop this. As women we must start making better choices for ourselves and for the children we bear. Look in the mirror and deal with whose staring back at you. If you can’t stand yourself and how you are at this point in your life, why bring a child into the world? Get yourself together first!! It’s time to break the cycles and make a change so you can make a difference in the lives of your children. The children we see are the future and to me it looks pretty darn scary. Some children of today are a mess, but it’s because of their parents. They are what the parents have allowed them to be. If you let them do whatever they want they will do it. I know some children are bad despite of good parents, but I’m talking about these children who are having it their way! It must stop! This happens because of who we are as individual’s it spills over into everything we do (parenting, careers, socializing, etc). If a person doesn’t fix what’s wrong they can’t change it.

It doesn’t relate to every woman, but for those women who can relate, please get it together, not tomorrow, but right now!!