Enduring Your Pain Doesn’t Mean Enduring Your Foolishness

I wanted to write about this because a lot of people are getting it wrong. I know it’s biblical to carry the burdens of others to fulfill the law of Christ. However, I believe it means that we are to show sympathy and have empathy  when others are going through. I believe it means toContinue reading “Enduring Your Pain Doesn’t Mean Enduring Your Foolishness”

No Foundation Leads to Destruction

Something I’ve learned in life is that most relationships will end according to how they started out. If it didn’t start right, no matter the situation, it’s likely to end by the same reasons it started. Too many people are trying to build or hold on to relationships that don’t have or never had foundations.Continue reading “No Foundation Leads to Destruction”

Going Back Isn’t Necessarily the Best Decision

I’m sure many of you have found this to be true. It works for some people but not for most. Too many go back into relationships they fought their way out of only to find things haven’t changed. They find themselves right back in states of misery. Many people go back into relationships because they feel too insecure to be alone.Continue reading “Going Back Isn’t Necessarily the Best Decision”