Caught Up


Before I get into this post let me say this; I know there are plenty good men out there with women who aren’t worth their time. Someone may not like the truth, but it is what it is. These men are with women who are slothful and don’t want to do anything but receive a handout. I don’t believe no good man who has worked hard for what he has should allow his feelings to get him caught up with a woman who doesn’t want anything for herself. I believe a woman needs to be self sufficient , but as a wife the man is the head of the household. That means a provider and a protector; not a controller.

I don’t believe a woman should wait on a man hand and feet unless he’s her little man (young son). Cooking and cleaning isn’t just for women, it’s also for men who like to eat and who enjoy clean environments. Too many get it twisted and out of context. Many women feel “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” However, not all women cook, can cook, or want to cook. It has to go both ways. In a relationship both take care of one another. A woman isn’t there to be a slave. Submission doesn’t mean bowing down or being a slave. It means allowing her man to be the man of the house. However, he must be a man who knows how to lead in his home. A lot of men don’t seem to know how to run their households these days. If a man knows how to be the head of the household, a good woman will allow him to lead. This is an issue people need to address at the beginning of their relationships. Too many get into relationships without solid foundations.

What I’m referencing in my title is these women who got zeros that they’re treating like heroes. Listen ladies, I don’t care what; if a man has nothing to call his own he’s the wrong man for you. As a woman if you fell in what you think is love with someone who is depending on you to survive then you have allowed your feelings to get you in a messed up situation, but you’re too blind by your emotions to see the truth.

If a man isn’t getting up off of his butt to go to a j-o-b then he’s not worthy of treatment as a King, because he’s a pauper. He’s indigent and has nothing of his own. Too many of you have been bamboozled into believing he’s good for you. He know he’s not good for you and he knows “where his bread is buttered.” He’s sticking his legs under your table everyday while bringing nothing to the table. If he’s your husband and has gotten sick and can not work, that’s different; other than that, women need to stop waiting hand and feet on lazy men. These men are spoiled and some of you treat them better than you treat your  children.

Please open your eyes to the truth. Many of you have children and these children see what you’re allowing in your lives. This is one reason so many children are emotionally crippled it’s because they see so much nonsense in their homes. Ladies you can’t teach your sons to be men when the men that are around aren’t good role models. You teach your daughters to accept men who aren’t good for them. Wake up!!

Get mad if you want to, but the truth is the truth. Stop taking care of grown men who aren’t doing anything other than take from you. He’s not worthy of the treatment you are giving him and there’s no way he truly loves you. You continuously show him how much you love him; yet he’s showing you that he doesn’t love you. Sadly you’re too caught up to see the truth. He has issues and so do you! The “blind leading the blind.”