Going Back Isn’t Necessarily the Best Decision


I’m sure many of you have found this to be true. It works for some people but not for most. Too many go back into relationships they fought their way out of only to find things haven’t changed. They find themselves right back in states of misery.

Many people go back into relationships because they feel too insecure to be alone. They think they’re going back because they love the person, but in reality it’s due to insecurities. There are many people who would rather stay in unhealthy and loveless relationships then to be alone. This is sad!

Unfortunately sometimes when people go back things become far more intensified than before. Sadly many have even lost their lives after going back. They had all of the signs prior to leaving yet they go back. Then you have those who didn’t lose their lives, but they’ve become emotionally dead from all of the pain and misery they’re enduring. They find themselves feeling unhappy and even worse off than before. They realize what they left is the same things they’ve gone back to.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t try to make their relationships work. However, what I am saying is this; people need to do whatever they need to do while they’re together. They should do all they can without any regrets; therefore when they walk away they know they’ve done all they could do. We can’t change no one but the man in the mirror, but we certainly can lose ourselves in trying. For those who decide to go back, I’m sure many are regretful. If it didn’t work the first time, more than likely it won’t the next time around. Like I said earlier, sometimes it works, but most times it don’t.

I believe people should stop basing their happiness on other people when they’re not happy with their own lives. If  you’re broken inside no matter how you try to hide it, what’s going on inside will show in some form or another. How a person feels about his or herself shows in the choices of people they choose to be with. If you don’t believe me sit back and think about the situation you’re in or the situations of people you know. How you allow people to treat you says something about how you feel about yourself. The chaos you allow in your life says something about how you feel about yourself.

A person can not truly embrace happiness when it comes along when in fact they’re not happy with self. They aren’t capable of understanding what true happiness is, because they’ve become accustomed to a life of misery. This is why we see people getting into relationships with the same types of people they recently got out of relationships with. It’s also why so many accept and will do anything in the name of what they think is love.


3 thoughts on “Going Back Isn’t Necessarily the Best Decision

  1. Happily Unhappy

    This is so true. I’ve seen many friends go back to something wrong because they were mistaking it for something right. I think of these things that you said all of the time.

    • Thanks for reading. I wish many more thought of it. As humans many are so eager to be loved we put up with hell to get it and IF reality sunk in and people could see past their emotions, they would know that true love doesn’t bring about all of the heartache, pain, and misery. People are driven by what they’re feeling and their insecurities are like backwash from all of their pent up issues. It keeps them in relationships they shouldn’t of ever been in.

      • Happily Unhappy

        I could not have said that better myself. It’s hard seeing friends go through it when you know they deserve so much better yet they don’t want to admit that because they’re so “comfortable” in these toxic relationships

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